Primorsky Krai, "Spokoinaya Bay" (recreation center). Rest in Primorsky Krai

The nature of Primorsky Krai is famous for its beauty far beyond the region. Rest in these places will give a lot of pleasant impressions. If you decide to change the situation for a while, see the amazing natural landscapes, visit Primorsky Krai. "Bay Calm" - one of the bases where you can stop.


The boarding house is named that way, because it is in the bay of Spokoiny. The recreation center is built on the shore of the Sea of Japan. In this place there is almost no waves, due to the fact that it is protected from the three sides by low mountains on three sides.

Short address of the recreation center: Primorsky Krai, "Spokoinaya Bay". Full postal is written as follows: 692928, Primorsky Krai, the city of Nakhodka, Postysheva Street, 27 B.

The recreation center is located 30 km from the city of Nakhodka. If you live in Vladivostok, then the path to this place along the road is 206 km. From Khabarovsk - 897 km. You need to go to Nakhodka, then turn to Wrangel village. Then the way will pass along the country road to the coast. Then it is necessary to turn to the base, following the pointer.

You can pre-arrange with the staff of the base, they organize a transfer from the bus station or the railway station of the city of Nakhodka to the place.


When you visit Primorsky Krai, "Spokojnaya Bay" will be your reliable berth for holidays, holidays or weekends.

Based on your preferences, you can stay in the coastal or forest part of the base. The shore is located almost on the beach. There are three two-room, 25 double and 10 two-room wooden houses.

Now it is more detailed about what numbers the recreation center "Bukhta Spokoinaya" offers.

Non-coastal zone: cost, equipment

In 2-room houses - separate entrances for each room. The room consists of a spacious room, a double bed, a shower with hot water, a refrigerator, a kitchen. For 2015, the daily price of accommodation is 4000 rubles. One room is for two people. If you want to live there three, it is possible to install a folding bed. In this case, the day of residence for a third person will cost 800 rubles.

On the same conditions, it is possible to accommodate a third guest in a 2-bed wooden house. The cost of renting a house for a day is 3900 rubles. In addition to the room, there is a private toilet, a washbasin and a large veranda. In buildings of this type there is no hot water, but there are summer souls nearby. Therefore, rest in Nakhodka, in these houses, is provided only for the warm season.

In 2-roomed wooden houses of the third type with conveniences 4 persons will settle down. Each of the two rooms has 2 single beds. Shower cabin with hot water and toilet are designed for the guests of two rooms. The house can be rented by a family of 4 people, it will cost them 6050 rubles per day.

Non-forest zone numbers

Here there is a guest house for 2 rooms, which, in turn, consist of three double rooms. Each room has its own shower with hot water, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator. There is a TV in the dining area . The guest house with six rooms costs 13,500 per day.

Forest area, which is located at: Primorsky Krai, "Spokoinaya Bay", in addition to the guest, includes other houses. There are two 2-bedroom houses without amenities, as well as two 2-bedroom houses with toilets. The cost of daily living in them, respectively, 2400 and 2900 rubles.

Even in the forest zone there are houses, each of which is designed for two people, there is a washbasin and a toilet. The cost of a daily rent of a house is 3200 rubles.

The price does not include meals. You can prepare yourself in houses equipped with a kitchen, or eat in one of two cafes - located on the beach (summer) or in the one that is in the main building.


Fans of outdoor activities can practice and play on the sports field. At guests' service are table tennis, equipment rental. For children there is a small town where they can spend a lot of time.

On the beach there is a volleyball court. It's nice to play ball, running around the site with white sand. Also on the beach there are toilets, summer showers. In the evening it is no less fun than the day, as there are discos. The dance floor is covered, so rain will not prevent incendiary dances.

Holiday Village "Spokoinaya Bay" (Primorye) offers rental of tourist equipment. Taking it, you can make long and short walks, go hiking, to be able to admire the unique beauty of these places.

At the recreation center, you can memorize any event memorably, renting a banquet hall for 50 people.

Water sports

Fishing - this kind of useful pastime will appeal to men. If desired, you can organize a boat trip on the boat, during which you can not only fish, but also ride a banana.

Diving lovers can dive with an experienced instructor. Suits and equipment are provided.


Those who have already visited here, share their impressions, talk about how wonderful the rest was. Primorsky Krai is famous for its beauty, Calm is not an exception. Experienced tourists note that it is surrounded by picturesque hills, which prevent the penetration of winds. The sea warms up in the summer, bathes in clear and transparent water, in which every grain of sand is visible, it is a pleasure.

Depending on the weather, the water warms up from the middle to the end of summer. Some advise to go here from early August to early September. In these months the sea warms up well.

Those who visited here celebrate the special beauty of this place. Having seen the blue sea, white sand, the bizarre shape of the rock, it is impossible not to fall in love with such beauty!

Some people care about the road through the pass, because it rains during the rains. But seasoned travelers reassure, saying that you can drive. They say that they have overcome this obstacle even after many days of rain on the front-wheel drive sedan.

The tips concern and booking the rooms. They say that it is better to rent one of the houses near the bath. They are in the distance from others, perfectly equipped, and there is simply a heavenly place.

What upsets the tourists?

Lovers of fishing here just expanse. But, sharing their impressions, they complain that earlier in this place it was possible to catch more fish and a seaside scallop.

This may be due to the fact that there are more tourists. After all, it's hard to stay at home and not go on vacation. Primorsky Krai attracts connoisseurs of irresistible nature, fishermen. Apparently, therefore, the fish in these places are no longer caught in such quantities as before.

But in any case, the base "Spokoinaya Bay" (Nakhodka) will not disappoint. Rest on the bosom of fantastic nature, on the shore of the Sea of Japan, in silence, will be remembered for a long time, and here you will want to return more than once. After all, many who have been here once, come again and again.

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