Pasynkovanie tomato - increase in yield and accelerate the maturation of tomatoes

Pasynkovanie tomato - an extremely relevant topic for all truck farmers. Strange, but as it turned out, very few know how to patronize tomatoes. Some summer residents generally believe that pampering a tomato is the removal of sheet material from a bush. And yet, this is a completely different action, connected with the removal of extra stems. This is especially important for growing tall, that is, indeterminate varieties or sredneroslyh.

But it is tall and medium-sized tomatoes that are more productive, less susceptible to diseases of phytophthora. It also positively distinguishes the inter-mutant varieties from the rest of the fruiting period, stretched from July to the most frosts, which allows you to have fresh tomatoes on the table for almost six months. They are more convenient to work with and harvest. And most importantly, this is that pasynkovanie tomato tall varieties is much easier. And even there is the possibility of planting out broken stepsons in order to grow additional plants from them.

People of old tempering are afraid to breed these varieties, preferring to act in the old manner. Older people do not like to use supports for tall bushes, because this requires additional materials and the expenditure of effort on tying. However, all this is a mere trifle compared to the result, expressed in the difference in the amount of yield obtained.

So, let's talk about how to patronize tomatoes of tall, high-yielding varieties. To do this, you first need to understand what you need to understand by the very definition - "stepchild." In agronomics, the stepson usually refers to side shoots that grow from the sinuses of the leaves. These are not leaves, but shoots that never grow on a bare stem. The stepson appears between the leaf and the stem, grows, on it also appear their leaves and their stepchildren of the second order. The bush branches like a tree.

Some truck farmers, mostly beginners, are very pleased that they have lush, "strong" bushes. Alas, this is far from being so! The extra greens on the plant, of course, speaks of the strength and power of the bush, but does not contribute to an increase in yields. Its strength is used for the most part to "build up the green mass". Moreover, negatively, the yield also affects the moment that thickening reduces the illumination of the bush. Hence the weakening of fruiting.

The second point: in the presence of a huge number of flowers and ovaries, the size of each fruit will be quite shallow. If on the bush the optimal number of ovaries, that is, the opportunity to get high-grade large and mature tomatoes.

So pampering a tomato helps increase yield. And one more fact: pasynkovanie accelerates the process of fruit ripening. If you cancel this procedure, it is quite possible that the summer resident does not wait for a full-fledged mature crop.

And the fact that in the thickened, unsaddled bush, late blight is more comfortable to multiply and harm the plant - it's no secret for a long time. After all, the bush can not be ventilated! So a huge plus to chemical treatments will be additional pasynkovanie.

If you decide that pasynkovanie for your tomato is necessary, you should decide how many stems will be kept tomato bushes. Tall tomatoes can be harvested in one, two or three stems. But the more stems, the higher the yield from one plant, but that and later it will ripen.

Having selected the necessary stems, all the others must be broken off, but not cut off, not plucked and not pulled out. After breaking out, there should remain a foam in the height of about a centimeter, a maximum of two. If it is decided to leave one additional escape - the stepchild, then you must choose the one that is under the first flower brush. That's all the secrets associated with pasynkovaniyu. As you can see, this is not difficult, but your care and work pays off in full!

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