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Carpets in the interior - a relic of the past or a new fashion?

The presence of carpets in the interior always speaks of the care of the owner of the house about the members of the family and his guests, the addiction to comfort and tranquility. In Soviet times, they could be found in the apartment of everyone, not only in the middle of the room, but also hanging on the walls. Carpets in the interior testified to the well-being of the family. Over time, the fashion has changed, and many prefer to leave the room naked floor and walls, believing that the Soviet fashion has long been a thing of the past. Anyway, the carpets have more pluses than minuses, and their evolution continues to this day.

Eastern fairy tale

The first carpet is the same age as the Egyptian pyramids, and the age of the oldest, which has survived to our days, is two and a half thousand years. He was found in the East, in the Gorny Altai region. Of course, people who lived in those days, gave carpets primarily a practical purpose. They were made for protection on a hot summer day and cold nights. Nomadic tribes, moving to a new place of residence, in a short time to build a house of metal beams, and on top of them covered with carpets. In those distant times, they were made of wool and nap, so they were very practical and served for dozens of years. In portable dwellings - yurts - carpets in the interior could afford only very well-to-do nomads. In terms of quality and beauty, they were different from those used as building material. In the history of other eastern countries, such articles were the rooms of the Sultans. Among all the states, Persia was especially made in terms of carpet weaving. The merchants of this type supplied the whole world. Oriental weavers were the most qualified and made palaces with various patterns. Often even now, the phrase "Persian carpets" use some brands to attract customers.

Carpet traditions in other countries

Of course, the East is considered the birthplace of such accessories, for this reason European states sometimes completely reject them, wishing to focus only on their culture. However, carpets were also relevant in the Middle Ages in Eastern and Western Europe. True, the castles were built at that time from bare stone, and the magnificent tents because of weather conditions could not be constructed, but in the rooms for the feast and the king's chambers on the gray walls, sometimes hung a couple of carpets, and they covered the cold floors. By the way, they were not always a product of manual labor. In 1608, the first carpet manufactory was created by the order of the French King Henry IV, and then the products spread even more throughout Europe.

Carpets in the interior: from the past to the present

Today you can meet carpets in the interior not so often, especially in Europe and America. The reason for this was the well-established view that carpets are a relic of the past, and today, when the predominant style in the interior is minimalism, heavy coatings on the floor and walls will only spoil the overall picture of the room. Indeed, few today use carpets in the interior. Photos of children, pets and paintings on the walls can be found much more often than these massive accessories. Most often, the mats are located on the threshold at the entrance door. This element creates a pleasant atmosphere at the entrance to the house. In other cases, these preferences do not prefer to be laid altogether, since such a rug must often be shaken out of dust, washed, and in inaccurate masters this object will become a real dust bag.

Carpets in the bedroom and living room

Today, oriental carpet ornaments can rarely be found in expensive apartments - these carpets will seem too catchy and artsy. But if you put it on the floor in the bedroom or the living room, the room will become lighter and cozy. The most popular carpets in the interior are oval, round or irregular in shape. To harmoniously arrange them in a room, it is not necessary to make accurate measurements of the room. It is much more difficult to choose a product of a square or rectangular shape, besides sharpened corners can only reduce the space. Carpets in the interior will never be superfluous, but to really be an ornament, not an unnecessary heap, it is necessary to choose the right height for the pile, the material, the shade and the pattern.

Beauty, comfort and comfort

Thanks to a huge number of factories, it is possible to pick up not only individual rugs of different manufacturers, but also an excellent composition. Small and large mats with the same pattern of different shapes once again underline the impeccable taste of the owner of the apartment.

But choosing such objects, it is not necessary to place them in each room, otherwise the apartments will resemble a royal tent. Carpets in the modern interior - a luxurious and discreet accessory, it is with the help of them that you can achieve the warmest and most comfortable environment that many lack.

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