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Pulls to sleep in the afternoon? These 12 tips will help keep cheerfulness

We are all familiar with this sudden fatigue, which appears at two or three o'clock in the afternoon. Sometimes this is due to low blood sugar or refusal from coffee, but most often - it's sleep disturbances. By the middle of the day, the body temperature begins to drop, and as a result, the brain begins to produce melatonin, just like before going to bed. Because of this, many cultures in the tropics and the Mediterranean Sea do take a break for sleep. Affects your energy level and what you eat for breakfast and for lunch. Processed carbohydrates, such as white bread or baking, are distinguished by a high glycemic index. The body quickly recycles them into sugar, which raises your energy, but very soon your cheerfulness disappears. Is there an exit? Yes! There are many ways to fill the body with energy, which is enough for the whole day. Meet these tips to help you cheer up.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum helps not only to freshen your breath, but also to cope with fatigue. Studies have shown that simple chewing movement helps a person to be more attentive. This is a simple and effective way, which is very easy to test!

Eat a portion of chia seeds

Chia seeds are a very fashionable superproduct, and it is not accidental - the natural content of vitamin B helps to fight with the help of this product with fatigue. Unlike energy drinks or coffee cups, chia also has a lot of fiber and protein, which maintains a high level of energy all day. Add seeds to yogurt or make pudding.

Eat an apple

Apple will help you cope with the lack of energy. These fruits contain a lot of fiber and natural sugar, they are slowly digested by the body, which allows you to obtain a constant level of energy. Studies have also shown that apples improve the condition of the nervous system, and reduce inflammation. This is a fruit that is of great benefit, so be sure to include it in your diet.

Have a drink of water

If you drink a lot of water, you will have a reason to get up from the workplace more often. In addition, water reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism and even helps reduce stress. In addition, water supports cells, tissues and organs in a healthy state. Studies have shown that dehydration interferes with the ability to concentrate. That's why you should drink more - this is useful for energy, and for the body as a whole.

Eat more magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral, which few people think about and which is very important for health, especially for energy levels. Magnesium is responsible for three hundred biochemical reactions in the body, one of which is the conversion of glucose into energy. To make sure that you get enough magnesium, eat hazelnuts, almonds and cashews, and also add whole grains to your diet. This will help you to strengthen health and keep the balance of minerals in the norm.


If you laugh a little during the working day, you will work more productively. Funny laughter naturally increases blood pressure and heartbeat, which helps to cope with fatigue in the afternoon without any effort.

Never skip breakfast

Many people forget that breakfast is very important, and it is he who starts the metabolism, strengthens memory, raises mindfulness and gives you strength for the whole coming day. After awakening, the blood sugar level should be raised so that your brain and your muscles function normally.

Drink green tea

Contrary to popular belief, green tea helps cheer up not at all because of the high content of caffeine. It's all about the amino acid - L-Tianin directly affects the brain, soothing the mind and without causing drowsiness.

Have a snack

Protein bar, a portion of nuts or a hard-boiled egg - that's all you need to win over the decline of strength. A few hours after breakfast, the blood sugar level begins to fall. The snack, rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, will fill your body with glucose and help keep the metabolism at the right level.

Take a walk under the sun

Go out and enjoy the sunshine. Your body needs vitamin D to maintain energy at the proper level. The lack of this vitamin often leads to fatigue and muscle weakness.

Turn on music

Loud music can harm your eardrums, but it alleviates stress and helps to focus attention. Studies have shown that athletes show the best result when engaged in loud loud music. If you are at work, show respect to colleagues and use your headphones when listening to your favorite tunes.


Strangely enough, yawns can help you cheer up! Surrender a little your drowsiness and yawn properly. The resulting oxygen will saturate the brain and help you concentrate on your work.

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