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Theater of Russian drama. Lesya Ukrainka: description, history, repertoire and reviews

The theater is a beautiful art that gives an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, there are fewer fans of theatrical performances, and the genre is gradually dying. But theater workers and actors are confident that unique art will not perish, as the theatrical spirit is present in every person, even in those who are far from art.

How to find the theater of Russian drama to them. Lesia Ukrainka?

The famous theater can be found in the heart of Kiev. Tourists and residents call it simply "Russian drama." The building is located in the historical part of the city, just in the vicinity of the Golden Gate, and at the intersection of two beautiful refined streets - Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Pushkinskaya.

History of the theater

The official date for the beginning of the existence of the Theater falls on 1926, when the city authorities decided that it was necessary to create a Russian state drama. The first season in the theater was opened on October 15. In 1941 the theater was given the name of Lesia Ukrainka.

The National Theater of Russian Drama of Lesia Ukrainka originates in the XIX century, when the Russian Empire was full of one-day theatrical entreprise, which appeared and disappeared in large numbers. In 1891, a Russian theater was established in Kiev. They became an entreprise of Nikolai Solovtsov - a talented actor and director. Participants in this troupe later became "old men" of the Kiev Drama Theater. It was here, in the modern building of the Lesya Ukrainka Theater, that Nikolai Solovtsov's troupe played its first productions. A refined building on the streets of Kiev went down in history as the "House of Bergogne". Those who still remember the old days, with trembling heart remember the first productions, which became legends (The Living Corpse, The Moral of Pani Dulskaya, The Trees Are Dying Standing, etc.).

But time goes on. In 1994, Mikhail Reznikovich became the head of the theater. He first visited this building in 1963, when he graduated from the direction of Georgy Tovstonogov. It was this visit that forever imprisoned Reznikovich to the walls of the theater, to the collective. He himself calls it his "first sense". He gave many performances in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Varna ... Each time the director returned to the walls of his native theater.

A bit about the director

Theater of Russian drama. Lesya Ukrainka is headed by the famous representative of the theatrical art of the Russian Federation, Academician Mikhail Reznikovich. He was born in Kharkov, the creative path was started in 1955 in the walls of the dramatic theater in Lviv. Then he enters the exact sciences at Lviv State University. I. Franco. There, Mikhail Yurievich studied for only 3 years. After that, he decided to go to the Leningrad State Institute of Music and Cinema to become a director. The amount of director's work Reznikovich just impressive - about 50 productions.

Famous people

Any theater is precious, first of all, by outstanding actors and directors. Theater of Russian drama. Lesya Ukrainka is very rich in talented artists. It should be recalled that the theater still remains the theater of the ensemble. The most talented actors who worked here include: Mikhail Romanov, Victor Dobrovolsky, Victor Khalatov, Adu Rogovtsev, Lyubov Dobrzhansky, Kirill Lavrov. Among the directors, you can not forget about Konstantin Khokhlov, Vladimir Nelli, Georgi Tovstonoge, Anatoly Petritsky. Also the theater is proud of its artists: Leon Alshits, Daniel the Leader, David Borovsky.


Kiev theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka is famous for its repertoire, which will not leave any spectator indifferent. Its pleasant feature is that in the repertoire there are always presentations for every taste, and everyone can see their favorite production.

Foreign and Ukrainian tourists greatly praise the repertoire of the theater, because whenever you come, you can always see something beautiful and impressive. To date, the repertoire consists of the following performances: "Edith Piaf: life in pink", "Alexander Vertinsky. The Ball of the Lord ... "," Indian Summer "," The Angelic or Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents "," Mad Blood "," Warsaw Melody "," Valentine's Day "," Marriage in Heaven "," Everywhere One "," Cherry Orchard " , "In captivity of passions", "We are all from childhood", "Two, not counting the dog", etc. The variety of theater productions is constantly updated, pleasing spectators with comical, serious and deep performances. At the same time, chic old performances can always be seen.

Theater of Russian drama. Lesya Ukrainka: the poster

The playbill of the theater is edited every day. On weekdays, actors show about 3 performances, on weekends - 4 productions. You can get a ticket for a performance at any time, the main thing is not to miss it. The poster of the theater signs for 10-11 days in advance, so you can choose in advance the convenient time and date of the session.

Theater Museum

The theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka has its own museum. This tradition was initiated by SI Filimonov in 1961. The current workers of the museum continue it with great ardor and zeal, establishing direct contacts with their audience.

The museum boasts many unique and valuable things, photos, documents. Amaze with their grandeur of modest pictures, captured theatrical performance or actor. Also here you can find notes, outdated posters, play texts, various outfits, autographs, lyrics of roles. In the museum you can learn about the pedigree of the theater, the first performances, outstanding figures, and also look at their photos.

Separately it is necessary to allocate all props of actors, wigs, clothes, pieces of furniture, musical instruments, ancient ornaments. All this amazes the imagination of the guest who enters the museum. Another isolated group of jewelry museum - this is the work of artists, sketches, mock-ups. Fine art returns directly to the origins of the theater.

Crossing the threshold

Inside the Academic Theater of Russian Drama Lesya Ukrainka resembles a real revived tale. It seems that the whole world is returning to another era, and as if reality does not exist. The main scene is impressive in its scope, brightness and saturation. In addition to it, there is also the space of David Borovsky, the foyer of the stalls, the mezzanine and 2 tiers. Great importance is given to lighting, which creates a solemn and spacious atmosphere, corresponding to the spirit of the play.

There are different opinions about the theater, but he often does not like those who do not like drama at all. A lot of people visit the theater daily, leaving words of gratitude and delight. Buy a ticket must be in advance, as they diverge quite quickly. Despite the fact that in the modern world the theater does not occupy the first place in the pyramid of human interests, it is still alive, and will live for many more centuries.

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