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Whiskey "Jack Daniels": history of appearance, species, price and proper use of the drink

Whiskey - a famous noble drink, home of which is Scotland. One of the variants of its name - Scotch (scotch) and translated "Scottish". It is made from alcohols produced from cereals, as well as water and fresh yeast, and then kept in special barrels of oak and cherry for a certain number of years. Of course, Scotland does not hold a monopoly on the production of this drink. Currently, the main countries-producers of whiskey are the United States, Japan, Canada and a number of others. One of the popular American brands is whiskey "Jack Daniels". All about this drink - information from the manufacturer, types, and also about the most correct way of its use, read in our article. Just remember that this is a fairly strong drink, it contains up to 45% alcohol, so excessive use of it can harm your health.

How do Jack Daniels produce whiskey?

The company-manufacturer of this drink is one of the oldest in the US and produces whiskey since 1865. Founder Jasper Newton Daniel has developed a special production technology, which is still kept in the strictest secrecy. Therefore, connoisseurs of this drink especially note its mild taste and very high quality, which is achieved by special filtration, as well as aging in barrels of baked white oak. The main components for the manufacture of whiskey "Jack Daniels" are corn, barley, wheat and water. Like any manufacturer, the company produces several varieties of the drink, which differ in the degree of maturation. For example, bottles with a green label have a strength of exactly 40 degrees. This species is called "early", as barrels with it are traditionally stored on the upper floors of the warehouse and the drink ripens before the classic "Jack". The most popular variety - with a black and white label, it is already stronger (43 degrees). Barrels with it are located on the lower floors, it ripens a little longer, and the taste and aroma are traditional, with floral and light chocolate shades. Anyway, all whiskeys have an aging time of 4 years - exactly so much drink is stored in oak barrels before pouring on bottles with a capacity of 700 ml. Sometimes you can meet in an unusual volume of "Jack Daniels". Whiskey 1 liter is produced, as well as collection bottles - up to 5 liters. Until the 70s of the last century, the company produced whiskey and longer aging - up to 25 years, but after this practice was abandoned.

How correctly to drink whiskey "Jack Daniels"?

This drink is not for nothing called noble. Ideally, he does not tolerate the addition of any other ingredients, except, perhaps, ice. This is a very popular brand, therefore visitors to bars and restaurants often prefer "Jack Daniels". Whiskey, the price of which is quite high (about 1500-2000 rubles per bottle with a black and white label), require special treatment. Drink can not be cooled below 20 degrees, otherwise it will not fully reveal its taste and aroma, and various additives (like Coca-Cola) only "hammer" the shades of the drink, giving, in fact, feel only a large enough alcohol content in it. Therefore, intending to enjoy "Jack", pull the bottle out of the mini-bar in advance, heat a little low glass in your hands, inhale the aroma of flowers and chocolate and drink in small sips. After all, this is what true connoisseurs have been doing for 150 years already.

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