The Eye Twitches What to Do? Calm, Only Calm!

Often we wonder what the eye twitches what to do? Such a syndrome is called hyperkinesis, or in another way, a nervous tic. Usually it occurs suddenly, while it can pass quickly, and can last several days. In severe cases, a person can not even feel it.

Teak occurs due to errors in the operation of the centers of the brain, which are responsible for the organization of movement and for the regulation of muscle tone. Teak occurs due to involuntary contraction of the muscle located near the eye and is the result of nervous stress. Teak may be a symptom of CNS disease, atherosclerosis, complications of craniocerebral trauma.

The nervous tic is located not only in the eyelids, but in the muscles of the entire face. During sleep, it disappears, and with excitement can increase. There are a lot of ticks, but the physiological mechanism underlying them is the same: a short-term involuntary contraction of the muscle or muscle group, as a result of one-step activation.

Constantly jerking eye what to do? In the event that your eyes are twitching constantly, it will be better to contact a neurologist. The drugs used in this syndrome are aimed at restoring the normal functioning of the entire nervous system. In addition to medicines, a doctor can prescribe to you any physiotherapy procedures, massage. If the tick occurs not often and not for a long time, then it is possible to overcome the problem with preventive means.

Why does the eye twitch? The causes of a nervous tic can be very diverse. It can be stresses, depression, intense rhythm of work, fatigue, lack of sleep, weakness of the organism after the transferred diseases (including those transferred as a child) and performed operations. In addition, the cause may be a genetic predisposition of the body.

Also, the body may lack magnesium, since it reduces the excitability of neurons. To supplement it, you can diversify your table with foods rich in magnesium, including fish, rye bread, black currants, blueberries, cherries, peas, beans, nuts, bananas, watermelons, and chocolate.

The cause may be avitaminosis, which occurs in connection with the onset of spring.

The eye twitches what to do:

1) first of all, you need to try to eliminate the root cause of this syndrome and get rid of the stressful situation that led to its occurrence.

2) have more rest, including among the working day. If you can not sleep, you should close your eyes whenever possible, sit back in a chair or chair and sit for about 15 minutes.

3) you need to calm down, if you can not, then you can drink a drop of tincture valerian, motherwort or hawthorn, as well as a decoction of chamomile. If these soothing drugs do not help, then it's best to see a doctor.

4) use less drinks containing caffeine: tea, coffee.

5) apply a compress using the crushed leaves of geranium.

6) try to reduce negative emotions to a minimum.

7) to bring in your life as much as possible positive emotions: go to theaters, clubs, communicate more with interesting people, do your favorite thing.

8) Avoid any exposure to the eye, for example: wind, cold water, etc.

9) change the mode of your working day.

10) spend less time at the computer, as well as a TV.

11) try to blink often for a minute, this can help.

12) close your eyes with effort, inhale, then exhale, and then open your eyes. And so 5 times. And after some time, you should repeat this exercise.

So, in order for the question: "what's your eye twitching?", You did not stand in front of you, you need to minimize the stressful situations in your life, make your life more diverse and better, monitor your health.

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