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Helminthiasis: symptoms in children and adults

Such a phenomenon as worms, unfortunately, occurs quite often, not only in children, but also in adults, as well as animals. There are situations when clinical analyzes do not detect the presence of these parasites in the body, but they still exist. In this case, people should know by what signs it is possible to recognize the disease. The theme of our today's conversation is helminthiasis, the symptoms of this ailment in humans and animals, as well as ways to combat it.

Frequent signs of the disease in the mature generation

The disease that causes these insidious parasites can be masked for various ailments. Symptoms of helminthiasis in adults can be very diverse. But the most common signs are the following:

  1. Constipation. Helminthiasis, the symptoms of which are expressed in the obstruction of stool, can be explained simply. Parasites, because of their large size, are able to cover the intestinal passages of an adult, resulting in a difficult defecation.
  2. Diarrhea. Worms can produce a substance that provokes frequent watery stools.
  3. Bloating and increased gas production.
  4. Irritability. The excrement of parasites very often affects the human nervous system. People become easily excitable, impatient, and depressed.
  5. Bad sleep. Helminthes at night often creep out of the human body through the anus, which causes the person to feel a terrible itch, from which he wakes up.

Infrequent signs of illness in adults

  1. Pain in the joints and muscles. Helminths can "travel" throughout the body. And if an adult man starts to hurt muscles, then do not blame the rabid pace of work. Since the cause of weakness may not be overloading, namely the presence of parasites in fragile tissues.
  2. Allergy. Worms, being in the human body, release harmful substances, which, in turn, can provoke the release of the body special cells called eosinophils. And these structural units of living matter cause inflammation of the tissues, which leads to the development of various unpleasant reactions.
  3. Problem skin can also be an obvious bell of the presence of such a disease as helminthiasis. Symptoms in this case are expressed in the following: acne, pimples, urticaria, papillomas, breaking of nails, hair, cracks on the heels. If there are at least 2 of the above signs, you should immediately know the possible cause and continue to receive treatment.
  4. Anemia. There are such worms that are attached to the walls of the intestine and suck a large amount of blood out of it, resulting in hemoglobin is sharply reduced.
  5. Disruption of immunity. Parasites can even violate the body's resistance, and a person often begins to get sick with viral diseases.
  6. Inflammation of the respiratory tract. There is it so: helminths clog the respiratory ducts, and it becomes difficult for a person to breathe, he has a cough and the temperature rises, asthma may even develop.
  7. Tumors. Worms sometimes so poison the body that the immune system can not do anything about it. And, as a consequence, sometimes tumors (up to malignant) sometimes appear on various organs.

As can be seen, the symptoms of helminthiasis in adults are multifaceted, and it is sometimes difficult to determine the source of the origin of a particular pathology. And if you do not go to the doctor for help in time, the consequences can be deplorable.

With adult people, everything is clear. And how does the helminthiosis manifest in children? Symptoms in children resemble manifestations of ailment in adults. Next, let's talk about this in more detail.

Clear signs of parasites in children

At small inhabitants of our planet often occurring types of worms are ascarids and pinworms, which provoke the appearance of a disease called helminthiasis. Symptoms in children in this case are as follows:

  • Restless sleep. Kids start spinning, crying at night.
  • Babes creak their teeth in a dream.
  • The karapuz often scratches the area of the anus.
  • The child becomes irritable and frail.
  • The kid can complain about pain in the abdomen.
  • There is an alternation of constipation and diarrhea.
  • The child sharply loses weight.
  • The child's appetite is disturbed - then he disappears altogether, then increases dramatically.

Infrequent signs of helminthiasis in children

The following symptoms of enterobiasis (infection of the organism with ascarids and pinworms) are observed less frequently in children , but still they occur:

  • Baby can vomit and even vomit.
  • There is abundant and frequent salivation.
  • Appearance of fetid smell from the mouth.
  • At the kid suddenly there is a frequent causeless cough.
  • Change in basal temperature.
  • The kid can complain of dizziness.
  • The skin is unhealthy, often too pale.
  • A child often suffers from cold and viral diseases.

If any symptoms are present in your crumbs, you should immediately seek help in the hospital.

How to conduct a diagnosis yourself?

Despite the fact that helminthiasis has different symptoms, it is sometimes very difficult to understand whether this is really enterobiosis in a child. Perhaps the tummy hurts for another reason, maybe the crumbs have problems with the stomach or other organs. Therefore, parents must first conduct the experiment themselves (of course, if the baby feels well). If they have any doubts about whether their child has pinworms or roundworms, they must offer the baby to lie on his back. Mom bends legs in the child's knees, while the crumb should be asked to relax. Then with warm hands massage your tummy. If a child has worms, then the baby will feel discomfort.

Drugs against pinworms and ascarids for children and adults

Most often doctors prescribe the following drugs for the treatment of helminthiasis:

  • Pills "Pirantel" - they are issued to both children and pregnant women;
  • "Vermox" medication - this remedy paralyzes the nervous system of the worms, as a result of which they stop moving and die;
  • Tablets "Vormil", "Nemozo" - are used to treat both adults and children.

Therapy with these drugs is usually carried out with courses with a two-week break to finally get rid of parasites in case of re-infection. What dose is required to take a particular patient, determines only the doctor. That is, to engage in self-treatment is unacceptable, only competent therapy will bring the result.


The effectiveness of the treatment of helminthiasis is significantly increased when performing hygienic procedures aimed at preventing re-infection. Such activities include:

  • Washing hands after street, toilet, contact with animals;
  • Blurring the area around the anus twice a day;
  • Wearing pure cotton underwear;
  • Regular nail cutting in babies;
  • Daily wet cleaning in the apartment;
  • Use only carefully washed fruits and vegetables.

Parasites in the body of pets

Symptoms of helminthiosis in man are all defined, now is the time to find out what are the signs of this disease in our pets. After all, animals that live with us in the same apartment, too, can get infected with worms. Most often this happens from the feeding of the pet raw meat, fish, so it is important to identify and timely cure helminthiosis in cats. Symptoms of this ailment in our pets are obvious and are expressed in the following:

  • At first, the appetite sharply increases in the animal, but against its background the cat does not gain weight, but, on the contrary, loses it;
  • The pet's hair loses its shine, and the general condition worsens;
  • The digestive disorder is observed in the cat;
  • White worms appear in the feces of the animal;
  • The cat has miscarriages, premature birth begins.

Treatment of helminthiasis in animals

Before you engage in therapy for your pet, you need to show it to a veterinarian. Only he will pick up the right drugs that will help kill certain types of worms. The following medicines are most often used for the treatment of helminthiasis in cats:

  • Special sugar cubes - they are given to the animal along with the food;
  • Tablets from worms "Pratel", "Envir", "Drontal", etc .;
  • Suspension "Prazitsid";
  • Special drops on the withers.

Today you learned about such an unpleasant illness as helminthiasis, symptoms and treatment of this ailment. They found out that the signs of the presence of worms in humans can be mass, and therefore you need to closely monitor your body. Well, in order not to become infected again with these parasites, you need to undergo adequate treatment and observe the rules of personal hygiene.

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