The benefits of kissing for men and women

A kiss is a good way to say to a person "I love you". And for 90% of the world's population it is he who is the main means for expressing feelings.

Scientists were studying the effect of such a contact with others on the human body. They have established the harm and benefit of kisses, as well as the factors that provoke them. Let's figure it out together!


Philology is a separate scientific process that studies kisses. During the research, scientists have established a large number of curious facts. They also discovered the benefits of kissing. It turns out that they affect not only the emotional background, but also human health. And both sides will benefit.

By the way, it is believed that to show affection in this way rather like the fair sex, because they are inherent in great tenderness and sensuality. And they do so, of course, not in vain, because the benefits of kissing for women are great.

Benefits for the female body

What girl does not want to throw a couple of extra pounds? If you kiss often and passionately (at least 20 seconds at a time), you can accelerate the metabolic processes in the body. Calories burned faster. Passionate women, touching the lips with a partner for 1 minute, are able to spend the same energy as a 500-meter run. An ordinary short kiss takes 5 calories. This explains a large number of stories about lovers, who quickly lost weight after the start of a tumultuous relationship.

Also noted is the benefit of a kiss for the health of a pregnant woman. The development of the fetus largely depends on the emotional state of the mother, whose mood due to hormonal changes often changes. And this can provoke the onset of depression. However, if the husband is nearby and regularly kisses the future mother of her child, it will be easier for her to survive this period. Moreover, such contact helps to cope with cytomegalovirus, especially undesirable for the child (it provokes the development of pathologies and their spread to the child).

Emotional effect

Everyday life is full of routine, complex tasks and everyday stresses. The benefits of kissing are their relaxing effects on the psyche. The level of the stress hormone (cortisol) falls, while oxytocin is actively produced, responsible for the feeling of love and happiness. Stress-resistance increases, and the nervous system is less stressed.

A passionate kiss makes a person cheerful. He is not burdened by gloomy thoughts, he can freely move up the career ladder and achieve success in society. Oxytocin is produced by organisms of both sexes, but for women it is much more important than for men.

Increased sensuality

The use of kisses is also in their universality as a prelude. They wake the dozing before that, help the partners tune in to the general wave. This is explained by the fact that 1 cm² of the lip surface contains at least 200 nerve endings, so that the sensitivity of the skin is great, and the person receives tangible pleasure.

Sexual contact, accompanied by kisses, turns the bed scene into a real act of love, not only full of bodily sensations, but also emotionally colored. Saliva contains androsterone, a substance that enhances attraction.

Prolong youth

Answering the question about what is the benefit of a kiss, it is worth noting that with its help people retain youth, improve their appearance. In order to carry out such a contact, connect 39 facial muscles, which equates to a good gymnastics against wrinkles. This wonderful exercise improves blood flow in the skin cells, and the woman who is often kissed, remains young and beautiful longer.

Diseases of the teeth are quite unpleasant, and lucky people who encounter them rarely. The benefit of kissing is that through them you can become one of such lucky people. Saliva contains a large amount of phosphorus and calcium, which have a strengthening effect on enamel. Neutralizuetsya increased acidity, disappears plaque. Isolated antibiotics of natural origin, slowing down inflammatory processes and carrying out wound healing in the oral cavity.

Health promotion

The use of kisses on the lips, in addition, is to increase the overall level of immunity. Alien bacteria that enter the body, provoke the start of the synthesis of antibodies. This process scientists call cross-immunization. After all, it is known that from the mixing of blood of people of different races the most healthy children are born. And here the principle is about the same, only on a smaller scale. Lovers passionately kiss for a long time forget about the common cold and other diseases.

This method of spending leisure time for the lungs is also useful. A person has to breathe more often and deeper, and breathing exercises are known to be very useful. Oxygen actively enters the cells. Sometimes you have to hold your breath. All this tones up and strengthens the lungs.

When a person strikes something, they offer to kiss a sore spot. However, in order to develop endorphins and dull the pain, it is worth contacting the lips. And in general, this painkiller justifies itself.

When kissing, the heart works more actively, the lungs train, so that because of the improvement in blood flow, a heart attack or stroke becomes less likely. Blood enters all organs and systems, passes through blood vessels and arteries. The normal pressure level is set.

How useful is the kiss for the male body

The advantage of kissing for men is indisputable. Upon contact, the body feels and mobilizes, there is a certainty that it helps to achieve the desired. Scientists have determined that the effect is equal to practicing extreme sports. The level of adrenaline rises, mental and physiological activity.

A man who regularly kisses his lover is likely to live 5 years longer than the one who neglects this pleasant ritual. This curious fact is easily explained from a scientific point of view.

As a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex grow old because of the stresses experienced. If a woman can sit down and cry, show some weakness, a man can not afford that. Because of this, nervous tension accumulates. There is oxygen starvation and accumulations of destructive free radicals. The healing effect of a kiss in the struggle for stress resistance for a man is more important than for his wife.

Kissing, the partners irritate the mucous tongue and lips, which contain a large number of nerves, translating the brain impulses, stimulating the production of endorphins and adrenaline. Because of this, spasm appears in the peripheral vessels, pressure rises, blood flows from the heart, from which oxygen enters the tissues and cells. In the brain neurons, sensitivity decreases. The person relaxes and feels comfortable. The onset of stress in this state is much less likely. Aging slows down, and youth can be enjoyed for a longer time.

So, kissing your loved ones, we bring ourselves and their benefit, which is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to this amazing ritual, a long and pleasant life together is possible. In total, both sexes only benefit. The level of their immunity increases, the heart, vessels, lungs work better, the pain becomes less, and the immunity grows stronger.

The Harm of a Kiss

It becomes clear what a good kiss is. Benefit and harm are two sides of the same coin, and it's time to look at the second one.

A woman evaluates a partner with the help of a contact with her lips. If it fails, the relationship can be over. It often happened that, feeling feelings for a guy even for a month, the girl, kissing him, immediately lost any desire and passion. Influencing factors on this turn of events were the taste and smell in the oral cavity, skill in kissing, the quality of teeth.

Usually the loss of interest is explained by the fact that there is no chemistry. Only 10 seconds are necessary for partners to exchange 80 million bacteria as harmless and strengthening immunity, and harmful, leading to the occurrence of diseases. Kissing an infected person, you can easily catch a sore throat, ARD or flu, stomatitis and other inflammations, tuberculosis, hepatitis and herpes (if you have wounds in your mouth).

Risk factors

The kiss immediately ceases to seem such a romantic activity, especially when it comes to chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. So kissing with anyone horribly is not desirable, especially if he has a wound or an ulcer in his mouth. The researchers argue that it is possible to pick up AIDS and a gastric ulcer falling into the body with the Helicobacter bacterium.

It is also possible to transfer mononucleosis, which is the second name "disease of kisses." And not for nothing, because the virus is transmitted with saliva. From all these "pleasant" factors, both sexes suffer. Men additionally suffer from lipstick, which women use abundantly to attract their attention. Many popular brands include lead in their products that are unsafe for health. Also, low skill in kisses destroys 60% of couples, so in this sense it's better not to hit the dirt in the face.

In general, such contact is quite useful, but, as mentioned earlier, each medal has two sides, so there are some risks associated with it. The most important thing is to touch lips with those in whom we are 100% sure. Then the kiss will only improve your mood and health.

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