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The most interesting facts about music. Interesting facts about rock music

Do you enjoy your favorite tracks every day and can not live without them and the day? But even the most ardent music lovers can not know everything about their hobby. But the world of music hides many interesting facts. "What kind?" - you ask. Some of them you will learn in this material.

Without notes

First, let's pay attention to interesting facts about classical music.

Probably not everyone knows, but in order to perform classical works, it is not necessary to be musically literate. Perhaps, for a modern artist this sounds a little strange, but in fact everything is just the same. For example, such a famous performer, as Luciano Pavarotti, did not understand anything in musical notation. In addition, he did not even try to hide his inability to read notes. World renown and the title of the greatest tenor of the XX century, he deserved only because of his unique hearing. In addition, Pavarotti developed his own system, through which he learned operatic parts. This news should be pleasant for fans of classical music, after all the real professional of the business can become, even if behind your shoulders you do not have musical education. But, unfortunately, modern performers consider the mauvaisone to depart from the musical original.

But it was not always so. Let's remember the era of baroque. Every musician who wanted fame and recognition had to include something from himself in the party. If he did not, the audience considered this artist to be rather boring and uninteresting. A little later, the same rule was followed by Franz Liszt, who lived in the XIX century. Critics at that time wrote that the familiar music performed by Liszt every time sounds different. It can be argued that classical music even now sounds differently, depending on the soloist, the orchestra and, of course, the conductor.

Bloodthirsty music, or "cat's harpsichord"

Want to find bloodthirsty but interesting facts from the world of music? Then we will tell you about such a musical instrument as the "cat's harpsichord". The invention of this appeared in the Middle Ages, when even the concept of "music" was adjusted to the desire of the church or the Inquisition. This time went to the unfortunate cats. They were put in a long box, which was divided into fourteen compartments. Before distributing the animals on these boxes, they were "bugged": they attacked the tails. The reaction of the animals was natural: they started yelling. Depending on the height of the voice, the "tuner" determined in which compartment to put each of the sufferers. But this is only the beginning.

The animals' heads were thrust into special holes, and their tails were firmly fixed under the keyboard. Each key had a needle under it, which sucked the fluff into the tail with each press. Thus, the "musicians" tried to get from the "instrument" a kind of melody.

According to historians, such a "cat's harpsichord" existed at the court of the Spanish King Philip II. Why did they torture poor animals? Everything is simple enough: the church declared them the devil's minions. Therefore, to live a long life the animal in any case could not.

Cognitive and interesting facts about music

In the Middle Ages, there was a special profession associated with music, a pigtail whore. It's not known why, but rats could not listen to the sound of this musical instrument. Thus, the broods rats were thrown out of the city by an ordinary pipe. By the way, there are such interesting facts about rock music. When a rock concert was held in one of the old English castles, after him there was not a single rat in the rooms.

It is difficult to find the music that Nikolai I did not like more than the works of Glinka. In this regard, he sent the guilty soldiers not to the guardhouse, but to the opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila."

It is interesting that the phonogram is not a modern invention, as many believe. The fact of its use was first recorded in the XIX century. One of the Italian composers for each of his performances brought a phonograph, which recorded his works.

Modern music surprises

And now interesting facts about contemporary music. The song of the famous performer Whitney Houston I will always love you most often used at weddings in America. The same song, but already in Britain, is the most popular among the funeral.

In Islamic countries it is forbidden to whistle, since this sound is perceived as "the music of the devil".

In America, a study was conducted on the effect of music on the mental state of a person. Scientists came to the conclusion that most of all suicides, depressions, divorces and other personal disasters happen to those who listen to country music.

The most interesting facts about rock music

The creators of the famous band Offspring when choosing a guitarist were not guided by musical interests. They just wanted to buy alcohol without hindrance. The fact is that at the time of the creation of the group Holland and Crissel still studied at school and, accordingly, were underage. The future guitarist - Wasserman - could already officially buy alcohol.

One of the American radio stations in 1991 decided to change the format to rock. In connection with this, the DJ was forced to meet policemen twice. For the first time, a compassionate listener called the order's guards, who suggested that the deeper had a heart attack and therefore he did not switch the composition. At that time, the radio station played the song Stairway to Heaven, which, as is known, is performed by the band Led Zeppelin. By the way, this group was loved by Saddam Hussein, so the second listener suggested that the radio station had been captured by the Iraqi special forces.

In the repertoire of the Russian group "Aria" there is a song "Will and Mind". It is interesting that this was the motto of the Italian fascists during the Mussolini government. Fortunately, neither musicians nor Soviet officials knew about it when they allowed to release a record with the same name.

"Musical trembling"

No less interesting facts about music you will learn further. For example, such a phenomenon as "musical trembling." Many people could feel it on themselves, when they listened to music corresponding to their preferences. Here the expression "goosebumps" takes on a new meaning. The scientists have confirmed that some compositions can be so popular with a person that they evoke a physical reaction. It is expressed in a rapid heartbeat, a slight increase in temperature, changes in breathing. Such a reaction can appear in almost every person, but much more often "musical trembling" happens with creative and sensitive natures.

The pleasure of music

Scientists continue to find more and more interesting facts about music. For example, thanks to recent research, it was revealed that the human body responds to music in the same way as to taking drugs, eating or having sex. Regardless of which of the above people were involved, his body begins to produce dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that allows the brain to feel euphoric. But at the same time, no scientist can explain why this happens.

Mozart's music

Conclude interesting facts about the music of the composition, which are considered the pinnacle of world classics. Of course, we are talking about the works of Mozart. The same scientists have proved that it contributes to the mental development of people. The thing is that his music creates certain vibrations that positively influence the brain. At the same time, rough music, which is now at the peak of popularity, leads to stupefaction, so listening is not recommended.

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