Coral Castle in Florida: a historical mystery built

One of the most mysterious buildings in the world is in Florida and is known to few people. However, this place is associated with a large number of riddles, which have no explanation to this day. Scientists and lay people are surprised how one person could build a multi-ton structure without using any technique.

Secrets of the Coral Castle in Florida, considered a modern wonder of the world, stir and excite the minds of specialists who tried after the death of the owner of the original structure to repeat his experience, but even the most powerful bulldozers could not move limestone slabs. The grand palace, which is twice the weight of the famous Cheops pyramid , is not only an architectural monument, but also a unique structure, which the author devoted his love to.

Who is the author of the masterpiece?

Who is the most talented builder of the Coral castle, who admitted that he learned the secrets of erecting the pyramids with the help of the most primitive tools? Coral castle in Florida was built by the Latvian Edward Lidskalninom, born in 1887. He was described as a very thin and ugly man, who graduated from just four classes of the school. Having hung up not more than 45 kg the young man decided to become a mason and mastered this profession in perfection.

The Unfortunate Lover

At twenty-five years, madly in love Edward made an offer to the first beauty of the village, which rejected an ardent admirer two days before the wedding. The 16-year-old girl found that her boyfriend is too old for her, poor and not very good-looking. The heart of the unfortunate mason was shattered, and the young man, who had lost his love, left his native land, so that in America he did not remind of the one that caused the trauma.

The emigrant with poor health had a hard time: more than ten years he wandered through the US cities, earning a living by hard work. Tainted with tuberculosis, Lidskalnin studies the exact sciences and history of Ancient Egypt.

Beginning of construction

Accumulating on a house in sunny Florida, in the city of Homestead, he starts a large-scale construction. Closed, avoiding other people's views, the man works only after sunset, erecting for his beloved grandiose construction. Coral Castle in Florida, the history of the construction of which is about twenty years, has appeared in the hope that the sweet charmer will someday come to Edward, and the couple will begin a new period in life.

Mysteries of the structure

What is one of the most mysterious buildings on our planet? The huge blocks of limestone, surrounding the courtyard from all sides, are perfectly matched to each other without any solution and laid exactly like the Egyptian pyramids. Interestingly, a gigantic door weighing several tons opens very easily - with the help of a push of your fingers. A lump fixed on one rusty pin left by the truck can open even a baby. Specialists do not understand how a self-taught builder who completed several classes could find the center of gravity of a powerful plate.

The study of exact sciences benefited the amazingly talented master: in many details of the erected castle it is clear that he used astronomical data in his calculations and used celestial landmarks. Inside the castle is a 30-ton Islamic crescent, looking exactly at the North Star.

The real miracle of architecture

Tourists freeze as if stunned at the sight of an architectural miracle, consisting of stone boulders-giants. Coral Castle in Florida resembles a powerful fortress, in which live real giants, and it is for them made giant rocking chairs and tables the size of a car. Not surprisingly, the neighbors did not see the construction, because the complex of blocks is protected from all sides by two-meter high walls.

Inside the fortress, all visitors are surprised by a two-story tower weighing 243 tons. In the square structure was located the workshop of Edward and his living room.

Near the tower is the most accurate telescope in America and a sundial showing time. Behind the inconspicuous spiral staircase is an underground swimming pool, which is a real delight for all tourists.

Coral Castle in Florida: puzzles of construction

Edward independently carried off from the coast heavy plates and hewed blocks of coral limestone, severely injuring the hands of the master. He did not even have a jackhammer, and all the tools the man made from auto parts.

It is noteworthy that with the help of a homemade bit, he drilled holes and inserted red-hot shock absorbers into them, after which he poured ice water. The iron increased several times in volume and split the plate into several parts. But not a single scientist of the world has yet answered the question of how the master was able to raise stones to a height, the weight of which exceeded five tons.

The people around saw no special devices in the form of tractors. Neighbors interested in unusual construction, were invited to visit, but the man stopped all their attempts to get inside.

Building in a new place

When the land was bought by an American next to a Latvian to build a multi-storey house, Edward hastily leaves his site and carries heavy plates to another place where the construction continues with redoubled force.

The neighbors remembered the shy confessions of the grim Ed that he had unraveled the secrets of building the pyramids in Egypt, but did not attach any importance to it. The silent hermit did not disturb anyone, and left a strange eccentric alone.

A modern museum for tourists

The builder himself lived in a small stone cell, later turned into a museum. Here all the working tools of Edward are laid out, and tourists are surprised by such simple tools with which the light saw the Coral Castle (Florida). Photos of a huge complex of visitors cause mixed feelings: someone admires the original architectural work, and most dream to learn the secret of building a stunning monument.

In the museum you can get acquainted with the records of the nugget made during the work, but they do not conceal any clues. Experts have found that the main focus of the Latvian was on magnetic poles and cosmic energy fluxes, and many are confident in applying the theory of torsion fields in practice .

The secret of gravity is revealed?

According to one of the authors of the book about Lidskalnina, who built the Coral Castle in Florida (USA), the creator of the architectural masterpiece learned the secret of gravity control. For many centuries, the version is being discussed that our planet is covered with a huge grid of electromagnetic lines. Zones of high and low intensity of energy flows affect all living organisms.

This proves that our Earth lives by its own rules, and man only adapts to biorhythms, because where the power lines are crossed, the strongest energy of our planet is concentrated. Based on this version, scientists believe that it is at this intersection that the Coral Castle in Florida is located.


There are many hypotheses trying to explain the phenomenon of Coral castle. As a rule, they are all based on the stories of neighbors who involuntarily witnessed an unusual construction. The elderly lady claimed that the silent eccentric sang his songs to the plates, making lingering sounds. Others said they were observing the night vision device as gigantic blocks floated through the air.

Interesting Facts

  • He built the Coral Castle in Florida, Ed did not have a family and did not become friends with neighbors. In 1951, a seriously ill man lay down in a cold stone bed and died.
  • Tourists freeze in amazement at the sight of a giant table made in the form of a heart, in the center of which a rose is carved. This "valentine" makes you think about the great power of love. It was she who forced forward and constantly worked the rejected beloved Edward.
  • In the fortress after the death of the owner was discovered a strange device with an incredible amount of metal parts and the star of David in the middle. The device, in which more than 200 magnets were built, resembled a direct current generator.
  • The only photo where the master is imprinted with a winch, sheds light on the secrets of construction. At the top of the unusual block is a box, wires from which stretch to the stone. Most likely, the Latvian acted on coral blocks with the help of electricity, as a result of which heavy plates lost weight.
  • Visitors who arrived on an excursion to the Coral Castle in Florida, whose photo admires the skill of a brilliant Latvian, often complain of the appearance of a headache when passing through the vaulted arch of the gate. This may be yet another confirmation that the mysterious landmark is in place of the source of the strongest magnetic field.

A woman who rejected her lover and his creation

Thirty years after Edward's death, the love of the life of a Latvian who turned 83 years old came to America at the invitation. Having learned about the erected castle, an elderly woman who married a rich man and gave birth to three children flatly refused to visit the offspring of a former lover. Saying that she does not want to hear anything about Edward, the old woman went home.

The Coral Castle in Florida and its secret are of interest to many scientists who conduct various experiments on the territory. So far no experiments have answered the question of how a man could build a huge complex of stone slabs.

What technologies, unknown to the world, helped Edward build a dwelling for giants? And maybe he was given strength by love?

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