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What if I do not want anything?

There are days when you do not want anything? There is no desire to go to work, to perform usual, seemingly, duties ... Even to communicate with friends - it would not be desirable and all here! However, in this state there is nothing surprising, because a person is a complex biosocial system, inside of which thousands of both physiological and mental processes occur daily.

Yes, there is nothing terrible in this, but to think about why you do not want to do anything, is still worth it. For example, the morning of a weekday, when you need to get up early to go to work, causes you the most negative feelings. You are protesting with all your heart, but you calm yourself down with something like: "Come on, everyone's like that." And you are fundamentally wrong. The fact is that you do not have no desire to go to work, but to go to an unloved job. So, in order to get rid of the depressed state associated with such thoughts, the work needs to be changed. Surely in your childhood you dreamed of becoming someone, right? It's never too late to dream. And let the salary be less: no amount is equal to the sense of satisfaction that a person receives by doing what he likes.

If a trash can or a mountain of utensils in the kitchen is waiting for its time for a long time, and you diligently walk around the room with a party, looking there only to get food out of the refrigerator, this is the most ordinary laziness, to mental disorders that has almost nothing to do. You can only fight against it: nobody's advice in this case, as a rule, has no effect.

Or maybe you do not want anything because you are overworked? Most likely, after a long hours of hard work, you want to "relax" in a TV or Internet company. In the fight against "nothingness" they will not help at all, and even on the contrary: the last forces and energy will be pulled out. Therefore, even if you do not want anything at the end of the day, try to walk alone. It's great to arrange a jog too. It is not necessary after long hours of monotonous work to listen to music from the player or read a book (although reading is certainly a useful and pleasant thing - only at another time).

And what lies behind the reluctance to communicate with friends? There may be several reasons. For example, each of us is peculiar for some time to become self-absorbed. And conversations with people at the same time become boring and boring. This is normal, even if you are an extrovert. And if you are an introvert, you should not worry. For people with such a psychological feature, communication is often a real job. Some accuse introverts that they absolutely do not want anything: neither to interact with the team, nor to participate in large-scale events, and, in general, to lead an active lifestyle. However, do not prove anything to anyone: you are what you are, and therefore lead the lifestyle that seems most comfortable to you.

Some experts say that if you do not want anything, you should listen to your body: just take it and do nothing. Let the room be quiet, and you sit on a chair and look at one point. The effect does not take long: in 10 minutes you will terribly want to do something.

In fact, even apathy lasting more than a week should cause fear. In the event that you do not want anything for at least a month, it's better to seek help from a psychologist, because such a state can develop into a deep depression, getting out of it is sometimes extremely difficult.

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