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What is SRO? This is an abbreviation, which stands for self-regulating organization. As a rule, such associations consist of a large number of members and allow entrepreneurs and service providers to take on the controlling role of their activities, which is usually performed by the state. In such organizations there are systems of various contributions, both membership and insurance, and the amount of payments will depend on many factors, for example, on the type of activity, the cost of contracts, the complexity and danger of the work performed, and the purpose of the funds invested.

What types of services require membership in a self-regulatory organization? Often, such activities require SRO: design, construction, some repairs, maintenance work, etc.

Self-regulatory organizations and licensing: differences

For most activities related to construction, repair work, design, etc., a special permit from the state is required. But the current trends are such that the government gradually abandoned the licensing and transferred some of its powers to self-regulating organizations. This transition has allowed to reduce a lot of different costs, as well as to increase the level of protection for customers of various jobs. The mechanism of protectionism is organized according to a rather simple principle: the SRO members make certain contributions for membership, as well as insurance payments, depending on the type of their activity. In case of unfair performance of works by one of the participants of the organization, the customer is compensated for a part of the losses. Reimbursement comes from the funds of the insurance fund. Contributions go to administrative costs, support for various Internet resources and similar costs. The state did not bear such responsibility for the license holders, it fell solely on the shoulders of the performer, who is not always able to cover losses on his own.

SRO of planners

In order to carry out most types of work, the executing company will need to be a self-regulating organization. You also need to have SRO admission in the design. This is done primarily because of the complexity and responsibility associated with this field of activity. Without membership in such organizations, execution of the majority of design works will be considered illegal, and administrative levers can be applied to the firm performing the contract, up to the criminal punishment of the responsible persons.

In addition, there are a number of other reasons why an SRO should be admitted. Design, and other types of work require a responsible approach to business. Therefore, your potential partners and customers are likely to inquire about the availability of your company's supporting document that you are part of the SRO. In addition, self-regulatory organizations in the design will be able to provide you with additional support, which will be described below.


The main criteria for becoming a member of a self-regulatory organization and gaining admission to the SRO (design), will be the following conditions:

  • The presence of at least three specialists with specialized higher education and work experience of three years (or five people with an average profile education and experience of five years).
  • Documented confirmation of experience in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Passing various trainings and upgrading skills after the SRO was allowed to design.

In general, the admission process is regulated by a special expert commission, which is part of a self-regulating organization. In addition, depending on the type of activity, as well as the specific SRO, the requirements may vary, but in essence they are similar - the absence of problems with documents and registration, as well as the availability of the necessary number of qualified employees within the firm.

How much is the admission of the SRO for design: entry and prices

The amounts are different. Depending on the organization you choose, the scope of activities, the necessary association (SRO-design, construction, etc.), geographical location, and other factors, the cost of entry may vary. In addition, there are membership fees, which can also be different.

So, how much does the SRO allow for design? On average, an entrepreneur must have between 150,000 and 300,000 rubles to pay in the compensation fund, in which case they are sometimes granted installment plans for a year. Also, the entrance fee, which ranges from 5 to 70 thousand rubles. There may be other payments. For example, a monthly membership fee, it is an average of 5,000 rubles.

SRO for design: types of work

In general, the list of services for which you will need to be a member of a self-regulatory organization is quite extensive. This is more than ten names of various activities included in the SRO for design. Types of work include:

  • Works connected with the planning of the land plot (master plans, communications plans, etc.).
  • Architectural research.
  • Works associated with the construction or design of structures.
  • Preparation of documentation for internal systems of facilities (heating, communications, control systems, gas).
  • Plans for external networks (communications, heating, ventilation, etc.).
  • Work on technological solutions (various methods of construction or development and selection of solutions in other areas).
  • Creation of special documentation related to various emergencies, hazardous objects, etc.
  • Inventory of projects related to capital construction, preparation of works for the removal or demolition of buildings.
  • Development of projects related to environmental protection.
  • Projects related to fire safety.
  • Creation of project documentation.

In addition to the above works, the list of SRO allowances for design may include other activities.

Benefits of joining

Most of the entrepreneurs try to see the benefits in everything and will probably ask themselves whether they can benefit from membership in a self-regulatory organization or this will create additional red tape and unnecessary burden. Well, without SRO you simply can not work legally, and also put yourself and your business in jeopardy.

And yet there are real advantages. To date, there are many different SROs. There are regional and all-Russian associations, local organizations, as well as those that do not position themselves geographically. A competently chosen self-regulating organization will provide you with support for many years to come, which will be expressed in quite a few things. You can participate in various competitions and tenders, various public procurement. SROs can also advise their members on general and legal issues. Or, for example, help to resolve conflicts with the customer, if his claims are unreasonable.

What will happen if you work without joining the SRO

Performing design work without participation in a self-regulatory organization is strongly discouraged. The consequences for the owner of the executing firm, as well as for some of its participants, can be extremely unfavorable.

As a rule, the list of potential problems will include not only a spoiled reputation and a bunch of fines, but also the opportunity to incur criminal penalties for illegal business, as well as other articles of the Criminal and Administrative Codes of the Russian Federation. Proceeding from this it follows that admission of SRO in designing can save the enterprise from a lot of undesirable problems.

Responsibility for work without admission SRO

In this case, everything will depend on the specific situation, and the consequences can be much softer than in the case of a complete absence of membership in a self-regulatory organization. The consequences may include the following sanctions:

  • Various fines and administrative penalties.
  • Spoiled reputation.
  • Recognition of contracts void, significant loss of time.
  • The executing organization can deny membership in a self-regulatory organization or impose various disciplinary sanctions, depending on the situation.

Based on the above, it does not matter whether the firm is a project or does other work. It is better to be safe - apply to a self-regulating organization and get SRO admission in the design.

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