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The leader is who? Psychology of leadership. Team leader

It's amazing how and under what circumstances leadership qualities are formed in a person. In what proportions should they be put together to make a personality without doubts about itself and its own abilities, active in any manifestation, thinking non-standardly, acting resolutely and capable of rallying any disparate group for the sake of a common goal?

Any leader can become a leader, since the qualities discussed below are more or less present in every person. But, as it turned out, not all are suitable and not all are satisfied with this role.


Leader (from the English leader - "leading, first, going ahead") - a person in any group, enjoying great authority and possessing influence that manifests itself as controlling actions.

The role of the leader, the ideological mastermind and mentor is terribly tiring for the majority of the townsfolk. For the majority, but not for the leader - a man whose mighty energy hits the edge and seeks application.

So, who is he?

Key qualities of the leader

Psychologists have studied this topic in great detail and have come to the unanimous opinion that all the ideological inspirers have basic character traits.

A leader is a person who unites in himself:

  1. Self-confidence. Reasonable or not, but the leader has absolutely no reason not to believe in oneself. His confidence is contagious - being self-confident, he inspires this feeling and those around him.
  2. Energy and perseverance. Not such a rare quality, but coupled with self-confidence this gives tremendous results. A man who lowers his hands at the first obstacle is a whiner. A man who blames others for his failures is a psychopath. A person who knows how to analyze his failures and who is going further is the market leader. He is such only because of his persistence and perseverance.
  3. Charm, charisma. Very important human qualities, you will agree. Before you start to lead, the leader must first hook on others, like them. Unfortunately, a person who does not have attractive emotional features is unlikely to become a real leader.
  4. Ability to persuade. To be able to correctly and intelligibly expound your thoughts is already a science, but the ability to put your thoughts into other people's heads so that people take them for their own - this is a whole art. Undoubtedly, a person who possesses such a gift can be called a manipulator, but the leader is essentially a puppeteer, leading the masses in the right direction.
  5. Initiative. The leader is an active, energetic person, who has a lot of ideas and wants to realize all of them in life. A real find for any team!
  6. A responsibility. This is the fundamental quality of man, which is the basis of the whole pyramid of the leader's figure. After all, if, with all the above qualities, there will be no responsibility for the deeds done, it will be a portrait of not a leader, but a pose, a windbag and a fanfaron. The real leader of the team will readily respond for the consequences of any of his undertakings.

Where is the intellect?

Have you noticed that among the qualities listed above, there is absolutely no such thing as intelligence or intelligence ? As many scientists believe, this is absolutely not mandatory quality in the portrait of the leader. The most important condition for successful leadership is to be a little smarter than others. With a fairly large break in the intellectual plan of the leader and his surroundings, the opposite reaction occurs - the crowd rejects the zaznayku, and the leader himself becomes bored with working with such "raw material".

Is the leader and leader the same?

Reading the article, many of you have certainly tried on a portrait of the leader to his supervisor. There are coincidences, but very rarely. Does this mean that we are led by people who are not capable of leading themselves, random? Causal link: if random people lead, then the leadership turns out to be ineffective.

Let's figure it out. Leader-leader in nature, of course, is. "Beast" is rare, it occurs more in the central part of Russia (ambitions do not give rest, and leadership qualities are called to conquer the capital). The farther away from the White-stone, the more calm and measured our leaders become. Leadership qualities in their characters are present, but not in the maximum value. How can they manage?

The problem is solved in one action, and the answer is simple: such managers are helped out by competent personnel decisions. Indeed, what could be easier - if I lack some quality, I need to find a person who has it, and take it to work. That's exactly what the thinking leader, the leader of the team, does. At the same time, the idea of organization does not suffer, all components are mutually balanced, and the goals are achieved.

The leader in the organization, not thinking about the future of his offspring, takes to his work a brother, a matchmaker, mistress, than discredits not only himself, but the company.

Leader-woman: the gift of heaven or punishment?

As experts admonish, a woman in order to succeed should not just be smart and cunning, she must be above any man by two heads. And this statement is not meaningless, because the gender approach also rules here.

An independent group of scientists has experimentally proved that representatives of the weaker sex are very difficult to lead. To the group of subjects, the "leader" was first placed female, then male. In both cases, the podsadnoy leader had to take the reins of government in his hands and, convincing the subjects, lead them to solve the problem. In the course of the test, it was found out that others agree quite favorably to perceive the desire to lead, emanating from a man. They allow you to take over them and agree more readily with his point of view. While the activity of a woman, eager for leadership, causes the majority of others to reject and irritate.

It is not surprising that women leaders in the competitive struggle with a strong gender are forced to mask their weaknesses. They acquire male character traits, male management style, male habits. A kind of defensive reaction.

Can a leader be subordinate?

Very interesting question, you will agree. After all, if in a person there is more ambition and self-confidence than hair on his head, how can he obey the demands of another person, his boss?

Indeed, an informal leader is a big problem for the current leader. He, by his nature, simply can not stay away and will undermine the authority of the incumbent daily and every minute. An informal leader is a person who is himself a hostage of his charisma.

Of course, you can get rid of such interference by dismissal, but if the rebel is also a good specialist, it is more reasonable to find another application for his energy. Offer him to take the place of the head of the trade union organization, appoint him responsible for fire safety and labor protection. Believe me, you will not regret it. Empowerment and certain authority will ensure satisfaction of the ambitions of the informal leader. Of course, he will not stop criticizing you, but only on business. And besides, you should not dismiss all that was said by the informal leader in his address - his brain is arranged so that he clearly sees the minuses in the management. Therefore, it is better to "whip" and take into account.

Is it possible to cultivate a leader?

Of course, you can, but first you need to decide whether you really need it.

The existing numerous courses and trainings on the development of personal qualities of a person offer everyone to educate a leader within a week or two. This, as psychologists say, promises social significance, fame and attention. Many of these trainings are really needed and help. But there is a possibility that a person, having passed such courses, will experience a real shock and stress, if in the course of it turns out that he is not born to be in charge.


Summarizing the above, we can say with confidence that the problem of leadership is very multifaceted. From the psychological point of view, the leader is a hostage to his irrepressible energy. They are often insecure, his life is full of unforeseen situations, he is always at the epicenter of events, but from this the real leader receives only satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Praise be fearless, the world is spinning!

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