Japanese pedicure socks "Soso": reviews and contraindications

Almost every one of us is facing skin problems on our feet. Many suffer from natoptyshi, cracks, because of which it is then painful to step on the heels, dry calluses and other troubles. However, not everyone can solve these problems on their own, but to contact a pedicure master, first, is expensive, and secondly, it is very difficult to find a really good specialist. Because of the incorrectly made pedicure, you may be infected or you will generally find yourself on a sick leave, because you can not normally step on your leg. Of course, you can try rubbing the heels with pumice stone, but you will not get the expected effect and rough skin on your legs will still remain.

What then? After all, problems with the feet themselves are not solved? In this case, the Japanese socks for pedicure "Soso" will be the best option for you.

What is the Japanese socks "Soso"?

Pedicure socks "Soso" - this is the newest innovative way to make the perfect pedicure yourself, at home, without any risk to health and without spending a lot of time on it. The results will be noticeable after the first application, and you will never want to do a pedicure any other way.

Advantages of pedicure socks

Recently, the socks of Soso have become very popular. Reviews about this product can be found on various sites. Most of them are positive and emphasize the merits of this product.

Japanese pedicure socks "Soso" (reviews of women confirm this) have a number of advantages that justify their relevance:

  • Cost-effective - only two pairs of these socks will provide an ideal appearance of your feet for a month and even more, experts say, and their cost is much lower than the services of pedicure in the beauty salon. At the same time, lucky owners of such a product claim that they are enough for one package for one month, because the pedicure is deep enough.
  • Safety - with the use of such socks you will not bring yourself any infections, but in the salon you can not be completely sure of the sterility of all devices. When you do a pedicure with Japanese socks, you do not use any cutting objects, so you can be sure that it will not cost microtraumas - this is also important.
  • The ability to do pedicure at home in your spare time - you can do it whenever you want, and it takes you only 1-2 hours, depending on the characteristics of your skin.
  • Extracts of medicinal herbs, as written in the reviews of the owners of miracle-nosochkov, soothe and gently nourish your skin.
  • Socks "Soso" produce a good antifungal effect, eliminate cracks, corns and scrapes.
  • They have anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect and make your legs more beautiful and well-groomed.
  • And most importantly - the unsurpassed result of the socks of this brand, the effect of the procedure is much better than even from the salon pedicure.

Thus, pretty good have socks "Soso" reviews. The photos presented in this article will be a confirmation.

The way of applying the Japanese "miracle"

Socks "Soso" (the reviews confirm this) are very easy to use, and you can use them without experience and without much effort. Let us consider this process step by step.

1. For one use we will need packing. Open it and get a set of socks "Soso". You can read the instructions for their use.

2. It is good to steam out your feet without using any washing and cosmetic means.

3. Cut the top of the package and get a miracle-nosochki. We put them on our feet and fasten them with clasps in the set.

4. Doing our own business for 1-2 hours. In these socks you can not be afraid to move around the apartment, the only inconvenience - they rustle when walking.

5. After 1-2 hours, remove socks and wash the gel with clean water and soap.

When can I see the effect?

Most women on the first day after using the Japanese socks "Soso", the reviews left negative. However, a few days later they sent a refutation. The main effect was provided by socks "Soso", (reviews of women who initially doubted the product, it is confirmed) only after 5 days. And the result was stunning! During these five days, the skin from the soles descended and was easily removed by hand. The top layer itself was completely removed after 5 days, and even on the heels pedicure socks made the skin very soft and soft, without cracks and various damages. Such an effect is given by pedicure socks "Soso" - the reviews of women who used them, became that confirmation.

What is the effect of Japanese pedicure socks?

Lactic acid exercises its positive effect on the feet . It is this component that perfectly cleanses the skin. Apply this particular ingredient, because it acts only on keratinized skin and on problem areas, while the healthy does not have any effect.

Components such as hyaluronic acid and natural extracts, perfectly nourish and moisturize the surface of the feet, as a result you get a delicate skin.

Opinions about the price of goods

The opinions of most people are quite similar. All of them, having tried the given socks "Soso", the reviews regarding their quality left positive. The difference in opinion among the lucky owners of this novelty touched the price of such socks. Some of them argue that the price of the original is pretty high, so they can not use them several times a month. The budget of girls, according to their personal opinion, can not allow using more than 1 package in 1,5-2 months.

Other ladies, mostly residents of megacities, who bought Japanese pedicure socks "Soso", the reviews left the opposite content. They believed that the price for such a quality pedicure is not only not too high, but on the contrary, you can even save money. First, one pair is cheaper than a pedicure in most salons. Secondly, the effect of the procedure lasts much longer than from traditional foot care.

Contraindications for the use of Japanese pedicure socks. Expert opinion

Most women are interested in the question of whether there are any contraindications to such a remedy. The answer to their questions about contraindications, which have socks for a pedicure "Soso", comments about this remedy were left by the candidate of medical sciences LA Polyakova. The doctor replied that there were no such contraindications. In this case, you should pay attention to the possible individual intolerance of individual components that are part of the gel. She also advised not to use this remedy if you have open wounds or inflammations on your feet.

Confirmation that women are worried about the question whether side effects have socks "Soso" - reviews. Contraindications are of interest to many, especially the question of whether it is possible to use such socks during pregnancy or it is better to abstain before giving birth. The doctor's answer was unequivocal: "The use of Japanese socks during pregnancy will not harm the development of the fetus." Women who are sick with diabetes and are worried about their health also received a positive response.

Program "Health" and its evaluation of miracle-nosochkov

After the release of the program "Health", in which Russian experts together with Elena Malysheva considered the action of such a tool as "Soso" (pedicure pedicure), the demand for this product has increased even more, because the transfer was clearly shown the effect of using Such product, it is told about its positive and negative sides. In this issue, we compared all possible methods of combating rough skin on the feet and, importantly, the Japanese pedicure socks "Soso" took the first place, overtaking all the traditional methods of pedicure.

Analogues of Japanese socks. Their quality and price

It is quite natural that when the socks of "Soso" began to acquire popularity, and more and more people wishing to try such a wonderful pedicure, a large number of analogues began to appear - Chinese and from other countries.

Comparing the Chinese socks with their Japanese original, as well as evaluating the responses of the owners, we can say the following:

  • For Chinese socks, you will often find instructions only in Chinese, although the way they are used is slightly different.
  • The aroma of Japanese natural socks is herbal, the Chinese have the same unpleasant smell as many Chinese products.
  • The composition of Japanese socks includes 17 ingredients - these are acids and natural oils. Chinese contain citrus and cucumber oils, as well as vitamin E. Note, there is no lactic acid in the composition.
  • Some of them can be worn for no more than 45 minutes, but, unfortunately, you do not always find out about it from the instruction, as the girls who bought such socks say.
  • There are pluses. If the Japanese products size from 35 to 41, then the Chinese created socks, even 47 sizes.
  • The most important plus is their price. They cost 5-10 times cheaper than the Japanese original.

Now, if you are going to buy pedicure socks, you should decide what is best for you: high quality or low price. The choice is yours.

If you still decided to buy Japanese socks "Soso", the reviews of happy owners will advise you to buy several pairs at once, because you will undoubtedly be crazy about such a find, besides, it's always more profitable to buy wholesale.

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