Features of dyeing hair in pink blond

Staining hair in light colors will never go out of fashion. White color visually young woman and perfectly refreshing face. Therefore, every year, stylists develop new shades that can interest blondes. One of the most original solutions, which is in the trend this season, is a blonde with a pink tint.

What is a shade?

Blonde color with pink tones is a trendy version of hair coloring, for which the discoloration of the curls is characteristic with the creation of a "sweet" strawberry shade. These are not red and not pink hair. Here, solutions are applied that make it possible to realize peach tones, create a feeling of soft reddish haze on the curls.

Who fits the color?

Pink blond does not match the appearance of not every girl. The hue is extremely demanding. Therefore, in some cases, can only emphasize the shortcomings of appearance and add a vulgar image.

Let's figure out who will have to face pink blond:

  1. For the color is characterized by warm tones, which organically look on the background of a delicate pink skin. At the same time, when adding purple tones, the color can be adapted to the appearance of girls who have pale skin of a cold shade.
  2. The implementation of the idea is an optimal option for light-skinned representatives of the weaker sex. On tanned and dark-complexioned ladies, the color will look ridiculous and even funny.
  3. The pink blond is in harmony with the eyes of a greenish, gray and blue hue.
  4. A saturated pink color suits girls with inexpressive facial features.

The tone of a pink blonde

For the fashionable color is characterized by a variety of color nuances. Depending on the amount of red pigment in the composition, you can get a colder pink color or shades that resemble strawberry ice cream. Whatever it was, the application of the idea for toning of light hair allows you to get a truly expressive and appetizing result.

Formula for pink blonde

As a basis for the implementation of the original color, take the base shade of a pure blonde. As a component that is responsible for the formation of pink tones, a mixture of golden and purple mixton is used. Toning substances are added in a small amount. Their volume in the composition of the dye depends on the necessary intensity of color.

To dyed curls did not turn out too lilac, a golden mixtin is recommended to add a little more. If it is necessary to realize the warmest shades, it is worth adding a few drops of red mixton to the composition.

Disadvantages of color

In dyeing hair in a pink blond, there are several obvious disadvantages. Such shades quickly lose their expressiveness as a result of the washing out of the pigment. Therefore, girls who resort to such solutions, you have to regularly update the color, tinting hair about every two weeks.

To preserve the original shades, cosmetic means are also required to fix the color. Therefore, maintaining the image requires quite an impressive waste.


Today in shops for the sale of professional cosmetics, you can find ready-made compounds for dyeing hair in a variety of shades of pink blonde. Suitable means for doing work at home.

As for visiting the salon, the masters resort to the independent formation of the dye composition, which allows you to get the most accurate color that corresponds to the type of appearance and the wishes of the client. For this, the stylists resort to a discriminating mix of dyes and mixtons. The exact proportions of the components for the creation of certain tones are known only to professional colorists. Therefore, to color hair in a pink blond at home, it is necessary to resort to the use of ready-made compounds.

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