"Ural-4320" with the engine YMZ: TTX. Ural-4320 military

The truck produced by the Ural automobile plant has a universal purpose. It is designed both for transportation of people, and for the transport of goods. ТТХ "Ural-4320" allow to overcome impassable places at full congestion. This factor contributed to the widespread use of machinery in the army and in regions with complex climatic conditions. The first model of the vehicle in question was released in 1977. In fact, the car is an upgraded copy of the Ural-375, which was produced for military needs.


According to the TTX "Ural-4320", it is equipped with a body from a metal platform and a rear tailgate. The car is equipped with benches, awning and arches of removable type. There are also additional grating beads. A standard three-seater cabin, assembled from a thick-walled sheet metal, manufactured by stamping. Well-thought-out glazing and rear-view mirrors give the opportunity to fully follow the situation on the road and increase visibility.

Structurally the body is made in the form of short overhangs, which allows to improve the passability index. The weight of the truck is 8.2 tons. The weight of the transported cargo is up to 67.8 tons with the possibility of towing 11 tons.

ТТХ "Ural-4320" military with engine YaMZ

One of the variations of power plants on the truck in question was the YaMZ engine in various modifications. It is a four-stroke engine, which has an electro-flare device for launching. The peculiarity of the power unit is the moment that before the final completion of the work, it should work for a couple of minutes at idle.

The motor completely meets the European standards (Euro-3). The capacity of the fuel tank is about three hundred liters (some models are equipped with additional tanks of 60 liters). The consumption of diesel fuel for a hundred kilometers is from 30 to 40 liters, depending on the speed of movement and the presence of a trailing device. The maximum speed of the car is 85 kilometers per hour.

Other variants of power plants

Developing TTX engine "Ural-4320", the manufacturers have provided the possibility of installing several types of motors. Among them the following variations:

  • The KamAZ-740.10 installation - with a capacity of 230 horsepower, with a capacity of 10.85 liters, has 8 cylinders, operates on diesel fuel;
  • YaMZ-226 - works on diesel fuel, capacity is 180 horses;
  • YaMZ-236 HE2 has a volume of 11.15 liters, force of 230 horses, turbo, four strokes;
  • In addition, modifications were mounted at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant with the indices 238-M2, 236-BE2, 7601. They differ in horsepower (240, 250 and 300, respectively).

In addition, TTX Ural-4320 with YaMZ engine provides for the installation of a hydraulic amplifier, pre-heating and motor compliance with the Euro 3 standard.

Technical indicators

The brake unit includes a basic two-circuit system and a spare unit with one circuit. The additional brake is activated by the pneumatic drive from the exhaust of exhaust gases. This unit of mechanical type with the placed drum on the dispensing box (RC) is very effective. Parking brake - drum, mounted on the output shaft of the RK.

ТТХ "Ural-4320" are calculated on the wheel formula 6 * 6. High passability is provided by single-track wheels equipped with auto-pods of air chambers. The front suspension is dependent, has shock absorbers and springs-semi-ellipses. Rear assembly is also dependent type with springs and reactive rods. The truck in question has three bridges, they are all leading, the front wheels are equipped with a CV joint. The clutch unit has a friction drive, a pneumatic amplifier, a disk with a diaphragm exhaust spring.

Cab and overall dimensions

The presented truck is equipped with a two-door cabin, it is made entirely of metal and is designed for three people. The driver's seat is adjustable, there is a ventilation system, modernized variations are equipped with a sleeping bag. After 2009, the driver's working conditions improved significantly. The new cabin has increased comfort, a hood of fiberglass and an original design style.

Below are the main overall dimensions, which provide for the technical characteristics of Ural-4320:

  • Length / width / height (m) - 7.36 / 2.5 / 2.71, according to the awning height is 2.87 meters.
  • The net weight (t) is 8.57.
  • The limiting weight of the trailing device (t) is 7.0.
  • Track of wheels (m) - 2.0.
  • Road clearance (cm) - 40.
  • The number of seats on the platform is 24.

It is worth noting that the truck has a solid range of travel, allowing you to overcome without refueling more than one hundred kilometers.

Tactical indicators

ТТХ "Ural-4320" military in the tactical plan have the following opportunities:

  • Overcoming the water ford (depth) - one and a half meters.
  • Crossing marshland - similar.
  • Ditches and trenches (depth) - up to 2 meters.
  • The maximum lifting height is 60 °.
  • The minimum turning radius is 11.4 meters.
  • The maximum altitude above sea level for normal operation is 4 thousand 650 meters.

Structurally powerful truck is designed in such a way as to protect the cabin and the driver from getting dirt while driving off-road (the power unit is located in front, the hood is raised, and on the sides there are wide flat wings).

ТТХ "Ural-4320" allows to operate it in severe climatic conditions at a maximum humidity of 98 °. The temperature range is from + to -50 degrees. It is allowed to keep the car free of charge. The sustained maximum wind force is 20 meters per second, and the dust content is 1.5 cubic meters.

Current Modifications

During the release of the truck from the Ural manufacturers, several modifications have been developed, the main difference between which is the power of the power plant. The most popular models are:

  1. "Ural-4320-01" - has an improved cabin, platform and gearbox. Year of manufacture - 1986.
  2. Similar modifications with engine YaMZ, capacity of 180 horses, and also the truck with the increased wheelbase and parameters of passableness.
  3. ТТХ "Ural-4320-31" differs from the predecessor in the presence of an eight-cylinder power unit (YAMZ) with a capacity of 240 horses and an improved indicator of specific power. The car was released in 1994.
  4. Model 4320-41 - engine YAMZ-236NE2 (230 hp), year of production - 2002, compliance with the norms of "Euro 2".
  5. Variant 4320-40 - the version of the previous car, equipped with an extended base.
  6. Modification 4320-44 - there was a cabin of improved comfort (in the century - 2009).
  7. Long-base "Ural-4320-45".
  8. Variations for the installation of special equipment (4320-48).


It is possible to note several points that were popularized by the truck in question, both in the army and for civilian purposes. Firstly, Ural-4320 is not afraid of absolutely no off-road, has high traffic and cargo capacity. Secondly, he is unpretentious in maintenance, operation and repair. In addition, this machine is universal, capable of transporting military, civilian cargo, heavy trailers and about 30-35 people.

It is worth noting that manufacturers are constantly working on improving the "Urals". The machine for the army is considered an efficient and productive vehicle. In addition to the fact that the truck has a large capacity, armored variations are designed to protect personnel from damage by charges from light and medium-sized firearms (the third category of protection). In civil use, the machine is indispensable for northern regions and areas with complex soils.

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