Characteristics of Types of Roofing Materials, Metal Roofing

Roofing materials

When selecting a roofing material for a person who is engaged in construction, you need to know some basic indicators, such as technical and economic features of roofing materials.
Asbestos-cement roofs are divided into two groups: flat asbestos-fiber - eternite and wavy. Eternit is produced in promyslovosti having the form of rectangular tiles of a size of forty to forty cm, a thickness of four mm.
The wavy asbestos-pane has a size of one hundred twenty to sixty-seven and one hundred twenty to sixty-eight cm (types A and B), a thickness of five and a half mm, a sheet weight of nine kg.
1) Fire resistance
2) Cheapness
Disadvantages of asbestos:
1) Weak resistance to damage.
2) Can dampen.
3) Low warranty period

Natural shingles

Ceramic tile together with cement-sandy has a wide application in construction.
Tile varieties are cement-sandy very often with the addition of additional substances, it becomes more durable hardening of cement. Inferior to a number of ceramic indicators.
Ceramic tile is an expensive high-quality roofing material. Quiet in bad weather. From cement-sand it also differs by the shape of the edge, the thickness of the tiles, the natural brick color, the service life.

Metal tile

Metal tile is made of high-quality metal with processing with various coatings that make it reliable and durable.
Polyester (polyester) is the most popular and inexpensive polymer, does not fade and is resistant to corrosion. However, with a small thickness, it is not resistant to damage. It is not recommended to use for severe pollution of the environment, or for large operating loads.

Polyester matte (PEMA) is slightly thicker than the previous one, it is resistant to mechanical damage, it has a large color range.

Pural (pural) - characterized by good corrosion, resistance to mechanical damage, temperature changes and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Bituminous shingles.

It is extremely technological. Perfectly bends, light, so it has a saving in installation. The material can be laid on top of the old roofing material.
Among the minuses, not too high durability of use, not too a number of price, is limited in comparison with the metal tile color gamut.

As you can see, the choice is really great and varied. At present, there are roofing materials of various types and structures from which the roofing material is made. Indeed there are viturans out of which. And why bend? Here, the choice is yours. Weigh all the criteria, pros and cons, and only then choose the right material.

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