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Download creatine: how to take, dosage and recommendations

Creatine is a sports nutrition that is required for bodybuilders. Everyone knows that this sports supplement contributes to the rapid collection of muscle mass. In most cases, loading creatine allows an athlete to achieve the desired results. With the correct use of creatine increases endurance, increases weight and improves performance.

The addition of creatine to food can reduce the oxidative process in muscle cells, which contributes to fatigue. Another important advantage is the ability to increase the glycogen content in cells. Thanks to this, the functionality of the athlete's muscles becomes higher.

A study was conducted that showed that creatine increases the anabolic potential of muscle growth. Due to this, the increase in the mass and physical strength of the athlete is accelerated. The creatine supplement consists of natural components, so it does not cause significant damage to the athlete. It is important that the loading of creatine is carried out according to the instructions, without overdoses.

However, recent studies have shown that athletes who took creatine evenly, without a loading phase, did not stay on the indicators of muscle building from those who took it in increased quantities in the first week.

The principle of the effect of additives

Creatine is synthesized from substances that, in turn, participate in the process of energy metabolism. If the load is properly loaded with creatine, Then for every kilogram of human weight accumulates more than 1 gram of muscle. Such chemical reactions occur in any person, even if he does not exercise, only in small quantities. Using creatine, the body quickly absorbs carbohydrate compounds and turns them into energy, which contributes to the fact that the body can withstand heavy loads.

Due to the fact that the body can independently produce creatine in only a small amount, most often this is not enough for full training and recovery after them. In such situations, loading with creatine helps. With the utmost correct use of it, the strength of the athlete increases by more than 18 percent. This additive is especially useful for those who are engaged in power sports.

What kind of creatine is better

According to experts, the creatine supplement is considered the best in the case if it does not have extraneous impurities in its composition. This kind of sports nutrition product is natural. Science, as well as sports medicine, are developing every year, novelties are invented. In this regard, many newcomers to the sport are asked questions: "What is creatine? Loading? How to take this product correctly?"

In order to avoid mistakes, as well as overdose during the intake of an additive, you should consult with specialists. It is important to remember that every sport requires a separate kind of creatine. The coach will determine the variety that is necessary for admission to a beginner athlete. This will determine the result in achievements. The main point in taking creatine is the choice of taking with or without loading.

When is it better to take creatine

In order for training to be extremely effective, it is necessary to monitor food and time intervals. This factor directly affects the results. For this reason, you need to carefully approach the diet. You should distribute it so that creatine is better absorbed. It is important to remember that it is better time to take supplements - after intensive training. During this period, blood flow in the veins improves and metabolic reactions are enhanced.

In the event that a beginner is athlete, the first thing he should do is determine how to take creatine without loading, so as not to harm his body. In such situations, the intake of a sports supplement should be reduced. Before the start of intensive training, you should not drink creatine, as the balance of water in the body can be disturbed.

During the rest days, supplements should be taken in the morning. All because at this time of the body the body is full of growth hormones. Creatine improves metabolism, thereby the carbon element penetrates directly into the muscles.

How to use Creatine

This kind of sports nutrition has an understated threshold of digestibility, so you need to know how to exercise creatine with a load of athletes of different sizes. The future result in achievements directly depends on how well the choice is made competently. The correct choice of the dosage of creatine significantly increases the effect of the substance, as well as reduces the risk of side effects.

The use of monohydrate with proteins allows not only to increase muscle weight, but also to increase strength. These two natural components are in good harmony with each other, which makes it possible to enhance the effect of additives. Thanks to this, a portion of creatine powder can be safely added to the manufactured protein cocktail. This technology of reception is best for athletes with an average body composition.

For lean athletes, the most suitable mixture of geyners with monohydrate. The method of making additives is exactly the same. Completing additives of this type contribute well to the construction of a relief body.

Admission of sports nutrition without loading

Take creatine monohydrate without loading you need no more than 6 grams per day, it's about a teaspoon. On days when training is being conducted, creatine is consumed after the end of the session for one hour. For better assimilation of additives in the human body, you need to mix creatine and a cocktail of proteins or carbohydrates before taking.

At times when a day break takes place between sessions, creatine should be taken between meals throughout the day. Each time the monohydrate is better taken with complementing elements (protein, geyner or carbohydrates). Such a system of sports nutrition should be for two months. After this, a short break is mandatory.

Consumption with loading

Loading creatine is the intake of additives in large quantities for 7 days. In the first seven days, you need to eat 5 grams of powder 4 times a day. Additives should be taken in between meals.

On training days, it is necessary to drink diluted powder with a cocktail immediately after the end of training, for one hour. After a week of training in this mode, you should reduce the dose by 2 grams. This course of nutrition is prolonged for exactly one month. Then it takes a break for about 21 days.

Do I need to download creatines?

A lot of people ask themselves: is it necessary to load creatine? How correctly to conduct it? The answer is really simple: it is necessary for athletes who seek to increase muscle mass, as well as the result. If you take creatine about 4 grams for a month, the result will be obvious without loading. By resorting to it, you can achieve monthly results in just 7 days. It is necessary to train intensively, only then will be a good result.

The meaning of the download is quite simple: it accelerates the metabolic processes. During the reception of the supplement the athlete is well motivated and tries his best in the hall. It is important not to overdo it with dosage and multiplicity. These actions can lead to side effects and body wear. The daily rate for an athlete of medium build is 20 g per day for a week. Accordingly, without loading the dose is much less.

Side effects of the product

In case of the correct dosage and systematic sequence of taking additives during the loading and without it, there is nothing to fear. This sports nutrition is completely safe. According to world statistics, side effects can occur in only 4 percent of athletes. The reason for appearing are complementary elements that can be part of the sports nutrition.

List of manifestations

In some situations, uncomfortable sensations can arise from excessive use of creatine, that is, an overdose. It:

  • Violation of normal digestion;
  • The appearance of edema of varying severity;
  • Convulsions (manifest very rarely).

These undesirable manifestations in most cases may occur during the period when creatine loading is carried out. Monohydrate as taken at this time - every athlete should remember. Observing all the instructions for use, you can achieve good results without harming your health.

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