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"Rondo", group: history, discography, composition

"Rondo" is a cult rock band created back in the days of the Soviet Union. Its permanent soloist and leader, Alexander Ivanov, still remains the greatest romantic of domestic show business for many. From the materials of our article, the reader will learn about who he is - Alexander Ivanov? The group "Rondo" (the biography of the collective and the main stages in the work) also will not go unnoticed.

History of the creation of the collective

It all started in 1984, when Mikhail Litvin - a musician (saxophonist), composer and arranger - decided to assemble a musical collective called "Rondo". It was a new trend on the Soviet stage - the team performed instrumental music, which could be attributed to jazz-rock. The first musical collection of the band was "Turnips".

For some time in the team there was an alternate change of vocalists and keyboardists - the composition of the band "Rondo" periodically changed. However, soon everything settled down, and Alexander Ivanov and Evgeny Rubanov were permanently entrenched in the team.

In 1987, there was a turning point in the life of the group: the head of the "Rondo" Litvin dissolved the existing musicians and scored a new one. For a while there are two groups with the same name.

After Mikhail Litvin left Russia and went in search of a better stake in the United States, in 1989 a court session took place in Moscow, as a result of which the name of the musical collective "Rondo" became part of the group of Alexander Ivanov.

From this moment the history of the collective "Rondo" began with its golden composition, which has survived to the present day.

Composition of the band: guitarist Igor Zhirnov

In addition to Alexander Ivanov, the creative collective "Rondo" is represented by four other musicians. In the group, two guitarists - Igor Zhirnov and Sergei Volodchenko, bass player Dmitry Rogozin and drummer Vyacheslav Kushnerov.

Igor Zhirnov began his creative career on the stage of the circus. Since 1983, for three years he was engaged in musical work - first in Novosibirsk, later - in the Tashkent circus. After that, he worked for a year in a show group called Umbrella. Later in Zhirnov's musical biography there were: the ensemble of Khoralov, the group "Joker", the collective "Black obelisk", the group "Est" and "Gaza Strip". In addition to work in the teams, throughout this time Igor was a session musician of many performers of the Soviet stage. Besides, Igor was known as a very popular and talented arranger. His colleagues were Irina Saltykova, Natalya Gulkina, Tatiana Bulanova, Alla Pugacheva, Valeria, Alexander Buinov, Tatyana Ovsienko, Alena Apina, Anton Makarsky, Alexander Barykin, Natali, Murat Nasyrov, the Star Factory project.

In the team of the group "Rondo" Igor Zhirnov came in 1993 and worked there until 2002. In addition, since 1998, he has simultaneously performed the role of sound producer and arranger for Alexander Ivanov. In 2006 he started working as a member of the band at live performances.

Sergey Volodchenko and bass player Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin started his career right after studying at the music school in the city of Barnaul (class double bass). The study ended in 1990, and a year later the young guy became the bass player of the Rondo band. And I worked in the team for 11 years, up to 2002. Then, however, in the joint cooperation there was a small break - for two years (from 2002 to 2004) Rogozin worked in the team "Guests from the Future". And beginning in 2004, he renewed his cooperation with Alexander Ivanov as part of the group at the concert performances. By the way, like Igor Zhirnov, Rogozin managed to work with many famous artists, such as Pugacheva, Buinov, Valeriya, and others.

Sergei Volodchenko - the third guitarist in the group. His musical biography began long before the creation of "Rondo", in 1980. He has a colossal experience in the philharmonic society of many Russian cities. In 1987 he was involved as a musician in the band "Joker". In the period from 1995 to 2002 he worked as a member of the Rondo group, and since 2004 - as a concert musician Alexander Ivanov.


There is another member of the team - Vyacheslav Kushnerov - he is responsible for the drums. Vyacheslav - like other members of the team - a very experienced musician, he happened to work in many roles, and the geography of his creative activity is also extensive. Vyacheslav has a musical education behind him (the Krivoy Rog School, a class of percussion instruments).

For many years, since 1981, the musician has worked with Alexander Serov as part of the "Cabinet" group. He was also a member of the Logo team in Tallinn, playing the guitar in Radar. For a while Slava was a part of the group "The Third Rome".

For ten years, from 1998 to 2008, Kushnerov worked with Kristina Orbakaite, two years (from 2008 to 2010) - with Nikolai Noskov.

There is in his biography and teaching experience in the music school. Fate shook Kushnerov around the world - he worked under contract in Yugoslavia, Norway, Japan. In his coin box also cooperation with Alexander Marshall, Valery Meladze, Demis Roussos, vast experience in the recording studio. Today Vyacheslav Kushnerov is a drummer, who was accepted into the ranks by the band Rondo.

Alexander Ivanov: How it all began

The head of the group "Rondo" Alexander Ivanov was born in Moscow in March 1961. The fact that this boy in the future will become a musician, and such an outstanding and so beloved by many for his romantic image, did not testify. Everything indicated that Alexander would choose a manly profession. In his childhood and youth Sasha seriously engaged in sports - he is the owner of a black belt in judo. Later, Ivanov gave his duty to the Motherland in tank troops of the Soviet Army.

However, when the boy turned 20, he decided to take up music seriously, professionally. His creative career began in 1981, when the future soloist of the group "Rondo" went to get worldly and musical experience in ensembles "Allo", "Airport", "Crater", "Monitor". After three years of work in these bands, the musician has accumulated quite a successful management experience - Ivanov began to lead a youth experimental studio in the Palace of Culture. In addition to invaluable experience, activities in the youth studio gave Ivanov a fateful meeting with Eugene Havtan, who in 1986 invited him to the Rondo - the team urgently needed a new soloist. So Ivanov got into the legendary group.

The Rondo group: discography

Three years later came true success. In 1989, a music video was released on the screens, shot for the song "Also part of the universe". It was a stunning success, the song sounded from everywhere and became just the team's visiting card.

The next few years, musical hits seemed to fall into the Rondo coin box. The band pleased their fans with beautiful compositions, among which was the duet of Alexander Ivanov and Vladimir Presnyakov - "I will remember." The song "God, what a trifle" in 1997 was awarded the "Golden Gramophone" award as a manifestation of popular recognition. In addition to this composition, listeners were very fond of the songs "I'll Pave the Sky Under Your Feet" and "My Naughty Russia". By the way, the author of these compositions was Sergei Trofimov. Among other melodies, these hits were included in 1997 in the collection of the "Sinful Soul of Sorrow".

Alexander Ivanov actively cooperated with other talented composers. For example, Michael Sheleg - the author of hits Ivanov "Moscow Autumn", "Nevsky Prospekt" and "Above the Belltower."

In 2000, the light saw the next album of the group "When Wings Grow", which, like the first musical collection, was a huge success.

Gradually the name of Alexander Ivanov became more and more popular, and the name of the band was less and less pronounced on the lips of fans. In 2003 Ivanov refused the brand "Rondo" and began to work hard on his solo career.

In 2005 there was a reunion of the group and its soloist, which resulted in the brand "Alexander Ivanov and" Rondo ".

In 2006 the album "Passenger" was released, in 2011 - "It was me". In 2013, recorded another album, "Space", which included unpublished songs.

The beginning of 2014 coincided with the release of the collection Drive.

By the way, in the biography of the collective there is one curious fact. "Rondo" is a band in which Nikolai Rastorguev once started as a bass player, as well as Natalia Vetlitskaya - she was on backing vocals.

About private life and not only

Alexander Ivanov - the personality is complex, multifaceted. Like all creative people, he is very vulnerable. Therefore, much of the life of the singer is reflected in his work, something finds a way out in the songs.

"Rondo" - a group that performs the most romantic rock ballads in the domestic music space. During his creative life, the musicians of the collective, together with Alexander Ivanov, traveled many cities of Russia, visited many countries of Europe and the world. However, not everything is said, not all are sung. And the guys have their own dreams and aspirations.

In the interview, they often mention that much remains to be done. For example, they plan to organize their own concerts in the most remote corners of the vast country, where they have not yet come. In addition, they plan to sing songs where they are needed more than anywhere else - in orphanages, nursing homes. The children also dream of releasing more than a dozen music albums to please the listener.

Of course, Rondo is a group, the union of several talented musicians, aimed at a common cause. But each of them has personal dreams, secret, known only to themselves - to be happy, to raise children.

By the way, in the personal life of the singer Alexander Ivanov, there were two marriages. The first - with Elena Ivanova, choreographer of the children's ensemble "Barvinok". They were married when they were young and lived together for 20 years, and then ... parted. Alexander was very hard to break with a loved one. In this marriage, the artist had a daughter, Karina, who later became involved in beauty contests, I must say, quite successfully. The girl won the "Miss Muscovy" and became "Miss Capital-2004". In the same year I entered the acting faculty in GITIS.

Later, Alexander Ivanov married for the second time. In this marriage he had two children - the son of 2009. And recently appeared in the world (in 2015) daughter.

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