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The leader of the "Krematori" group Grigoryan Armen: facts from the biography

Armen Grigoryan is one of the founders of Russian rock. His group "Crematorium" more than 30 years, and she still releases albums and tours around Russia. Armen modestly calls himself not a soloist of the group, but simply a musician.

"Which of me is a soloist?" I admit, I do not really know how to sing, "he confesses in an interview. And the poet Grigorian Armen does not consider himself. It simply translates real stories into verses. And the heroes of his songs are mostly real. Those with whom he was personally acquainted, and whose stories, one way or another, struck him. Whose stories you want to retell. Perhaps his songs are incredibly truthful and deserve the love of many people. Even more than thirty years after its foundation, the crematorium still collects large halls, their music is really impressive, and most of the compositions involve viola and violin.

And, of course, the author and composer of the majority of songs played by the collective is Grigoryan Armen.


The author and composer was born in Moscow, in a family of scientists. Armen from childhood was fond of music, and he collected his first musical group at school, at the age of 14. In the list of his childhood hobbies was also football. Armen won three times the championship of the Leningrad region in the tournament "Leather Ball".

Grigoryan Armen remembers that he learned to play football with the famous Soviet football players - Nikita Simonyan, Gabriel Kachalin, Konstantin Beskov. Football was then "noble sport", and the coaches not only taught young football players to play football, but also attached to music. For example, Nikita Simonyan had a huge collection of very different music.

In 1977, he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute at the Department of Radio Electronics and continued to study music there. He created a hard rock band "Atmospheric Pressure".

In 1983, as a result of a creative union with musician Viktor Tregubov, a group of "Crematorium" appeared. The popularity of the young team was due to the apartments.

By 1990, the band had already recorded 3 albums, shot a clip for their hit "Garbage Wind" and started their tour activities. With concerts the group traveled not only through the cities of the USSR, but also abroad - to the USA, Germany, Israel.

Now on the account of the band there are already 16 recorded albums.

In 2006, continuing work in the group "Crematorium", Grigoryan Armen creates another musical group - "The Third Angel". The collective, as Armen admits, plays more modern music than Crematorium.

Also Armen Grigoryan is fond of painting. And in the early 2000s, the Central House of Artists, in Moscow, even hosted an exhibition of his works, which was a complete surprise for the musician's friends.

Real stories

Many of the heroes of the Crematorium songs have real prototypes. With some, the songwriter continues to intersect in real life from time to time. According to Armen, for example, Khabibullin is his former classmate. Now he is alive, healthy and happy. With "Ugly Uglies" he also crossed fifteen years ago for the last time, in one of the Moscow restaurants. And the heroine of the song "Little Girl", which her parents left to the mercy of fate, unfortunately, still lives in heavy, inhuman conditions.

About russian rock

Now the line between rock music and "pop music" is gradually eroding. There is a kind of "deck of cards" - musical groups that have existed for many years and constitute the backbone of Russian rock. Unfortunately, Armen Grigoryan believes, Russian rock is no longer so radical and increasingly subject to the laws of show business. He makes a bet on musicians who start their way through the Internet - Peter Nalich, Igor Rasteriaev ... On the Internet everything is much more honest. And if those people who achieve popularity, thanks to money and "useful acquaintances" on TV, now on the Internet, there is plenty of place for talented artists who can support modern rock culture and even bring it to a new level, says Armen Grigoryan. The photo below is a valuable shot. It depicts one of the founders of Russian rock. Armen Grigoryan and Boris Grebenshchikov.

Respect for the profession

According to Armen Grigoryan, for a rocker, respect for the profession is to sing and play live. Even if the musician is not very good at singing and playing live, performing a phonogram for him is humiliation. True, there was a case in the 80s when the musicians of the Crematorium group performed in Moscow under a phonogram. Then they invited to speak Alexei Glyzin. He really liked the musicians, and after thinking, they still sang "Khabibullin" for a tape recorder and two speakers.

Personal life

The musician was married three times. He has four children. Daughter Xenia followed in the footsteps of her father - she sings well, is interested in music. Now Armen Grigoryan lives in a civil marriage with Natalia Sera.

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