Valeo clutch - description and description

For today in automobile shops the big assortment of disks and baskets of coupling is presented . Among them you can see products from world, as well as little-known manufacturers. Still there can be models, about which nothing is known at all. Today we will not analyze the option of buying cheap parts from little-known firms, but consider the most popular spare part in Europe - the Valeo clutch, which is installed almost on every third European-made car.

history of the company

First, let's see what the company itself is. And it was founded in the distant 1923 in France. Initially, this company was engaged in the development and production of clutch elements and braking systems. Thanks to the use of the most modern production technologies, this company has gained great popularity in the domestic market. Brake pads and clutch Valeo over the years, gaining increasing demand, and for today, this company is the main manufacturer of automotive parts in the European market. The company has established itself as a reliable and conscientious manufacturer, so it is well known not only to the Germans and the French, but also to Russian motorists.

Clutch Valeo - reviews and features

As the drivers themselves say, this spare part is very soft and comfortable. As for reliability, there were no special perturbations yet. And if you look at the statistics of reviews, you can see that the Valeo clutch is the best among all the others, and those who used it, always remain satisfied. Still - the average life of this part reaches 160 thousand kilometers (this is about 5-6 years of trouble-free operation).

Why is it necessary to install a Valeo clutch?

  • In the manufacture of these parts only the most modern production technologies are used.
  • The quality of all spare parts is paid great attention - the risk of buying a marriage is reduced to zero.
  • Thanks to a well-thought-out package with a film, you do not have to worry about the state of the spare parts - it will always be unharmed.
  • Each manufacturer is offered a CD with installation instructions. It describes in detail all the stages and nuances, as well as various schemes and photographs.


Perhaps the only drawback, which has a Valeo clutch, is its price. In order to buy this part for its foreign car, drivers pay about 6 thousand rubles. Coupling Valeo (VAZ 2110) is also not cheap - about 4.5-5 thousand rubles. But in any case, this spare part will provide you with a reliable and long operation for 150-160 thousand kilometers.

What if the same spare part is found, but its price is 2-3 times less?

Definitely it is a fake, and it is not recommended to acquire such a clutch. It is unlikely that for 2 thousand rubles you will be offered the original part from the world manufacturer. Judge for yourself - as long as this detail reaches Russia, its cost will increase by 20-30 percent (customs clearance and transport services) plus a further markup of the car store. Total it turns out that the price of the original clutch will be at least 4 thousand rubles.

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