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Why the mouse does not work in GTA San Andreas and how to fix it

Sometimes the mouse does not work in GTA San Andreas. The reasons for this problem and the options for its elimination will be considered today. Often problems with the manipulator arise when you press the Esc button during the game process.

The main solution

There is no single answer to the question of why the mouse does not work in GTA San Andreas. There is a possibility that the whole thing is in the version of Windows or multiprocessing. In any case, there are several ways that can return the manipulator to its familiar state. First of all, we perform a certain number of actions. Launch the GTA San Andreas. Activate the "Task Manager" using Alt + Ctrl + Del. Also, the combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc is suitable. Select the "Processes" tab. Look for an element that got the name gta_sa.exe. Click on it with the right mouse button and select the item "Set compliance" in the menu. After that, all the ticks are removed, except for CPU 0 (CPU 0). We return to the game. The problem should be fixed.


If, in spite of the actions, the mouse in GTA San Andreas still does not work , we proceed to the second method of solving the problem. Press the Alt + Tab key combination. Collapsing, and after unfolding the game using this combination. This approach can solve the problem. If this does not happen, press the Esc button, then go back to the game. Most often, the described action has to be performed several times before it helps. However, it can work after the first press. Therefore, the manipulator must be continuously checked.

Compatibility and other difficulties

There is another solution that can help if the mouse does not work in GTA San Andreas. So, run the game. After that, turn it off. We enter the "Task Manager". Go to the "Processes" tab. Look for the explorer.exe element. Click on it and in the appeared menu we select the item "End the process". After that we return to the game. If the mouse does not work after this, go to the last method. Alternately run the game in different compatibility modes (2000, Me, XP), checking the manipulator. Such an approach should eliminate all difficulties. So we figured out what to do if the mouse does not work in GTA San Andreas, but there may be other failures in the game, which should be mentioned. For example, in a multi-user mode, the message Warning (game): Exception: may appear in the chat. To fix the failure, configure compatibility. We go in the directory with the game. Press the SA-MP file with the right mouse button, select "Properties". Go to the "Compatibility" tab. Choose Windows Me. Delete the latest installed modifications. We check the computer for viruses. If the problem persists, reinstall the client, as well as the game. If the required operation does not occur when you click Connect, start the application in Windows Me compatibility mode. SA: MP must be installed only in the directory with the game, and at no other address. To use the application in multi-user mode, you need a high-speed Internet connection and disable the firewall. Now you know how to fix possible problems in GTA San Andreas. Why the mouse does not work and how to fix it, we described in detail above.

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