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Delicious homemade preparations: seasonings for the winter from tomato and other vegetables

Preparing supplies for the winter, each hostess tries not only to twist a large variety of salads, pickled and salted vegetables, but also special seasonings for cooking first dishes, stew, stew, sauces, etc.

Garlic and tomato seasoning

The most popular among fans of culinary delights is a saturated sweet and sour dressing with a sharp taste. Here is a good example of such a seasoning. For the winter from a tomato it is possible to make an excellent vegetable mix which it will want to eat directly so, from banks, a spoon. Its recipe contains the following components: 250-300 g of garlic (it is no longer necessary to put it, it will turn out to be a fire), 1-1,5 kg of ripe, fleshy tomatoes, horseradish roots - 200 g, it is possible and slightly less, it is to your taste. It is part of the seasoning for the winter, from tomato and garlic, 60 g of vegetable oil, 100-120 g of sugar (like messenger - pour 150), a little salt (to taste, but not less than 15 g) and 50-60 g of vinegar. Tomatoes are sprinkled with boiling water to peel. Grind them in a meat grinder or finely chop. Horseradish, put into a pan to tomatoes. Mix with butter, sugar, salt and vinegar, which are for this seasoning for the winter of tomato a natural preservative. Pack the workpiece in jars for 250 and 500 g, cover with plastic lids or wax paper and store in a refrigerator or in a dry cellar.

Seasoning with tomato and sweet pepper

In vegetable dressing, in addition to pleasant taste, contains a lot of vitamins and substances useful to our body. Which make seasonings for the winter from a tomato indispensable help for a high-grade food. Yes, and everyday life at the stove, they facilitate to the maximum. Therefore, dear mistresses, do not be lazy, do preparations for future use, and then only open the cans, refuel your dishes! In how, even the poems have gone! But we digress, we are waiting for a very delicious assortment of seasoning from tomato for the winter. To make it, you will need: 1 kg of carrots and bell pepper, half a kilo of onions, 2 kg of tomato, 100 g of salt. Carrot clean and cut into small circles or straws. Also do with onions, peppers, tomatoes (they should be cut into slices). Fold the ingredients in a pot, salt, boil and cook for 15-20 minutes. If you want, add a little sugar and sunflower oil. Do not remove the seasoning from the fire, pack it on cans (sterile) and immediately roll it. A wonderful piece for filling soups and borsch, roast and ragout is ready for you!

If the tomatoes are green

And, finally, hit the article - seasoning from green tomatoes with hot pepper to boot! Yes, you can make such a yummy! For it you will need: green or brown tomatoes - a pound, as much sugar, hot pepper in the pods - a few pods, half a spoonful of tea citric acid and 200 g of water. Tomatoes put in boiling water for a couple of minutes, then take out and cut into small slices. Spill them with sugar, pour in water. Choppedpeaches, mix with tomatoes. Put acid in them. Pour the saucepan over high heat, then reduce it to a moderate one and boil the dressing until the tomatoes are transparent. Then pack on sterile jars and close.

Let your twists come to everyone to your taste!

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