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The gold button "Youtube": what is it and how to get it?

The golden button "Youtube" is a way to encourage efforts in the promotion of your channel. In fact, there are 3 kinds of buttons: silver, gold and diamond. But still the most popular is the gold button "Youtube", since it's not that difficult to get silver, many have it. And to get a diamond you need to put a lot of effort, to make it difficult.

How to get the gold button "Youtube"?

The assignment of any of the buttons is determined by the number of subscribers per channel. Can not achieve an increase in the number of viewers can not everyone. To do this, you need to create interesting content that will attract people. We must constantly monitor trends and be aware of all events, and moreover, have time to release timely video on current topics. A good assistant in the promotion of the channel is advertising. It will help to find out about your channel to more people. Well, if they subscribe or not, it depends on whether your content attracts them or not. Not only that it is necessary to gather your audience, it is important to keep it and build it up. To do this, you need to regularly post videos, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Tips for channel promotion

  • The competition on "Youtube" is growing daily, attracting and surprising the viewer is becoming more and more difficult. An obligatory criterion is the quality of video and sound, because if there is discomfort when watching a video, then the viewer is likely to leave.
  • Video should be uploaded to the channel regularly. If your goal is the golden button "Youtube", then it will be necessary to work a lot.
  • In addition to all of the above, an important criterion for success is finding your target audience. It is necessary, first of all, to choose an approximate interval of the ages of people on whom the themes of the video will be oriented. Different age categories are interested in different genres of channels, so it is important to initially choose one path by which in the future you will move forward.

In fact, there are many different points on which the success of the channel depends. The golden button "Youtube" is an achievable goal if you apply the maximum amount of effort to achieve it.

Variety of buttons

To get the very first button you need to dial 100 000 subscribers. After crossing this boundary, the owner of the channel receives a silver button as a reward.

A much more significant achievement is the gold button, which is donated to a million subscribers. A few years ago it was considered more valuable, but with time, more and more users appeared on "Youtube", and it's getting simpler and easier to dial million. But nevertheless many channels are striving for the golden button.

There are a lot less channels with a diamond button, since it requires an audience of 10 million subscribers. The silver and gold button of "Youtube" is a much more common phenomenon. If you try to present this number of people live, this will represent the population of two large cities. It's not for nothing that such an award is given to the holders of such an army, because this is indeed a serious merit.

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