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Marlon Wayans: filmography, major and minor roles

Marlon Wayans, an American film actor, director, producer and screenwriter, was born in New York on July 23, 1972.

Since childhood, Marlon dreamed of becoming a comedian, then a dramatic actor, and when he grew up, he became a showman. His career young Wayans began with participation in the shows of his older brother Keenen Ivory. The debut of the future actor took place in the series "I'll get you, motherfucker," where he appeared in several episodes. It happened in 1988, and then Marlon took part in the show "In bright colors", which started in 1990 and lasted five seasons. The role was episodic, but the novice actor was delighted that he happened to meet on the set with Jim Kerry himself, who played one of the main roles.

Debut in a big movie

The natural comedian Marlon Wayans, whose filmography did not yet contain a single picture, soon announced himself as a talented performer of characteristic comic roles. He was noticed by the agents of the Columbia Pictures studio and invited to the film project "Money, money and once again money" directed by Peter MacDonald. By pure chance, the main role in the film was played by Damon Wayans, Marlon's brother. His character was the little rogue Johnny Stewart. Marlon himself was to play the younger brother of Johnny Stewart.

The Wayans Brothers

Marlon Wayans, whose films will soon begin to gain popularity, tried to stay close to his brothers, who already had experience in the cinema. It so happened that all the Wayans brothers, and there were four of them, including Marlon himself, had a direct relationship to American cinema. And Marlon at one time began to intersect with one or the other. With brother Sean, he met on the set of the series "Brothers Wayans." On this project Marlon managed to combine the execution of the main role with participation in the production. The series started in 1995 and lasted four full years.

Family clan

In the next ten years, from 1996 to 2006, Marlon Wayans, whose filmography needed replenishment, starred in 12 films and one TV series. Almost all of these projects involved his brothers - Keenan Ivory, Damon and Sean. In Hollywood, something like the family clan of Wayans was formed. However, the family nature in this case was only beneficial, the box office was kept at the proper level.

Brothers Marlon and Sean Wayans first met at the film project "Do not be afraid of South Central" directed by Paris Barclay. An action-threatening picture that reveals the global problems of the black population living in the Los Angeles ghetto. Murders, rapes - all these events are presented in the genre of parody, but the impression of the film remains difficult. Marlon Wayans, whose photo has already appeared in newspapers and magazines, gave several interviews to somehow mitigate the negative effect of the film.

Variety of roles

The 1997 film, "The Sixth Player" in which Marlon Wayans played the protagonist, basketball player Kenny Tyler, talks about the appearance at the end of the game of the ghost of the deceased elder brother of the protagonist. Becoming the sixth player on the court, the ghost helps Kenny win.

"Without feelings" - a film directed by Penelope Sphiris on the topic of fantastic medicine, in which Marlon created the image of an ambitious student at the College of Mathematics of Darryl Witherspoon. Having succumbed to the desire to get a job in a prestigious financial company, Darryl decides to win at any price a contest that opens the way to the cherished goal. The film was shot in 1998.

FBI at the cinema

The 2004 film, titled "White Chicks", directed by Keenen Ivory, was another family project of the Wayans clan. Both the main roles were played by Marlon and Sean, and the director, his older brother Keenan, had to correct the storyline only occasionally. Marlon played FBI agent Marcus Copland, and Sean played the role of his brother, another FBI agent, Kevin Copland. Unlucky agents, both of African American origin, have long been in bad hands with the management. And now they are ready to commit their next stupidity.


Marlon Wayans, whose comedy became a great success, played a major role in the movie "Shalong" in 2006. This film became the pinnacle of the family creativity of the Wayans brothers. The script was written by Keenan, Sean and Marlon, all three of us. The film was produced by Keenen Ivory, the elder brother. The director of the picture was also Keenen. In the center of the story is Calvin Sims, who dreams of a little son. He picks up some kid on the street, taking him for a foundling, and takes him home. The guy does not notice that the "child" has three days of bristles on his cheeks. In fact, it's not a kid, but a dwarf who trades in theft.


Marlon Wayans, the filmography of which has thirty films, except for the performance of roles, writes scripts. In the list of projects in which the actor took part as a screenwriter:

  • The series "In Living Color",
  • The film "The Wayans Brothers",
  • The film "A very scary movie",
  • The film "Do not threaten the South Central",
  • The film "Very Scary Movie 2",
  • The film "Very Scary Movie 3",
  • The film "White Chicks",
  • The film "Very Scary Movie 4",
  • The film "Shalun",

As a producer:

  • The series "The Wayans Brothers", 1995,
  • The film "Do not threaten the South Central," 1996,
  • The film "A very scary movie", 2000,
  • The film "A very scary movie", 2001,
  • The film "White Chicks", 2004,
  • The film "Shalun", 2006,
  • The television series "A Miracle on D-Rock's Street" 2006,
  • The television series "Sneaker Madness", 2006,
  • The television series "The Life and Times of Marcus Felony Brown", 2008,
  • The series "The Wayans Brothers Comedy", 2009.

In addition, the actor Marlon Wayans, whose filmography contains and pictures with his participation as a producer, is going to create his own project.

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