Envelopes for a wedding for money in the style of Provence: a master class, photo

Increasingly, people prefer to give money as gifts. This is especially common among the invited to the wedding. To the newlyweds remember your gift, we suggest that you make envelopes for money with your own hands.

Tools and materials

To make envelopes for a wedding for money with your own hands, you will need:

  1. Ready envelope.
  2. Beautiful paper (whole sheets and remains). Suitable paper for decoupage, with sparkles, wallpaper and so on.
  3. Cardboard.
  4. Glue.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Ruler.
  7. Pencil.
  8. Decorative elements (bows, sequins, rhinestones, figures of the bride and groom, pieces of fabric and so on).

How to make a money envelope?

An envelope for money can be bought or made. If you buy ready, then choose a one-color one and such that nothing is on it (for example, decorative elements). Pure white envelopes can be found at the post office or in stores with goods for creativity.

To make envelopes for a wedding for money with your own hands, you need to prepare the foundation. It can be of two types:

  1. The envelope that opens from the top.
  2. The envelope that opens on the side.

The first way:

  1. Take a sheet of cardboard and draw a pencil and ruler layout, as shown in the illustration below. Remember that the width of the finished envelope should be no less than eight centimeters, and the length - not less than sixteen.
  2. Then cut out the layout and carefully glue the parts together.

The second method:

  1. Take the cardboard and cut out a rectangle with a length of 20-25 centimeters and a width of 17-18 centimeters.
  2. Fold the layout so that the edges of the paper are connected to one side of the envelope.
  3. Fold the envelope on the sides.
  4. Glue the envelope from all sides except one.

When the base is ready, you can start decorating the envelope for money for the wedding with your own hands.


Scrapbooking is a special kind of needlework, the purpose of which is the creation of albums, postcards, envelopes and frames made of paper in collage form. In one craft, as a rule, not less than five types of paper and various elements are used. The work is voluminous and very interesting.

Master class "How to make an envelope for money" in the technique of scrapbooking:

  1. Take plain paper and make an envelope from it.
  2. Cut out two rectangles of scrapbooking paper or design paper, two millimeters smaller than the envelope.
  3. Take another sheet of decorative paper and cut out one rectangle, less than the previous one by five millimeters - one centimeter.
  4. Glue the first two rectangles on both sides of the envelope, then attach the third rectangle on the front side.
  5. Cut out lace from paper or buy the finished item in the scrapbooking shop. Glue the decor around the center of the envelope.
  6. Cut off a strip of ribbon or lace. Its length should be no more than an envelope. Glue the tape with an adhesive gun on top of the envelope.
  7. On the tape, glue several flowers, different in shape and color.
  8. You can add a few more decorative elements: cut flowers, figures (keys, hearts, etc.), inscriptions.

Envelope for money in technology scrapbooking is ready!

Simple but original envelope

Simple envelopes for a wedding for money with their own hands can be done as follows:

  1. Prepare the envelope.
  2. Glue on top of the paper with a pattern (for example, wallpaper) or draw an abstract drawing glue with sparkles.
  3. Type the inscription "On the day of the wedding," "Congratulations" or any other on beautiful paper and cut it out.
  4. Stick the inscription on the envelope.
  5. Decorate it with decorative flowers or beads.

Envelope for money is ready!

Envelope in Provence style

Envelope for money for a wedding in the style of Provence - this is a very gentle gift.

The main features of this style:

  • A certain color palette: white, cream, milky, beige, and light pastel shades of lavender, turquoise, blue and green colors.
  • Floral motifs in patterns.
  • A branch of lavender.
  • Lace.
  • Ornate inscriptions.

Possible options for how to make envelopes for a wedding for money with your own hands in the style of Provence:

  1. Take the lace and paste it on the front side of the envelope.
  2. Tie the envelope with string, and in place of the bow, attach a dried twig of lavender.
  3. Cover the envelope with paper with a floral print.
  4. If you want to use a minimum of decor, then immediately make an envelope from the design cardboard. It is better to choose with a geometric pattern. Then only a beautiful inscription will be enough.
  5. Take two sheets of designer cardboard with the same pattern, but different in tone. From one make an envelope, and from the other cut a thin strip. Glue it to the front of the envelope. Decorate it with a beautiful inscription.
  6. Make an envelope from the design cardboard. Decorate the valve with artificial flowers and beads, which are easily glued using an adhesive gun.

Envelope with Butterfly

Such a very gentle envelope for money for a wedding with your own hands (photo below) with a minimum of decor, but very beautiful and original, can be done with a paper butterfly.

To do this, make an envelope of beautiful design cardboard. Next, take a sheet of cardboard or thick paper. The length of it should be enough to wrap around the envelope.

In the center of the paper, draw a large butterfly - from five to eight centimeters. Inside the moth, draw some more contours. On both sides of the butterfly draw lines. Cut the strips and the shape along the contour.

With a stationery knife, alternately cut the internal contours of the butterfly. As a result, you should get a three-dimensional moth, as in the picture above.

Connect the strips together with glue and put the decoration on the envelope. In the center of the butterfly, you can paste beads.

Postal envelope

The original will be decorated postal envelopes for money for the wedding with their own hands.

Master class for their manufacture:

  1. Cut out the cardboard layout of one side of the envelope, as in the picture above.
  2. Take a beautiful paper (with sequins, for decoupage and so on).
  3. Attach the layout to the selected paper and circle it.
  4. Cut out the contour.
  5. Take the mail envelope and insert the cut out part into it.
  6. Glue the inside of the envelope. It is more convenient to make glue-pencil.
  7. Decorate the envelope from the outside. For example, as in the previous master class.

The postal envelope for money is ready!

Other possible envelope design ideas

How else can you decorate envelopes for a wedding for money with your own hands?

  1. Make an envelope of light-colored paper . Take ink, gel pens or paints and draw your own designs.
  2. Take a figured puncher with a shape of butterflies, flowers, angels and so on. Knock out the figures from the decorative paper and glue them in a chaotic order on the envelope.
  3. Give the envelope valve the original shape. For this, take a special wavy scissors or curb. With these tools you can make lace on paper.
  4. Instead of paper, use the photo of the newlyweds and their relatives printed on plain paper.

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