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How to pump the lateral muscles of the press?

How to pump up the muscles of the press, while not wasting money on trips to expensive fitness clubs and instructing highly paid trainers? We will try to answer this question in our short article.

The ideal figure is a sick subject not only for women, but also for men. Beauty, health, intelligence and resourcefulness in our time can help achieve excellent results in life, so everyone wants to avoid excess fat on the tummy or sagging buttocks, while not everyone knows, for example, how to pump the lateral muscles of the press. If you decide to do it yourself, saving on the fitness coach, then you should know a little about the terminology relating to the muscles and the necessary exercises.

In our article, we will discuss in detail the process of training the lateral muscles, which should be properly called oblique muscles. They play the main role in the performance of many exercises, as well as the bark muscles. Any exercise, first of all, begins with the training of the oblique muscles, and only then the muscles of other parts of the body (muscles of the hands, back and legs) are gradually incorporated into the work. In addition, the lateral muscles ensure the safety of the lumbar region during work with a high weight, therefore, the question of how to pump the lateral muscles of the press, the answer should be known to any athlete.

Having decided to seriously study the exercises, get a gym mat, an expander and 2 gymnastic benches, thanks to which the process of training will not differ much from the training in the fitness club, and will cost you much cheaper.

When doing the first exercise, you must sit on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. Expand the belt of the expander, and grasp its arms in elongated hands and hold it in front of you at the level of the chest, so that the expander is strongly stretched. While keeping your legs and buttocks fixed, slowly turn left or right, while trying to strain the muscles of the body. Reaching the maximum stress during the turns, try to fix the position for a few seconds, and then slowly return to its original state. 8-10 approaches to each side will be enough.

The next few exercises will become an accurate answer to the question of how to pump the lateral muscles of the press, if you follow all the instructions. In this exercise, lie on the floor face up, while keeping your hands extended along the trunk. Here, the legs come into operation, which must be raised and bent at the knees, so that the shins remain parallel to the floor. Keeping your knees tight, slowly, slowly, tilt both legs to the left, then to the right side, without stopping.

In this exercise, two benches are used, arranged so that one can lie down resting on the hip, and in the second one it would be possible to rest with your feet. With your hands behind your head and your elbows unfolded in the sides, slowly tilt your body down, then, if possible without stopping, try to lift the whole body as much as possible by fixing this posture for a few seconds. About 10 approaches on each side will be enough.

A similar exercise, showing how to pump the lateral muscles of the press, can be used without benches. Among athletes, it is called the "side bar". It is also necessary to lie on your side, but on the floor, leaving your legs together. Gradually straining the muscles of the back and abdomen, it is necessary to slowly tear the pelvis off the floor, lingering in this position for about 20 seconds.

If you still do not know how to pump the lower muscles of the press, then note that the usual lifting of the torso, keeping the legs in a bent and stationary state, will help to achieve an excellent result. Physicians argue that any allowable physical activity contributes to inflating the press and sides.

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