Dotz Mugello discs - the best for tuning

Dotz is part of Alcar Holding and is engaged in the production of alloy wheels. The main thing in its development is an emphasis on the tuning direction of the car market: all Dotz products are developed precisely in order to be unique. These discs are different, conspicuous and perfectly suited to stylish sports cars or business class cars. In addition, all products are manufactured in factories in Germany, which guarantees their quality.

One of the most affordable and nice looking models is Dotz Mugello.

This cast aluminum alloy wheel was released to the markets in 2007 and has still not lost its popularity. On the one hand, Mugello has a classic design with Y-shaped forks, made in steel color. And on the other hand, 10 forks, original two-part and nice design make the disc very stylish and somewhat aggressive, which will suit almost any brand of car. By two-part means contrasting paint: the inner surface of the disc is blackened, the outer (spokes) - polished, the rim brightens especially brightly. All this together gives the effect of novelty and power. The versatility of the details is confirmed by the German quality and the TUV certificate, so the Dotz Mugello discs are easy to install on almost all premium models. These include Audi, Mercedes, Chevrolet, BMW and many others.

Main characteristics of Dotz Mugello

These are beautiful discs with a classic Y-shaped fork. Material of execution - aluminum alloy. The forks, as already mentioned, are 10, so the discs are strong enough and resistant to damage, besides they look very stylish. The part is fastened to four or five bolts. There are several models of Mugello with diameters from 15 to 19 cm. The values of PCD are also varied: for disks of 15-16 cm - from 4x108 to 5x115, for a diameter of 17-18 cm - from 5x100 to 5x120, for 19 cm there is only 5x112 And 5x120, but with a different width and reach. The smallest width for disks with a diameter of 15 cm is 6.5, for 16 cm it is 7, for 17 and 18 for 8, for diameter 19 for 8.5 and 9.5. Departure is everywhere different, starting at 15 and ending at 35. For detailed information, please refer to the catalogs.

The Dark Side of Dotz Mugello

Reviews of car owners about the Mugello wheels are quite positive, the only problem can be connected with balancing: sometimes the wheel starts clinging to the arch. Therefore, when choosing the diameter of the model, you should pay attention to the tires: they must fit together. But if there are no problems with this, then it is possible to make a car lower landing, then the car will acquire a unique and stylish look, always pleasing to the heart of this automaton.

To the great joy of motorists? Dotz released a new version of the favorite Mugello discs - in black. The product received the pathetic name "Dotz Mugello Dark" and is absolutely in no way inferior to its lighter prototypes. All the technical characteristics also remained unchanged, but the visual series is beyond praise.

These darkened disks were immediately appreciated by fans of tuning. In many companies, Dotz Mugello Dark is offered as a part of tuning dodges, and it is possible to paint the rim in the right color. Against the backdrop of black metal, bright colors are simply magnificent: yellow, green or orange, more calm red or blue - everything depends only on the taste and imagination of the car owner.

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