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Lanson (champagne): history, description of taste, producer

We used to celebrate especially solemn events with a glass of champagne. But which brand to choose? It is important that it is a decent drink, with a name rich in bouquet and delicate taste. Today we taste French champagne "Lanson". Already one kind of bottle with a red Maltese cross on the label attracts attention. The wine house, where Lanson is made, boasts a long history. And in the twentieth century the glory of this brand of champagne has grown so much that it is customary to celebrate important sporting achievements, sail ships and meet travelers who have returned from a round-the-world cruise. House "Lanson" is the official supplier of its sparkling wines to the Royal Court of Great Britain. This drink is filled with champagne glasses at such prestigious world tournaments as yacht shows in Monaco and Wimbledon. What is so wonderful about this sparkling wine? In which region of France is it produced? Can I get it in Russia and at what price? We will discuss all this in this article.

Lanson (champagne): history

In the distant 1760, a Francois Delamott, a judge from the city of Rheims, decided to retire from business and start producing wine. Then in Champagne the glory of the House of Perignon, the inventor of champagne, still boomed. Delamott bought land for vineyards in the best places of the wine-growing region, but did not achieve any unprecedented achievements. But his successor, Jean-Baptiste Lanson, achieved a lot. This ambitious winemaker not only gave his name to the house, but also decorated with a characteristic cross a label of champagne, since he himself was a knight of the Order of Malta. Today, Lanson is one of the five largest producers of sparkling wines in France. Lanson - champagne, which did not use milk-fermented fermentation. This allows the drink to preserve the freshness of fruits and dry wine, to please with a long and gentle aftertaste. In the house "Lanson" there are excursions. If you are in Champagne, do not miss this plant in the vicinity of Reims and taste the drink.

The secret of the success of the Lanson house

The judge from Rheims bought not simple vineyards. Now such best sites in Champagne are called Grand Cru and Premier. They are planted with grapes of Pinot Noir varieties (predominantly), as well as Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. But, of course, the secret of success is not only in raw materials, collected, incidentally, from fifty different sections of Grand Cru and Premier. The wine house uses a special technology. Lanson - champagne, in the production of which no milk-apple fermentation was used. And, as a result, the drink has a high acidity, which reflects on the fresh taste and potential of the wine to "grow old". Under French law, champagne should be removed from the sediment after fifteen months of aging. But the Lanson manufacturers allow him to mature for about three years. Secondary fermentation occurs already in the bottle. As a result, the drink has a rich bouquet and an inexpressible catchy taste. Champagne of this house was repeatedly awarded with the highest awards at international competitions.

Lanson (champagne): characteristic

Many sparkling wines at home "Lanson" are pale straw color with golden sparkles. The bouquet is full, refreshing. It smells of white flowers, summer fruits and grapefruit. All these smells intertwine with light notes of honey and freshly baked toasts. The taste of champagne "Lanson" is bright, characteristic, memorable. It feels the tones of ripe juicy peaches and lemon and lime peel. The aftertaste is lasting, harmonious. House "Lanson" was one of the first to produce pink champagne. To give the salmon a gentle salmon shade, it is kept with the skin of the Pinot Noir grapes. In general, raw materials for champagne are three varieties. In addition to Pinot Noir, this is Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. But in "Lanson" attention is paid not only to the terroir and blend. Equally important is also assemblage. Grapes for champagne comes often from sixty different sections of the Grand Cru.

How to serve

This wine is often offered as an aperitif. Due to the light but characteristic taste of "Lanson", it is an excellent accompaniment for seafood dishes or white chicken or turkey meat. Pink champagne of this brand can be served to light desserts (but not to yeast baked goods). It is ideally combined with chocolate, nuts, fruits and berries. White champagne is good not only with caviar oysters, but also with noble cheeses with mildew. The ideal temperature of the drink when served is plus ten to twelve degrees. It would also be nice to cool champagne glasses. The bottle is served to the table closed. If you bring it in an ice bucket, then it's prudent to prepare a napkin to remove the drops from the glass. Loud cotton and flying cork in the ceiling are not a sign of good taste. It will be more correct to turn it with your left hand in a circular motion, so that the gradual output of carbon dioxide will reduce the pressure inside the bottle.

Variety of assortment of wine house "Lanson"

The most famous and elite brand of champagne of these cellars is Lanson Black Label. The drink is characterized as dry - brut. His fortress is twelve and a half degrees. To create this cuvée, the best Pinot Gris (50%), Chardonnay (35%) and Meunier (15%) from the Grand Cru sections of the Champagne appellation such as Avize, Buzi, Oge and Veznei are selected. A crop is brought from fifty different vineyards. The drink is made by the traditional way for the Lanson home: without apple-milk fermentation and subsequent fermentation in a glass container. Lanson Black - champagne, awarded seven gold medals at various international wine competitions. Price for a standard (seven hundred milligrams) a bottle of this brand in Moscow bakery - about five thousand six hundred rubles.

Lanson Rose Label

This is also a dry champagne. A strawberry- colored label with cream, and the name itself emphasizes that this is pink champagne. It has a higher percentage of Pinot Noir. Despite the fact that the drink is "brut", it harmonizes well with fruit desserts. In the bouquet of "Rose Label" you can hear the scents of roses, forest berries and wildflowers. The taste of this champagne is perfectly balanced and harmonious. The price of the bottle is about six thousand rubles.

Ivory Label

This product at home Lanson - champagne semi-dry. Its name translates as "Mark of Ivory". This champagne has been produced since the nineteenth century, when semi-dry sparkling wines were in vogue. It fits perfectly with desserts and fruits. House "Lanson" devoted a lot of work to the development of impeccable dozazha "Demi-Sec". And his efforts were rewarded. "Ivory Label" - prize-winner of gold, two silver and four bronze medals. A bottle of this wonderful drink costs about four thousand rubles.

White Label

A very beautiful white bottle justifies waiting. Its contents are as stylish as the frame. The main raw material for this champagne is the Chardonnay variety with sixty best plots. Addition of liqueur added just as much as needed. Sugar in the drink is 32 g / l, which allows you to refer it to semi-dry sparkling wines. "White Label" - one of the oldest works of the house Lanson. Champagne, the price for a bottle of which is about six thousand rubles, has won several awards at international competitions.

"Gold Label"

This vintage drink is made from the harvest of 2002, which is considered very successful. Dry champagne has a pale golden color with a perlace. In the bouquet, the aromas of acacia honey and candied fruits, pink grapefruit and orange blossom are intertwined. The taste of champagne is extremely rich and well structured. Perfect balance of acidity brings to the sky notes of lemon peel and quince. The aftertaste is bright, lasting. This champagne is suitable for dishes of white fish, white meat with cream sauce. It will also be appropriate for "Bree" type cheeses. The price for a bottle is about six and a half thousand rubles.

«Extra Age»

This cuvée was created in 2010 on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Lanson wine house. Champagne, the price for a bottle of which starts from seven thousand rubles, is made from the best raw materials collected in the vicinity of Vertu, Shoulli, and Verzen. The name "Extra Old" indicates that the wine ripened for five years, until it was removed from the sediment. It is produced in a traditional way for Lanson. The taste of this bright straw champagne is full, full, with notes of citrus. In a unique bouquet, shades of pears, figs, fresh pastries and honey are audible.

"Noble Cuvée de Lanson 2000"

This elite cuvée is made from two varieties of grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, collected on the selected terrains of Grand Cru Avize, Auge and Verzen. The noble champagne is made traditional for the "Lanson" way, however it is removed from the sludge not in three years, but after five years. The wine has a beautiful golden-straw hue with a perl. Exquisite taste is perfectly balanced. In the bouquet you can feel the notes of a ripe juicy pear, acacia honey, apple pie with cinnamon and white flowers. This champagne is suitable only for delicious dishes: terrine de foie gras, lobster salad, oysters. This wine has an amazing storage potential. A bottle can be uncorked after fifteen years.

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