How to use old books? 21 version of hand-made articles

If you are an avid bibliophile, you are probably terrified, even from the very idea of throwing out old books (even if your bookshelf has long been full). But there is a solution: you can use them to make new things: any crafts for home, jewelry, furniture and decor. So you can save the book and at the same time effectively use it. We offer you just a few ideas on what you can do with old books.

1. Postcards

Use the pages of books to make greeting cards. They are suitable for all occasions: birthdays, graduation days, etc.

2. Candlesticks

Wrap glass candlesticks with book pages and cut out small shapes that will make the light inside more interesting.

3. Wedding cones for confetti

Use the pages of old books to make wedding paper cones in retro style. You can put confetti in them.

4. Paper flowers

Make roses from paper to decorate gifts or create an interesting Christmas tree decor.

5. Stands for mugs

You can make such stands with the help of ceramic tiles, pages of the Harry Potter book, several layers of glue for decoupage and varnish.

6. Necklace

You can make a necklace that will not look like a fake under the expensive brand, from the book's page, cutting out your favorite text or illustration. To pendant was strong, you can cover the page with varnish or glue pieces of glass.

7. Gift tags

Cut out the important words for you from the old book pages and attach them to the gift, for example. This once again personalizes it.

8. Rings

You can also make a ring from an old book using the same technology as a necklace.

9. Decoration for cakes

If you decide to decorate cakes or cupcakes, use old book pages. This will give your desserts a unique look.

10. Painting

Convert the page of the book into a pretty picture that will suit your interior.

11. Decorative ornaments

Use small pieces of book pages as decorative elements and insert them into things such as a bottle necklace or even a terrarium.

12. Garlands

Garlands made from book pages can be used to decorate a house. This craft is good for parties or weddings.

13. Piggy bank-cache

Transform one of your old books to hide cash and other valuables. No one can guess where your secret is hidden.

14. Home decoration

Decorate your house and tree with handmade products from the pages of books.

15. Earrings

Use the pages of the book to make earrings that show your favorite quote or single words.

16. Charging Dock

Create a charging dock for your iPhone, tablet or other devices from an old book.

17. Table roads

You can create a vintage runner by attaching pages of books together. You can add it with a curly border. Ranner can be varnished so that it is not too fragile.

18. Furniture

From old books you can make some pieces of furniture, for example, bedside tables, tables or lamp stands. To do this, it's enough to put them together together.

19. Birdhouses

To make a birdhouse, you do not have to take a hammer, nails and wooden boards. It can be created from pages and covers of old books.

20. Vintage Wreaths

Wreaths made from old book pages are ideal for decorating a wedding in a vintage style or a fun party.

21. Case for e-book

Use the cover of an old book to create a protective cover for an e-book. This option is ideal for everyone who sadly recalls paper books, but still gives preference to the convenience of digital format.

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