Vegetable seed drill: overview, specifications, types and reviews

Vegetable seeder is a multifunctional agricultural technique that serves for sowing seeds of vegetable, melon and fodder crops, as well as introducing mineral fertilizers into the soil, forming a watering zone. The machine is able to perform the processing by belt or wide-band method. In addition, it can aggregate with plow PLN on profiled soil. Consider the types, features of adaptations, as well as reviews about them.

general description

Structurally, the vegetable seeder is made in such a way as to take into account the characteristics of the material being processed. Trays for seeds are equipped with special trays and mixing elements, coulter discs have rolling rollers and protective flanges controlling the depth of sowing. The unit unit drive is equipped with an extended speed adjustment range.

A precision seeder is produced in a hinged version. It is used for processing beets, corn, cotton crops, requiring compliance with a given distance between plants. The device consists of a set of similar sections, pneumatic or mechanical sowing unit, coulter, sealing devices. The width of the grip is reached within 2-9 meters with inter-rows of 25 centimeters. Some modifications are equipped with a folding hydraulic frame.

Vegetable sowing machine "Maple"

The joint Russian-Ukrainian enterprise has existed for more than two decades. The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of agricultural machines, produces several models of seeders and spare parts for other equipment.

The machines considered have proven themselves in the work, they are used in the fields of the CIS countries, they are practical and reliable. The advantage of this technique is the simplicity of the design, as well as the advantageous price, in comparison with foreign analogues.

Technical parameters of the "Maple" seeder

Vegetable seeder of this brand is produced in several variations, which differ in the width of capture and the number of sections. Below are the main technical characteristics of the machine:

  • The sowing norm is 0.05-15 kg / ha.
  • The width between the rows is from 28 to 140 cm.
  • The depth of planting seeds is 0-5 cm.
  • The productivity index is 0.9-2.9 ha / h.
  • The grip width is 1.8 / 2.8 / 4.2 / 5.6 m.
  • Speed at work - 7 km / h.
  • Type of dispensers - electromechanical mechanisms.

The quality and reliability of this agricultural machinery are due to the relevant certificates, testing and practical activities for many years.

Olympia (Olympia)

This vegetable seeder is produced by Gaspardo (Gasparo), founded as far back as 1834. The Italian company specializes in the production of sowing machines of any type and agricultural machines intended for soil cultivation.

The construction of the device includes a pair of coulters with a function of two-line seeding (from 40 to 90 mm), rolling wheels with soft filling, devices for carrying out irrigation systems to the required depth. On the frame of the device there are fans that provide the creation of a vacuum, which makes it possible to guarantee the attraction of seeds to the sowing holes, and also to create an increased pressure for purging the system after the end of work. The drives of the air handling units function from the power take-off shaft (540 rpm).

Vegetable seeder "Maple", Olympia, as well as PTS and Orietta are most often used in domestic fields. Next, consider the parameters and features of the last two brands.


This precision seeder is a universal pneumatic technique with dotted seeding (beans, corn, peas, sunflowers, rape, onions, cabbage and other crops). The minimum seed size is 12.5 mm. In addition to the 12th modification models STV-6 and 8K are produced.

In such units, unlike mechanical analogs, there is no damage to the seeds. This contributes to an improved similarity of cultures. The comb-type double tweezers ensure a stable separation of the elements with the most productive casting of the prepared seeds into the opener. In addition, reliability is provided by the presence of a vacuum cut-off and a mechanical ejector. Improve the contact with the ground allows the intermediate wheel, and the sealing analog with the atmospheric tire will cover the seeds with earth, sealing the edges of the furrows.

Characteristics of CTB-12

Below are the technical plan parameters of the seed drill in question:

  • Performance at a speed of 5 km / h - 3.24 hectares / h.
  • The capture width is 5.4-6.0 m.
  • The width between the rows is 450-500 mm.
  • The seeding rate is 5.2-14.8 pcs / m.
  • Depth of treatment - 2-5.5 cm.
  • The capacity of the bunker is 28 liters.
  • The maximum speed is 8 km / h.

Orietta model

Vegetable seeders of precise seeding, the price of which varies from 60 to 600 thousand rubles, is worthy of another modification from the company Gasprado. Consider the technical parameters of the Orietta model with a folding frame:

  • The width of the chassis is 5200 mm.
  • Distance between rows is 130 mm.
  • The capacity of the bunker is 1.8 liters.
  • The power of the tractor is 90 horsepower.

The peculiarities of this unit include the vacuum sowing system , which ensures high accuracy of planting, convenient adjustment of equipment for a different range of cultivated crops. In addition, the machine has the ability to adjust the interval between seeds, atmospheric cleaning of the working trays, there is a modification with a frame of non-laying type.

Manual vegetable seeder of precision seeding

As an example, consider the SSR 2/1 option, the cost of which varies between 10 and 12 thousand rubles. The unit is equipped with a reliable drive of the sowing device with ejectors, which ensures high-quality and accurate processing. The design is unpretentious in maintenance and easy to operate. Working with the tool does not require special training, except for practical skills.

Among the parameters we can note the following aspects:

  • The sowing apparatus is of the bushing type.
  • The keel-shaped opener.
  • Plate scraping element.
  • The rows to be sowed are 2.
  • Depth of processing - 10-40 mm.
  • Adjustment of the distance between rows - from 14 to 50 cm.
  • The productivity is 0,15 ha / h.

The seeder includes a landing block attached to the beam, a support wheel, a sowing unit, a bunker, a vomer, handles. With the help of special devices, the device can be aggregated with a motor block.

Customer Reviews

As evidenced by the responses of buyers, farmers and private owners of agricultural land are very satisfied with the reliability, performance and productivity of the vegetable seeders examined. Consumers note the availability of spare parts and maintainability of machinery. Of course, the hand-held analog is not as productive as multifunctional devices with different types of drives. However, in a private farm, it can significantly facilitate work in the garden and increase yield, while having an order of magnitude lower than industrial counterparts.

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