BMW 320 series - today in fashion European asceticism

Buy the BMW 320 with the "Dynamics" bundle. Place yourself more conveniently in an incredibly comfortable chair. Grab your arms and twist the stylish sports steering wheel. Feel the pleasant tightness of the gas pedal. Overcome a small path into a pair of bends and extreme permutations. Because only after this it is possible to understand why all connoisseurs of this Bavarian car will never trade the BMW 320 for any earthly treasures! Impressions from the first 5 kilometers pleasantly surprise: the acceleration is normal, it keeps well on the track, the responsive steering wheel allows you to feel the way.

Let's figure out the components of the success of the BMW 320. The chassis turned out to be as perfect as always. The correct electronic stability control system DSC and balance on the axes of 50 to 50 provide a triple with the rear drive is almost neutral steering. The installation of an energy-intensive suspension (the front became aluminum) and stabilizers of lateral stability made it possible to significantly improve the passage of turns and move at better speeds in the BMW 320. The characteristics of the exterior body say that the higher the speed, the stronger the unit pushes into the roadway, pushing the driver to even more Fast driving and new impressions.

Suspension of the "German" is quite tough. If you prefer a softer style of driving, buy the BMW 320 i (Business kit). The luggage compartment is quite roomy. In the rear seats there is enough space, but for three passengers it will not be enough.

The BMW 320 has an excellent two-liter engine of 150 hp. The engine is pushed far behind the front axle to ensure optimum weights.
The ergonomics of the driver's seat is just perfect. All the features of the saloon say that it is the driver who is the driver in the car. There is a pronounced lateral support for the seats. The speedometer and the tachometer are the main instruments on the torpedo panel of the "Bavarian". Provided, the so-called "economometer", showing fuel consumption per 100 km. Ways. In general, it seems that this BMW has the most ascetic interior among premium cars.

The appearance of the latest BMW has caused a lot of controversy among the fans of this brand. Personally, I liked the design of the new "troika". An impressive facade, sharp and aggressive headlights, excellent discs give a peculiar chic to the car. The lateral line of the body saved the car from heavy weight. Circumference and heaviness - this is what you can not blame for the triple.

Summing up, we note the cons and pluses of the "Bavarian".


1. Quite low ground clearance. According to the measurements of experts, it is equal to 11.5 cm - like the Porsche 911. With pits on the roads should be especially careful.
2. For the three in the back seat is not enough space.


1. The remarkable ergonomics of the driver's seat and minimalism in the interior of the salon help to completely immerse yourself in the driving process.
2. Powerful and nice two-liter engine provides good dynamics for cars.
3. Manageability. This is the main advantage of the "three", which allows you to fully experience the potential of the motor.

Few cars are capable of delivering true driving pleasure. BMW 320 it can. Recently, the image of BMW has become more European, which, of course, is also a positive trend.

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