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Game Resident Evil 6: system requirements, features of passing and recommendations

Zombies are a favorite subject of many players and application developers. One of the most popular lines of games about a similar world is Resident Evil. Here it is necessary to fight with the company Umbrella and its successors to save the world from a variety of dangerous viruses that cause mutation of a person. Resident Evil 6 already came out. System requirements began to interest the fans of the series. After all, modern games require high resources of the PC to work. And to play in the next number part you want every fan of "Resident Evil". Really to owners of old games it will not be possible to make it?

System and processor

Not at all. The system requirements of the game Resident Evil 6 are not so high. Yes, I want to play with the maximum settings. But then you must at least have a modern gaming computer. To just have the ability to run this product, you must have the Windows XP operating system. But Windows 7 and 8 are welcome. It is in this case that the game will start.

What else is needed Resident Evil 6? System requirements indicate that the processor of the computer must be dual-core. And the bit depth is at least 2.4 GHz. Not too much by modern standards. Therefore, we can consider this request to be "humane".


But only with the specified components the application will not start. Resident Evil 6 minimum system requirements is not too high. Only they are not limited to requests to the operating system and the processor.

It is worth paying attention to memory. It must be at least 2 GB. In this case, the game will not slow down and hang. The more RAM, the better.

Only one more thing should not be forgotten. It's about free space on your hard drive. Without this component, the game is not something that will not start, it will not be installed. What in this sense is Resident Evil 6? System requirements indicate the need for at least 16 GB of hard disk space. The more space, the better. After all, game preservations also have a certain weight. And without them can not do.

In principle, by modern standards this is not the biggest minimum requirements for a computer. Most games have higher "requests". Therefore, most players can play in the "Resident Evil 6". A gaming computer is not needed for this.

Video and sound

What else should I pay attention to? Resident Evil 6 system requirements (PC-version) does not push too high. And in many ways. Only noted that the video will have to provide a good computer graphics card. Otherwise, you can play only on the minimum settings and without much comfort. The game, despite the compliance of other parameters, will slow down. Sometimes such phenomena for the game process can be critical.

Therefore, pay attention to the fact that the video card requires a minimum of NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS. It is desirable to have a newer and more powerful model. The better the video card, the less video problems you will have. In principle, most modern computers (not gaming) correspond to this request. Please note that your card must support shader version 3.0 minimum. Without this, the game will start, but it will constantly fly out.

Also do not forget that the "Resident Evil", like any other game, asks for the presence of a sound card. In this regard, there are no special complaints. Any sound card that supports Direct 9.0 is suitable. True, the newer this component, the better. Less possibility of problems during the game. As you can see, the basic minimum computer characteristics are not so high. Most PCs match them. So, the opportunity to play in the "Resident Evil 6" is almost everyone.

Windows 10

But do not rush to rejoice. Some not very pleasant moments still take place in respect of Resident Evil 6. System requirements indicate that the game is launched on "Windows 7" and "Windows 8". Also takes place XP. And what about the latest version of operating systems from Microsoft? Can Windows 10 owners play this toy?

Honestly, not particularly. What does it mean? The probability of launching takes place, but not the fact that with the "Ten" game will work fine. Many users complain that on Windows 10 most applications either do not start at all, or begin to "bug" one time. Therefore, in the presence of "Dozens" prepare to the fact that "Resident Evil 6" will work unstably. Fixed all the reinstallation of the operating system. Not a good choice for one game.


Not all players prefer to run applications on minimum settings. Therefore, the requirements for computers usually specify not only the minimum, but also the recommended resources. This helps to prepare for the gameplay on normal settings.

Which Resident Evil 6 / Biohazard 6 system requirements in this regard has? They are not too different from the minimum ones. But you can play at higher settings. To ensure that the process passed in comfort, provide yourself with Windows 7 or 8, as well as 4 GB of RAM. In terms of free space, the requirements are similar - 16 GB. Sound card is suitable for any, but better newer. The main thing is that, like last time, she supported Direct 9.0.

A video card is needed more powerful. Suitable NVIDIA GTX 560 or any other, but more new. Of course, the requirements to the computer can not be bypassed by the processor. Now you need 2 cores with a frequency of 2.7 GHz. It is these Resident Evil 6 system requirements that users put forward in order to run the application on average settings.


It is worth noting that the "Resident Evil 6" has a number of features. They affect the passing of the game. What you should pay attention to? First, the fact that in this game provides for a cooperative passage. That is, you can pass this toy with a friend together. In this case, everyone will perform some kind of action at a certain moment. Very comfortably.

A lot of scenarios are also envisaged here. For each you can control two characters (1 for choice). Perhaps, this is the main innovation, which pleased many. A similar principle of scenarios was used in the "Resident Evil 2". But in combination with the cooperative game the product turned out to be more perfect and interesting.

Pay attention to another game feature - weapons and skills. In this part you can improve your ammunition with the help of the found details. Also, the characters appear skills. They develop for the points they received during the passage of a particular chapter. You can decide for yourself what skills you have. Skills are configured during the game. This means that you can replace them at any time.


That's all. Now it is clear what the Resident Evil 6 system demands puts forward system requirements. Features of the passage is also not a mystery. You can tell with accuracy, whether this toy will start at you or not.

In fact, Resident Evil 6 is not a bad product. He has small flaws, emphasized by the fans of the series, but they do not really spoil the game. Pay attention - most of the time you have to just run and shoot. After all, Resident Evil 6 was a shooter and action. This is not the good old horror!

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