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Shaping with Cindy Crawford: a description of the programs "The Secret of an Ideal Shape" and "How to achieve perfection?"

Shaping with Cindy Crawford was incredibly popular in the late 1990s. However, the principles on which fitness programs are built with the participation of a world-class model for acquiring an ideal figure, do not lose their relevance at the present time.
And it is not surprising, Cindy without a special exaggeration can be called a beauty. Despite its already not young age, it shines with beauty and health. That's why, even after almost 20 years after the release, the complex of exercises from the famous supermodel does not lose its popularity.

Shaping for all

Many girls are wondering whether it is possible to lose weight and whether to really master the shaping program with Cindy Crawford "The Secret of an Ideal Figure" without special sports training. Definitely yes. These lessons can be attributed to power aerobics, which will allow you to part with fat deposits and tighten muscles, forming a slender figure. Nevertheless, they are simple and accessible for execution even for beginners.

Complex of exercises "The secret of an ideal figure"

The complex consists of two parts, the first takes forty minutes of training, this includes a small set of exercises lasting 15 minutes. Classes are designed to work out the muscles of the back and the whole body. Legs are pumped without additional weight, and dumbbells are used to strengthen the arms and back. Cindy herself in the video raises dumbbells up to 2 kg, but beginners will be enough for 1 kg. Gradually you can increase the weight of dumbbells. Despite the lack of weighting on the legs, all muscles will be effectively worked through, and the results will be visible after several sessions. Also, the complex includes many very effective exercises for the hands and back, including push-ups, tilts and work with dumbbells. Exercises for the press include a classic twist. Program-shaping with Cindy Crawford "The secret of an ideal figure" is ideal for beginners: it does not lead to fatigue, but on the contrary, gives vivacity and a burst of energy.

Shaping with Cindy Crawford: "The New Dimension"

The program "New Dimension" was originally intended for easy recovery of the body after childbirth. There are three sets of exercises combined to help you keep fit. The program is short, but very effective, so it is used only to restore the figure. Such exercises for weight loss are ideal for those who before birth were not particularly keen on sports and did not have a good physical training. A huge plus program - this is a simple and clear presentation, everything will be clear and accessible the first time.

Shaping with Cindy Crawford: "How to achieve excellence"

If you already have a good physical preparation, then the execution of the exercises on the program "How to achieve perfection" will do the best. Here you can use dumbbells and extra weights, which will make the training more intense. Training takes about 70 minutes and is aimed at working out the muscles of the whole body.

Everything is done at a calm pace, the exercises are simple and understandable, a nice addition to the video is a picturesque background and pleasant music. This program can be considered as the next step after the "New Dimension" and "Secrets of the Ideal Figure". However, there are those who criticize Cindy for the monotony of the exercises that can be quickly bored. But this does not stop those who have a strong desire to lose weight and have a beautiful fit figure.

Diet Cindy Crawford

Exercise for weight loss brings maximum benefit only in combination with proper nutrition. But it should be borne in mind: the classes are aimed not only at weight loss, but also on strengthening the body and its recovery, so it is contraindicated rigid or mono-diet. If your goal - to lose weight quickly, you can resort to a special cleansing diet.

This diet includes special low-calorie soups, cabbage and other vegetables. Clear the body will help soup of cabbage, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, celery, green string beans and carrots. You can consume such a vitamin soup in unlimited quantities. You can and even need to add greens. This dish will help you to lose up to 5 kg per week, and regular exercises will pull up the muscles and form a beautiful figure.

Uncovering secrets: shaping with Cindy Crawford

An ideal figure and excellent health have been a priority for the supermodel since childhood. The importance of healthy and nutritious food Cindy realized very early, so the diet always includes useful and nutrient-rich foods. Careful mother of two children, she always tried to instill in them the right food habits. Under the ban are sweets, flour, carbonated and energy drinks, as well as processed foods, preference is given to vegetarian vegetarian food. How does the supermodel fight temptations? For example, when you really want a sweet one, you can eat a bit of bitter chocolate, in a small amount - from such a delicacy there will be one good. Cindy also advises drinking up to 3 liters of water a day. In addition to purification, it has an excellent ability to restrain appetite.

Shaping with Cindy Crawford can also be complemented by cycling, walking, jogging, dancing, pilates and so on. Crawford encourages all his fans to adhere to a regular training schedule. Most women do not want to play sports just because they think: if they can not spare an hour for training, then it's not worth doing at all. However, this is just an excuse - even ten minutes a day can, according to the model, work wonders. The main thing is not to give up. Shaping with Cindy Crawford will help improve metabolism and relieve many health problems.

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