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Peoples of the world. List and rating

Do you know how many peoples in the world? Probably, very few people will be able to accurately answer this question, even among scientists and historians. In Russia alone there are 194 positions of the peoples of the world (the list can be continued further). All people on Earth are completely different, and this is the biggest advantage.

General classification

Of course, all are interested in quantitative data. If you collect all the peoples of the world, the list will be endless. It is much easier to classify them according to certain characteristics. First of all, this is done depending on what language people speak within the same territory or some cultural traditions. An even more generalized category is language families.

Here they will be easier to count. It is generally accepted in the world that language families 20. They include different peoples of the world (except Russia). The list of general classification is given below:

  1. Indo-European language family. Speak in a similar language of 150 peoples, which are scattered almost throughout the territory of Asia and Europe. The population is 2.8 billion people.
  2. The second group is a Chinese-Tibetan family. This is practically the entire population of China and the country adjacent to it. In total, there are 1.4 billion people in this language group.
  3. The Afrasian family unites the Arab peoples and the states of Southwest Asia and North Africa.
  4. The Niger-Kordofan family is practically all the peoples of Central and South Africa.

Preserved in the centuries

Every nation, no matter what its history, with every possible effort, tries to prove that their ancestors built the Tower of Babel. Everyone flattered to think that he or she refers to those roots that originate in distant, distant times. But there are ancient peoples of the world (the list is attached), the prehistoric origin of which is beyond doubt by anyone.

  1. The Khoisans. Surprisingly, this small African nation in the world is the oldest. In the genes of these people, scientists have discovered a special DNA that is different from any other. The people of this over 100 thousand years.
  2. Basques. (9-10 thousand BC). These were the first Indo-Europeans who came to the territory of Europe and did not leave it until our days.
  3. The Chinese (4-5 thousand BC.). The center of world civilization originated on the banks of the Yellow River, and the most ancient peoples of the world (the list you see) include them.
  4. Assyrians (4-3 thousand BC.). The first empire in the history of mankind is Assyrian, and it is these peoples who are in fourth place.
  5. Ethiopians (3 thousand BC.). Even the Egyptians considered them their ancestors.
  6. Jews (2-1 thousand BC.). An amazing people who for millennia did not have their own independent territory, but managed to preserve traditions and culture.

The largest nations

On Earth, there are many large peoples with only historical roots. For example, there are 330 peoples in the world, numbering one million people. But those where more than 100 million people (in each) - only eleven. Consider the list of the world's peoples in terms of numbers:

  1. The Chinese are 1.17 million people.
  2. Hindustans - 265 million people.
  3. Bengalis - 225 million people.
  4. Americans (USA) - 200 million people.
  5. Brazilians - 175 million people.
  6. Russian - 140 million people.
  7. The Japanese have 125 million people.
  8. Punjabi - 115 million people.
  9. Biharans - 115 million people.
  10. Mexicans - 105 million people.
  11. Javanese - 105 million people.

Unity in diversity

Another classification characteristic, which makes it possible to distinguish the world's population, consists of three main races. This is Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. Some Western historians emphasize a little more, but these races still became derived from the three main ones.

In today's world, there are a large number of contact races. This led to the emergence of new peoples of the world. The list has not yet been listed by scientists, since no one has been studying the exact classification. Here are a few examples. The Ural group of peoples came from the confusion of certain branches of the northern Caucasoids and the northern Mongoloids. The entire population of southern island Asia arose as a result of the kinship of the Mongoloids and the Australoids.

Endangered ethnic groups

On Earth there are peoples of the world (the list is attached), the number of which is several hundred people. These are endangered ethnoses that try to preserve their identity.

  1. Do you. They live in Latvia from the 12th century. Now there are no more than 280 representatives. Once they even had their own language, but now it will be forgotten.
  2. The Tsaatans. In Mongolia they believe that only this ethnos has the real secret of shamanism. You can learn it from one of 200 people.
  3. Kokop. The tribal homeland is the border between Mexico and the United States. There are not many representatives - about 300 people.
  4. Vaorani. People of this tribe live in Ecuador. They are characterized by extremely low growth. Even men do not exceed 150 cm.
  5. Mursi. The black tribe of Africa, you can find out by the stretched lower lip. The settlement totals 7,5 thousand people.
  6. The Nenets. These people are well known in Russia. But, alas, the mixed population leads to the complete eradication of primitive values. There are only 45 thousand people left.
  7. Ladakhi. The only people in the world preaching polyandry (when a woman has several men). In the mountains of Tibet, there are 50,000 people.


The concept of "people" can be interpreted in different ways. Some will argue that this population is within the state, others will insist that it does not matter where people live, the main thing is that they should be united by some common features that determine their belonging to one historical source. Still others will consider that the people are an ethnos that existed for centuries, but worn out over the years. In any case, all people on Earth are very diverse and learn their pleasure.

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