Tablet Acer A1-810: description, technical characteristics, reviews

Acer Iconia Tab A1-810 became, in fact, the first 8-inch tablet on the platform "Android". In general, in the market of mobile gadgets frankly low-quality devices are not delayed, especially it concerns some constructive or assembly mistakes. All prices of a given segment are kept approximately at the same level. That is, the average user in order to determine the choice, it is enough to correlate the basic characteristics of the gadget.

Varieties of "stuffing" from each manufacturer is enough, as well as choosing a diagonal of devices. Here, it would seem, there should be a clear differentiation, because this is still a rather original production and is constantly developing. But when carrying out a more thorough analysis of the modern mobile market, it seems that the manufacturer cuts out the displays as if it were a banal window glass. In this regard, despite the apparent diversity, you can distinguish only two main segments, what is called, the dimensions are small 7-dum devices and large ones with a diagonal of 9 or 10 inches.

After the tablet Acer A1-810 appeared on the market of mobile gadgets, many owners suddenly realized that, it turns out, 8 inches is just what you need. It is convenient to hold it with one hand, because it is neither big nor small, and the picture on the screen seems quite decent, both for horizontal and vertical orientation. And this means that the user is fully web surfing, any toys, books and work with documents.

So, the hero of our review is the tablet Acer A1-810. Features, features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as expert opinions along with feedback from ordinary users of the gadget will be discussed in detail in the article.

Contents of delivery

Despite its relatively average size, the gadget is in a rather bulky box. The packaging is additionally reinforced with a double lid, and inside you can see something like a cassette tray made of quality and dense cardboard.

Inside the box you will see:

  • Itself Acer Iconia A1-810;
  • A micro-USB cable for network charging and PC synchronization;
  • Charging unit for 2 amps (5.35 V);
  • Plug for storage;
  • Manual in Russian.

The equipment can be called modest. There is nothing superfluous, only all the most necessary, but because if you are missing something, you will have to buy a separate item. If you look at user reviews on specialized forums about the Acer A1-810 (4PDA and its like), then many people obviously do not have a Mac-USB-micro-USB adapter type. The tablet quite comfortably supports synchronization with peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.), so it's better to immediately worry about buying such an adapter. As for covers, films and other things, it is better to buy such things at your own discretion, and not shift to the shoulders of the manufacturer, because of the taste and color ...


Its appearance Acer Iconia Tab A1-810 is not particularly impressive. Yes, it is neat, well built, without any extra design chips and maybe a bit thick. If you put similar gadgets in the same row, like the same "Nexus" of the seventh series or "iypad mini", then visually they are not much different, even though the latter have a diagonal of seven inches, while our respondent - an eight-inch tablet .

Sensible ergonomic advantages are felt while working with the device. Many owners in their reviews note that the tablet seems to have been made just for their dimensions (it's comfortable to read data, it's convenient to control the screen and it's nice to hold).


Dimensions of the Acer A1-810, in principle, correspond to the diagonal of the screen - 209x146x11 mm with a weight of 410 grams. Visually, of course, it still looks a little thick, and weighs a little more than usual, so for some users this point will be critical at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, it's very convenient to keep the device in your hand.

It is clear that in most cases, the dimensions of the gadget are set by the screen diagonal, but if the body of our tablet exactly matches the display aspect ratio, then it would be much more square. Therefore, the manufacturer slightly stretched the device, leaving the frame around the screen with different thickness: horizontally - 2 cm, vertically - 1 cm. Plus, the gadget is additionally equipped with a small perimeter frame.

Generally speaking, the manufacturer made a pretty clever move with these frames. While working with the Acer A1-810, the touchscreen is in the middle, and on the sides there are 2 cm of non-touch surface, so the user does not need to be afraid that his thumb accidentally presses the sensor.

Perimeter of the device resembles a pretty metal frame, and if you look inside, we see that almost all the main elements of the tablet, including the motherboard, are fixed on a solid mounting surface made of plastic that merges with the metal edging. The design was relatively light, and most importantly reliable.


The eye of the front camera is located exactly in the middle of the display frame, and in its short part, which means that the Acer Iconia A1-810 design is designed for vertical position of the device during conversations on the same Skype. In general, with the proportions of the sides 4 to 3, it is very convenient to control the apparatus in a vertical orientation, there is no feeling of discomfort.

The matrix of the main camera has a development of five megapixels and is capable of recording video in Full HD-format. The eye is located in the corner of the back cover, so you can take pictures and video clips in both a horizontal orientation and a vertical one. Judging by the reviews on the Acer A1-810, there are no problems with the users during the shooting, the manufacturer has thought through a lot, so there are no critical remarks here.


Near the main camera lens, on the side face, there are mechanical buttons: in the horizontal part - the volume rocker, on the vertical - the power off button. Any other mechanical controls do not have a device.

In the mirror position to the eye of the main camera is the only speaker Acer A1-810, covered with decorative grating. Naturally, there is no need to talk about any audio system, but for built-in sound card capacity is quite enough for domestic needs. In any case, if you lack the capabilities of the speaker, you can always connect a third-party audio periphery to the 3.5-millimeter "minijack". Near the audio connector you can see a mini USB 2.0 interface.

The other part of the exits is located in the horizontal part of the end. Next to the volume rocker there is a slot for an external SD card, a microphone hole, a hot reset button and - a little further - a micro HDMI interface. The connectors are not as many as many would like, but it is possible to work fully. Some owners in their reviews complain about the lack of a separate DC-in interface for the network adapter, in this connection, it takes a very necessary USB port. In addition, if the gadget needs to "reset" or change the basic settings, when the Acer A1-810 does not turn on, the hot reset button is so inconspicuous and difficult to access that you have to resort to the help of a special tool.


At the time of the first launch, the owner will be unobtrusively invited to go through a number of official procedures. Here you can include the input of your identifier, and if not, then go through a simple registration on the company's website, after which the "Acer" tablet will give you access to the desktop.

The base platform that comes from the manufacturer's pipeline is the "Android" version of Jelly Bean 4.2.2. The desktop wallpaper is clearly an amateur, but that's of little interest to us. In addition to mandatory widgets from the "Google" mail and "market", you can find very useful and interesting utilities from the "Acer" and its friendly companies. Be sure to pay attention to the convenient online catalog for multimedia 7Digital, worthy of attention and cloud service firm "AserCloud" (by analogy with the "apple"), as well as the online radio TuneIn and a pretty store of digital publications Zinio. In any case, if this is not enough for you, the same "Google Play" always works for you.

Some users in their reviews complain that the individual gadget series are equipped with a different version of "Android", which is distinguished by an overabundance of all kinds of advertising widgets and other uninstallable applications that will surely annoy the owners of the Acer A1-810. Firmware, or rather, its replacement - this is the only optimal option. The benefits of tools and opportunities for this procedure are now abound.


We can say that the gadget is well balanced in terms of "filling". The Acer Iconia A1-810 has an 8-inch (20 cm) display with a 4: 3 aspect ratio and a corresponding resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. IPS-matrix has good viewing angles and gives a juicy picture on the output.

The hardware is built on the single-chip MT8125 chipset from the company from Taiwan "Mediatech". For the performance is responsible processor "Cortex" from the series A7, running on four cores with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The graphical component lay not on the shoulders of a rather smart PowerVR card of the SGX544 series.

In addition, the device fully supports the wireless protocols "Wi-Fi" and "bluetooth", as well as the ability to work with 3G-networks (variably).


In the popular "Antutu" benchmark Acer Iconia A1-810 device scored 12 881 points, leaving behind the "Nexus" of the seventh series and "Transformer Prime" from "Asus". Prior to the venerable "Galaxy S4" and "Ixperia Z" indicators, the gadget is, of course, far away, but nevertheless the result is very encouraging.

In a separate test for 3d visualization from the same "Antutu" Acer A1-810 with a good margin ahead of its competitors. If you look at the bare bench statistics, it is obvious that the manufacturer did not save on the "stuffing" and equipped its offspring with a worthy set of chipsets.

Autonomous work

When passing the test for the efficiency of the battery, the device showed shocking results. Note that this test for "Antutu" takes place in several stages with the maximum load of the gadget, and until the battery does not take up to 20% of its capacity.

So, the bench test lasted six hours! That is, the device was loaded with what was possible and worked on the wear and tear of its forces for six hours. The test scores exceeded the mark of 1000 points, and this is a kind of record among devices of this class. Usually under similar conditions, even from venerable manufacturers, the batteries could not stand more than 4 hours, and here a certain tablet "Acer" lasted six.

Naked figures of the authoritative "Antutu" benchmark, maybe someone did not impress, but field tests confirmed the unique capabilities of the battery model. To test in real conditions, audio and video samples were compiled in high resolution (1080p, 360 Kbps), that is, a set of tools was provided that tested things more seriously than tablets (TVs, media players). The result fully met expectations: with all this entourage, the device lasted a little more than 9 hours, which is quite impressive.

But there is in this moment one fly in the ointment. The thing is that the official Internet resource of the company indicates the capacity of the battery in 4960 mAh, about the same we see on most other trading platforms of the World Wide Web (Yandex.Market, Svyaznoy, Citylink and t .). Some stores and at all indicate a capacity of 3250 mAh. As for the price of the Acer A1-810, its price is mostly unchanged.

Judging by the feedback of the owners of the gadget, it can be seen that someone got a device with a less capacious battery, for example, at 3250 mAh, and someone pulled out, as they say, a happy ticket - the battery adorns the inscription 5020 mAh. With what it is connected, it is not absolutely clear. Maybe the manufacturer has equipped some of its models with a good power element to "seed" some of its models, and the rest has installed a medium-sized battery, but maybe there is some other reason why some Asus representatives do not want to call it.

In any case, before you give your hard earned mobile phone store mobile equipment, it is clearly not superfluous to look under the cover of the device and inquire about the capacity of the battery. If the figure does not suit you, then such sales points, thank God, in abundance, so the seeker will find.

Operation of GPS-protocols

Field tests were conducted in the urban environment in the fresh air. GPS satellites were immediately available when the gadget was first turned on. If there is such a need, then you can install some additional mapping applications and use the tablet as a navigator.

The basic set of programs and utilities includes "Google" navigation applications and standard maps. For everyday life they can be still fit, but here for car navigation you need to look for something more serious.


The brand decided with a new gadget to bypass the main competitors. A very convenient eight-inch model with a powerful filling and with a very aggressive price tag was able to bypass the sales of the now popular "Nexus" of the seventh series and almost caught up with the "apple" mini ipad. A set of chipsets easily allows you to run even the most "heavy" gaming applications, albeit at medium settings, but without any lags, subsidence on FPS and other brakes. The interface also does not cause any complaints: the desktops react smoothly, beautifully and without jerking.

In addition, for fans of chatting everywhere and always provided for the front camera, which has shown itself well in many messengers, including Skype. Therefore, users should not have communication problems. The capabilities of the rear camera are more modest than most venerable files, but for creating simple panoramas and conventional photo and video materials it will do.

In general, the company has a very good device with attractive external and internal characteristics, as well as an excellent battery life. The nearest competitors of our respondent are Apple's mini iPad and the seventh "Nexus". The first is lighter and thinner than "Acer", and other characteristics like the platform and the filling are comparable except that speculatively. As for the "Nexus", he slightly wins the screen layout - 1280 by 800 points, but loses in the diagonal (7 to 8 inches), so here is also a matter of taste.

Naturally, with all its merits, Acer Iconia Tab A1-810 has some drawbacks. The weakest part of the device is the display. Modest, by modern standards, the resolution of 1024 by 768 points can scare away potential buyers. In addition, the maximum brightness of the display could be higher, and therefore, it is not possible to work comfortably in a bright sunny day. Despite the modest screen characteristics, this has an even greater positive effect on battery life, because a small amount of development and medium brightness require much less energy.

As for the price, the model with 8 GB of internal memory will cost you about 7,000 rubles, and the variant device with 16 GB will be a thousand times more expensive. The same "Nexus" is slightly cheaper, but many users complain about some buggy platform, while the "apple" mini-representative problems with this there are no, but bites the price (10-13 thousand rubles).

The advantages of the model:

  • A powerful set of chipsets in comparison with similar devices in this segment;
  • A successful version of the platform "Android" without unnecessary advertising "garbage";
  • The ability to work with external CD-carriers up to 64 GB;
  • The presence of a modern micro-HDMI output;
  • Excellent battery life;
  • Presence of front and rear camera;
  • Work on 3G-protocols (variably).


  • For someone inadequate screen resolution (1024 by 768 points);
  • Low maximum brightness;
  • Too heavy and thick for his diagonal;
  • Mediocre speakers, so the only way to comfortably spend your leisure time is a third-party headset.

If you are ready to accept the low screen resolution, you will get a wonderful device in many respects on the platform "Android". If you add to all its advantages a very democratic price tag, you will get an excellent tablet with an almost perfect price-quality ratio.

Verdict - recommended for purchase.

The approximate price on popular Internet sites is about 7000 rubles for the base model.

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