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Chris Kelmy. Biography and photo of musician

Chris Kelmi is a Soviet talented musician, who became a legend of his time. The song "Night Rendezvous" in his performance once sounded everywhere. He became a real hero of the national stage, but eventually disappeared. The fate and career of the famous singer will be discussed in this article.

Childhood and youth

Anatoly Kelmi was born in 1955, on April 21. His hometown was the capital of our homeland - Moscow. But the father of the father has Estonian roots. The real name of the artist is Kalinkin. Under it, he is listed in school metrics. But the young man got the first passport for a more sonorous name - Kelmi, inherited from his father - Aria Mikhailovich. As for the name, here the singer refers to the famous novel Lema called "Solaris". The main character in it was called Chris.

The boy began to get carried away with music from an early age. He played the piano at the age of four, and after growing up a bit, he started going to music school. Later he independently mastered the game on the guitar. In 1969, the young man founded his first ensemble - "Sadko". This fact was his first step on the road to fame. Two years later the collective disintegrated. However, the musician, together with his best friend Alexander Sitkovetsky, founded another group. It was called "Leap Year". With her, Chris Kelmy first began performing in public in 1972. This team became famous among fans of rock. In 1978, due to internal contradictions, he disintegrated. Along with musical activity, Chris studied at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers. In 1980, the guy successfully graduated and entered graduate school. Despite his education, he once decided to devote his life to music.

Star Trek

Together with a friend, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Chris Kelmi began to create a new group. It was called the "Autograph". As part of this group, the musician took part in the festival "Spring rhythms of Tbilisi". Here, "Autograph" was awarded the second place. After that, the band's musicians managed to get some lucrative contracts. They also managed to create several albums in solo performance. At the same time, Chris Kelmi, whose biography is considered in this article, began to perform in the musical collective "Rock Atelier". This group was created on the initiative of Mark Zakharov. In it there was a constant "staff turnover". Thanks to this, the creative style of the ensemble has become very versatile. Chris Kelma performed in the "Rock Atelier" from 1980 to 1987. He participated in productions of musical performances at the Lenkom Theater. At the same time the musician managed to cooperate with the group "Autograph".

The peak in his career

In 1983 he entered the Gnessin School Chris Kelmi. Biography of the singer was decorated with new fateful events. The musician met Vladimir Kuzmin, who, in turn, brought him with Alla Pugacheva. Together with the singer, in 1987, Chris participated in the creation of the famous "Christmas Meetings". One of the most favorite and well-known compositions of that period was the song "Closing the Circle". It was created by Kelmi in tandem with Margarita Pushkina. At the same time, the musician often toured the country with "Rock atelier". At the very end of the 1980s, he created some very successful songs. One of them was the composition "Night Rendezvous." Chris Kelmi thanks to her became an incredibly popular musician. On the wave of success, he left in 1990 in Atlanta. For some time he was famous enough in America, but then in his career there was a tangible decline. Then the singer for a long time disappeared from the public and did not give any news about himself. In the 2000s, no one remembered this singer. Unexpectedly forgotten among the countrymen was Chris Kelmi. "Night Rendezvous," perhaps, is the only song that was remembered by Russians in his performance.

Personal life

It is known that in 2000 the musician returned to Russia, but he could not regain his former popularity. Now he is engaged in writing music to order. The singer lived his whole life with a single woman - wife Lyudmila. In the family couple in 1988, a child was born - the son of Christian. For a very long time the relationship in this pair was cloudless. However, in 2013 Kelmi got into a scandalous chronicle. The press discussed his addiction to drinking. Allegedly, while in a state of intoxication, he raised his hand to his wife. This sad event was the last known fact that illuminates the life of a once famous musician.

Chris Kelmi - an example of a man who made a dazzling career in his homeland and lost his dizzying success overseas. I want to wish him longevity and inexhaustible creative inspiration in the future.

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