Shops "Lego" in Moscow: addresses and metro stations

The popular brand "Lego" appeared in the last century. Its creator could not imagine that his cubes could so inspire children. Passion for the designer is not only the kids, but the adult generation. After all, the process of this game is so exciting!

A chain of brand stores in Moscow

In the capital for a long time you can buy everyone so beloved designer. Each point allows you to familiarize yourself with a wide range by choosing the necessary toy. Modern and recent models of the designer are almost on the shelves of each store. In addition, the trading floors offer to buy other branded products that allow not only to have fun, but also to help the child develop. Knowing the addresses of the Lego brand store in Moscow, you can find an excellent gift that will please children of any age and even adults. Below you will find them.

Shops "Lego" in Moscow near the subway

If you need points near the metro, then this list will help. Addresses of shops "Lego" in Moscow:

  • Highway Leningrad, 16, building A, "Voykovskaya", "Water Stadium";
  • The area of the Kiev railway station, 2, "Kiev" (Ring) or "Kiev" (Filevskaya);
  • "Troika" TC, Upper Krasnoselskaya, 3A, "Kuntsevskaya (Arbat-Pokrovskaya)," Kuntsevskaya "(Filevskaya);
  • Vavilov, 3, "Leninsky Prospekt", "Shabolovskaya";
  • Shchukinskaya, 42, "Shchukinskaya", "Voykovskaya";
  • Blvd. Orekhovy, 22a, "Krasnogvardeyskaya", "Domodedovo";
  • TC "City" in Ryazan, Ryazan Ave, 2-2, "Tekstilschiki" and "Aviamotornaya".

This is not all points of sale.

Branded stores "Lego" in Moscow

The network of salons produces the sale of designers of the famous brand. Each store has a wide choice, which can be viewed directly on the site. Get to each point of sale is quite convenient.

Addresses of shops "Lego" in Moscow:

  • Boulevard Chongarsky, 21. Subway stations "Sevastopolskaya" (391 m), "Kakhovskaya" (394 m), "Varshavskaya" (955 m).
  • Boulevard Perervinsky, 14, 3 building. The metro stations "Bratislavskaya" (1127 m), "Marino" (1648 m), "Lublino" (2277 m).
  • Volgogradsky avenue, 117, building 1. Kuzminki metro stations (173 m), Tekstilshchiki (2,042 m), Volzhskaya (1858 m).

The company store "Lego" also represents the site It presents a huge selection of designers at a good price. In addition to delivery, you can also pick up and independently, having pre-ordered on the resource.

The point of issue of orders (1-st Stekolnaya St., Building 7, 11 building) is located near the metro station "Tsaritsyno".

The official Lego store in Moscow is located in Raikin Plaza (floor number 3, place 16). Store address: Sheremetyevskaya, house 6, 1 building. Here, children and parents are waited by a pleasant atmosphere of creativity, learning and play.

Where it is advantageous to buy "Lego" in Moscow

You can buy your favorite toys at a good price. This can be done not only in branded locations, but also shops that make prices more affordable to attract customers. Such a shop "Lego" in Moscow is, and not one. They often have discounts. One of the first is the "Children's World" store, there is not only an excellent price, but also a good choice of designers.

Addresses of shops "Lego" in Moscow with small prices:

  • Bol. Cheremushkinskaya, 1, go to the metro station "Akademicheskaya".
  • New Arbat, 11 (building 1), go to the metro station "Arbatskaya".

Stores "Eldorado" will also allow you to buy your favorite toy for children:

  • Butakova, 4 - metro station "Alexander Garden."
  • Dmitrov highway, 163 a - metro station "Altufevo".

In addition, they have an order on the Internet. To get to the address: Volgogradsky prospect, house 32, building. 8. Leave at the metro station "Volgogradsky Prospekt".

Addresses of shops "Lego" in Moscow network "Ship":

  • Borisov Ponds, 26 (building 2) - the metro station "Alma-Ata".
  • Prospekt Mira, 118 A - metro station "Alekseevskaya".

Resource offers buyers a large selection of brand designers at great prices, not only on its website, but also in the open sale:

  • Ordzhonikidze, 11 (discount) - metro station "Leninsky Prospekt".
  • Profsoyuznaya, 132, building 8 (online store) - metro station "Konkovo".

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