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What is the FAK, or the Eternal Questions of the World Wide Web

Often from the beginning users you can hear the question about what a FAK is. In truth, the term has a single meaning. Nevertheless, many do not understand it. And that is why they have been pondering over the question for a long time and persistently. Let's try to understand what a FAK is, and why this term is needed. When is it applied? And can it be useful to some users? In which parts of the World Wide Web can you meet him? Now all this will be discussed.


So, let's try to decipher what FAK is. In truth, in Russian the decoding is quite complicated. But in English, the process is much easier. After all, the English reduction gave us the abbreviation "FAK".

In the translation from a foreign language, the meaning will be literally "frekventli ascd kvestions". This, in turn, means something like "frequently asked questions." It turns out that we are dealing with the most common collection of questions on this or that topic. But it's not so simple.

What is a FAK? This is not only a collection of questions about something, but also the basis of answers to them. Something like a kind of guidebook for users. Very useful thing in many cases. But where does she meet?

Meeting point

We already found out what a FAQ is. Now you need to understand where you can encounter this object. In truth, on the Internet it is available almost everywhere. On any site, in any guide and even in online stores there is a FAK.

Most often this object can be found in online games. There, the FAQ plays the role of a guide to the game world. And without it, it is extremely difficult to understand something. Thus, now we know the next virtual term. Do not be afraid of him. Know, FAC is a very useful object, which sometimes can answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to use it when trying to find out information about something.

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