Cabin Filter "Renault Logan": replacement, installation and price

Cabin air filter - this is one of those details, without which not a single modern car can do. This element prevents air pollution in the cabin, but since the concentration of dust on our roads is very high, it often has to be changed.
And today we will look at how the Reno Logan cabin filter is being replaced and what it is.

History of occurrence

The very first cabin filters appeared in the world in the early 80-ies of the last century. The first samples were made of plain paper. Mechanical cleaning was used on them. Over time, they were replaced by two-layer cartridges. Their main advantage was that large dust particles accumulated in the first layer, while in the second layer substances with a size not exceeding 50 microns were retained. Then came the carbon filters. They added a small amount of activated carbon for better absorption. To date, the most qualitative and effective are the so-called hybrid cartridges. However, most manufacturers install a coal filter on their cars (Renault Logan and Dacia Logan, among others). They are much cheaper and functionally not inferior to their competitors.

Signs of replacement

How to determine that the Salon Filter "Renault Logan" requires replacement? In fact, it's very easy to do this. The first sign of filter contamination is the appearance of various persistent unpleasant odors inside the car. Sometimes they can not be eroded by weeks, this is the symptom of the need for replacement. The second sign is the reduction in the power of the ventilation system itself and the heater. For example, if you turned on the stove for a maximum, and from the air duct deflectors only a barely visible airflow is felt, then the system is clogged with dirt and dust. Also, the main symptom may be a permanent fogging of glasses.
And the third sign is the formation of a large layer of dust for a brief period of time on the "torpedo". In the car it is simply impossible to breathe because of this, and besides, the smell of mold is felt. This may indicate the accumulation of moisture inside the cabin filter, which got there during the thaw. If you notice at least one of the above symptoms, you need to check the status of the filter and, if necessary, replace it.

Filter salon "Renault Logan": the complexity of repair

In general, it is very easy to change this part yourself, and there are no complications. The main thing - to find exactly the filter that will be suitable specifically for this model of the car. Also it is necessary to avoid unduly cheap offers and choose the most qualitative option.


Once you have purchased a cabin filter, "Renault Logan" can be safely repaired. For this we need one screwdriver. With it, we will unscrew the screws that hold the lid. Underneath the latter is the salon filter "Renault Logan". Access to data samorez does not overlap, so boldly unscrew them with a screwdriver and add them to a separate place. By the way, on this model, the cover is held not only by 4 self-tapping screws, but also by 4 additional latches.
Now remove the top cover, and before our eyes will be visible salon filter "Renault Logan". Often it contains a large amount of dust, so it must be dismantled very carefully, so as not to pollute the entire machine.

Replace or clean the old one?

In principle, there is no difference between these, but there are dangers in the cleaned filter. The fact is that under running water you can clean this filter only from accumulated dirt and dust, but not from bacteria. They can be removed only by the steam cleaner, and this will be a big problem. Therefore, many motorists recommend immediately throwing out a contaminated filter and installing a new one in its place, especially since the price for it is quite democratic. Well, about the cost, we'll talk at the end of the article, but for now let's return to our replacement.

Installing a new filter

After you have removed the contaminated element, on the plastic rim you will find a sufficiently large accumulation of dust. It should be removed with a dry or damp cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. But in the beginning it is necessary to muffle the hole, otherwise all these deposits will fall into it. And this, in turn, can negatively affect the performance and functionality of the engine. After working with a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to treat this area once again with a cloth dampened with alcohol or a piece of other rags.

Now unpack the new salon filter and install it on the regular place. It is important to know that this element must "sit" without distortion. After that, proceed to assembly. First, take the lid and also clean it of accumulated dirt. Dust on it, of course, is not so much as on the filter itself, so a dry cloth or a wet napkin will do. Next, put the lid on the special guides and watch the result. Ideally, everything should sit tight and secure. If the lid is installed with difficulty or not fully secured, you probably installed the salon filter incorrectly. In this case, you need to look for the places of its bends. It also happens that the salon filter "Renault Logan" is defective. In that case, we bring him back to the store.

All latches are placed in their original positions and fixed firmly. You do not have to do much effort, press until you feel that the lid has come into place. Most often this is indicated by a brief click. Then, in the reverse process of removing the order, we install self-tapping screws. To avoid rusting, it is best to treat them before mounting with WD-40. In this case, the next time you replace, you will not have problems with unscrewing those screws from the plastic cover. Screw the screws do not need to stop, but so that they normally hold the lid. Otherwise, the threads may be damaged. A brief photo-instruction on replacing the filter you can see in the picture below.

As you can see, the whole process consists of four stages. The time for the entire replacement takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Cabin Filter (Renault Logan): price and frequency of replacement

This part has a very often polluted property. As practice shows, every 15-20 thousand kilometers is the next installation of the cabin filter. "Renault Logan" is not an exception. I want to note that the more expensive it will be, the longer it will last. However, you should not chase the most expensive filters. When buying these parts, it is better to follow the rule of the "golden mean". Cabin Filter "Renault Logan" in Russia can be purchased at a price of 400 to 700 rubles. So, a good filter can be found for 550 rubles.

Well, as for the periodicity of replacement, 15-20 thousand is only an approximate time. It all depends on where you operate your car. If this is a countryside where there are only dirt roads, then the filter (even the best one) can last you no more than 3 months. Well, in the city, the frequency of replacement increases several times, up to twelve months.


So, we found out how to change and how much a new salon filter ("Renault Logan") costs. Buy this part, as you can see, is not difficult, and you can replace it without any effort. Therefore, it is not necessary to seek professional help.

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