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Why does the dog eat excrement? Why does the dog have feline excrement?

A dog is the man's best friend . It is always pleasant to play with it, take a walk in the evening, go for jogging or other physical exercises, maybe skate, sledge, bike or swim. Communication with the dog brings joy. With her you can share all the most intimate secrets that you find difficult to tell someone else. The most important thing is for your beloved pet to be healthy and happy, then any games will be fun for you and give pleasure.

Sometimes it happens that during a walk you realize that the behavior of the dog is not quite normal, as if something is bothering or disturbing it. She can also eat something on the street, for example, feces.

Why does the dog eat excrement? What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

Surprise and indignation of the owners there is no limit, when their favorite pet, with whom the whole family is hugging and kissing, children including, in front of them, eats excrement. Of course, the first desire is to drag the dog away from the "meal" and pour it well. But let's figure out why the dog eats excrement. There are a number of reasons that encourage the dog to commit such an act that is so disgusting to the human eye:

  1. A dog is a descendant of wolves, you should not forget about it. Many breeds were artificially withdrawn by selecting the required characteristics, lost their original appearance and completely different from their ancient relatives, but they all have the same natural beginnings. Nature is laid: in order to protect offspring, mother wolves eat feces of young, so that no predator on them could not find them. Why does the dog have its excrement trying? Perhaps she feels a threat to herself and the children and wishes to protect them by such behavior. Carefully look at the lifestyle of your pet, whether anything has changed in recent times, what can bother the pet, is there a large aggressive dog on the territory of your usual walks that frightens him.
  2. Feces are rich in various nutrients, vitamins and minerals that have not been digested in the processing of food. Reconsider your friend's diet. Perhaps the daytime food complex is not well balanced and there are not enough vital elements, for example, B vitamins or animal protein. Limiting them in the diet and provoking your pet to compensate for the shortage of stool.
  3. Various diseases can cause why the dog eats its excrement. Perhaps, they were provoked by stress, hunger or malnutrition, as well as dietary nutrition. The pet does not feel full, so it tries to fill the stomach with everything that comes across. Feces can also be used in cases when the dog is overfed with too fatty food, and its stomach and pancreas can not cope with its processing.
  4. Why does a dog eat man's excrement? The development in the body of animal intestinal parasites that interfere with the absorption of useful substances, for example, worms or protozoa, can lead to this phenomenon.
  5. A dog can feel lonely and thus provoke a reaction, especially knowing that it will follow if it has already been punished for it.

Cat's "gifts": what are they interested in and why?

The dog has cat excrement can start if both pets live in the same territory, and the puppy is only growing and lacks any elements for full development. To prevent this behavior, you can give a mineral-vitamin complex or a beef scar in fresh form. Why does the dog have feline excrement trying?

The second reason for this is the struggle for the place. The cat is marking the territory with stale masses, showing that he is the master in the house, the dog destroys these marks, thereby saying that it is not. The only measure of prevention can be the separation of pets in different places.

Another reason for a bad deed

Why do dogs eat human excrement? Such behavior may be due to concern for protecting the flock from external enemies living in the same territory. This situation is somewhat similar to caring for puppies.

What actions need to be taken and why?

The dog has its excrement begins for various reasons. We have already found out. Now we need to solve this problem. How can this be done? First of all, it is necessary to understand: physical or psychological reasons were the beginning for such actions? Think carefully: how much time you spend on the dog and how often you play with it. Try the next walk to take a stick, ball or frisbee and interest her with the game. Remember, what was your first reaction, as soon as you saw that the dog was eating feces. Do not shout at her and stick your nose in the feces, as her first reaction in order to avoid aggression on your part will be the desire to cover up the traces, that is, the use of stools with special care and at a faster pace so you do not notice. Do dog training. For this, there are various special schools. If you decide to train a friend yourself, then replace the punishment by encouraging some kind of delicacy, then classes will bring joy and the result will be successful. If you do not like something in your dog's behavior, try not to scream, but to distract her with some more fun activity.

A few tips for the owners

A young mother can be helped with cleaning the den and collect the toilet in time for the puppies, then she will not have to clean up after them, eating the excrement.

Analyze the diet of the pet and feed more diverse food, if you eat only dry food, enter extra jelly lure and vitamins, give "naturalka", for example, meat.

A small conclusion

Now it is clear why the dog eats excrement. Whatever the reason, you need to immediately contact the veterinarian for advice and taking the tests you need to find out, as the dog can become a source of your family's illness, die from exhaustion (in case of parasites and infections).

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