The man's beard. Fashionable male beards and their types

The stylish man's beard remains fashionable for a very long period. If you decide to experiment and grow a beard or change your own, now you will learn all about different species and who will go. In this article you will find the most fashionable options, find out which men's beards are stylish this season and will definitely pick up something that will suit you.

The main thing that you should pay attention to when choosing the ideal beard is the shape of the face. This is the key to the success of your experiment.

The shape of the face and beard: we combine correctly

Every day the male beard is increasingly popular. Her species are very diverse. There is plenty to choose from for the most capricious man. The main thing is to choose the right kind of beard to the shape of your face.

Holders of oblong oval or rectangular face shape should try to experiment with whiskers. Keep in mind that they should stay a bit lush, so do not cut them too short. It is with such a detail that your face will look as harmonious as possible.

Chubby men are most likely short beards. It is important that it is neatly trimmed. And if you add a mustache to it, you can achieve a stunning effect and conquer all the representatives of the opposite sex. The most correct option for people with this form of face is a "goatee beard". With it you have the right to boldly accept the experiments.

Those rare lucky people who are lucky to have a triangular shape of the face, it is worth considering the weighting of the bottom. Most likely, you will be most attractive with this kind of beard, like "horseshoe", it visually equips your facial features. And if it is a black beard - a man's success is guaranteed!

As for men with a narrow face or pronounced cheekbones, you should make your image more courageous and solid at the expense of a full beard. This option will give a drop of brutal notes to your face. Black beard will look generally amazing!

What kinds are popular today and that never goes out of fashion

Now that we have figured out the forms, we need to start studying the types of the most popular beard variants.

Full, or the so-called Russian beard

This option is suitable for those men who value masculinity. It is this form that attracts women who are looking for that brutality and perseverance. These qualities in the world today are sometimes not enough. Yes, some young ladies love very smoothly shaved satellites, but such a full form will attract the looks of even the most ardent opponents. The owner of such a beard, in principle, nothing to do yourself, all the beauties themselves will come to get acquainted. And most importantly, that care this form does not particularly require, here the main thing is naturalness.

Mother nature has taken care of our beauty, so the line on which the beard grows is unique for each of us and suits everyone in its own way. The fringing can easily be done in the salon using a special beard machine, but if you want to achieve the most natural effect, then leave your circuit. Believe me, nature has given us something that only decorates us. As for the length, it all depends on your tastes and preferences. You can make it shorter, or you can let go of a long head of hair.

If you decide to add a mustache to your beard, then follow the same rule - naturalness.


Last years the mustache was not at the peak of popularity. In our minds there is still a strange stereotype that has not been relevant for a long time. It so happened historically that since the beginning of the last century everyone in the army was obliged to grow a mustache, so now, seeing a man with a mustache, we involuntarily present him in military uniform.

But all these stereotypical points of view are absolutely not justified! Yes, maybe there are still people of old hardening who, serving in military structures, consider it their duty to have a mustache, but there are only one such men. A modern man who decided to let go of his mustache, lets know that he is completely independent. This is a sign that the person is completely self-sufficient and is able to make decisions himself. In addition, neat antennae look quite exotic and attract the eye. You can safely say that the mustache is again in the trend!

Hollywood style

The male beard in the Hollywood style today is at the peak of popularity. This long-forgotten trend again returns to the covers of famous glossies. Once, in the distant thirties, men with this kind of beard were considered really steep. Another name for this form is the "Brett", it was clinging to the heroes of the then popular movie. In that distant past, if a man needed to show off and show that he was a real macho, he grew a beard of exactly this form.


Balbo's male beard is very popular this season. This view is very similar to the usual full. The only difference is the lack of whiskers at all. The beard looks very neat, but it does not lose its massiveness and width. To this form are very suitable mustache and a small base under the lips. But it is worth saying that such a beard will require the owner of a very high quality and constant care.

Create an image in the style of Balbo simple amateur just can not, you should trust an experienced person who knows his business. If you decide to try this style, then be sure to contact a good salon where you will be served by a knowledgeable master. It is unlikely that once a month you change the shape of your beard, so do not be stingy and watch carefully the actions of the master, perhaps soon you will learn how to take care of your beard.


The name of this species does not sound very nice, but it should be noted that almost all men are coming to this style. Most often this form is of sublime and dreamy personality: poets, musicians, showmen.

Do not think that there is only one such beard, there are a lot of them and everything depends first of all on yourself. In your power to add any elements and highlight certain facial features.

A curtain

This form of beards can often be found in films. The image is created with the help of long whiskers to the bottom of the face and along the edge of the oval. At the same time, the neck and chin should necessarily be shaved cleanly. To this form is very suitable mustache.


The male beard of Hispaniola returned! This species was popular in the seemingly distant nineties. If everything is done correctly, then the beard slightly closes the chin and looks very neat and short-cropped. People with this form of beard look more intelligent, and they are always mistaken for intellectuals.

To make everything look as stylish as possible, the contour should be rounded evenly along the entire length. Let's just say, the mustache must go smoothly into the beard.


Long beard or bristles? It seems that the answer is unequivocal - bristles! In fact, it's just a cry of fashion. Men increasingly prefer practicality, and so mild abandonment has become fashionable. Guys with such a beard are very charismatic and attract attention. This option is very stylish and does not require any inhuman efforts. The most important thing is to evenly cut all the hairs, and your light unshaven will bring you success.

As you can see, today a man's beard, the kinds of which are very diverse, are again in vogue. With her or without her - the choice is yours!

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