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Noodles with mushrooms: recipe, photos, tips

Variants of the first and second dishes are invented a lot. And a special place among them is noodles with mushrooms. The recipe is passed from one housewife to another. It varies and changes. The main thing that remains in everyone, the result is a delicious dish on the table. Therefore, it often appears in the menu and is readily eaten by all who are present at the meal.

Homemade pasta

If you cook the main ingredient of the dish yourself, you will get a completely unique soup-noodles with mushrooms. The recipe is simple, fuss and does not require special culinary skills, so you can set aside a little time for cooking.

Flour is mixed with salt and carefully sieved, preferably twice. The basis is the egg. Calculation - one piece per hundred grams of flour. Do not think that there will be too many eggs. The dough should turn out to be steep and non-sticky. And these qualities just provide eggs. Here a few spoons of water are poured in, just enough so that the dough is kneaded. Mesim it to get a smooth structure, cover the bowl and leave to stand for a third of an hour.

The dough is rolled very thinly, cut with strips 0.5-1 cm wide and dried for several hours. To fold the tapes on each other to accelerate the cutting is not worth it: they will stick together, even if they are well spilled with flour. Use homemade "pasta", when preparing noodles with mushrooms, the recipe allows and in a soft form. But for storage they are laid already in the dried form. To reduce the drying can be done with the oven, heated to 45-50 degrees.

Lenten noodles with mushrooms: a recipe with a photo

In days of fasting, mushrooms are bailed out. By satiety they are quite comparable with meat, so they give strength. In addition, with their help you can make a variety of menus. With them bake pies, make a stew, cook soups and cook casseroles. But one of the most favorite dishes is lenten noodles with mushrooms, the recipe of which we offer to your attention. For her, any mushrooms are suitable. The easiest way is to get the champignons, so we'll consider the soup option with them.

In order for the first to be rich and fragrant, first you should make a decoction. To do this, three large prepared mushrooms are cut very large (in half or in three parts) and put in boiling water. When the water boils again, the fire is screwed. Broth podsalivaetsya and left on the stove under the lid for twenty minutes. These mushrooms are either discarded or rubbed and added to the frying in the form of puree - they are very much boiled.

A quarter of a kilo of fresh mushrooms finely shreds, as does a bulb. At first the onion is put in a skillet, as it becomes reddened - champignons are poured in. Joint frying is carried out until the end of the isolation of juices. While they are languishing, two potatoes are placed in a decoction in cubes and cooked. Will be almost ready - fried mushrooms are added , and after the next boiling - noodles. When it is welded, the pan is removed from the fire. Soup is infused for one third of an hour.

Miso soup

Those who do not fast and like Asian cuisine, can be prepared chicken noodles with mushrooms, the recipe of which came from Japan. According to the rules, you need to use rice products, but it will not be worse with home.

Chicken fillet is divided in half. One part is left intact, the second is cut with thin ribbons. All meat is poured into rice vinegar and aged for 15-20 minutes. A large carrot is cut with straws, a handful of champignons - plates or slices. Grape broth (or cooks fresh). The first is noodles. When it softens a little, carrots, chicken strips and champignons are introduced. A few minutes later, a spoonful of light miso paste is added .

In parallel, a whole piece of fillet is fried, cooled and cut with plates. It is also worthwhile at this stage to prepare and spices: finely chopped cilantro, a bow-feather and chili. The soup is poured over plates. It is laid roast meat and seasonings - and you can start dinner in Japanese.

Noodles with mushrooms and pumpkin

Now consider the second, which is the noodle with mushrooms. The recipe is taken from Italian cuisine. Grams of two hundred champignons are cut smaller and fried in vegetable or olive oil. When the mushrooms become golden, four shredded garlic cloves are added to them. The frying continues until a pronounced garlic smell appears.

It is peppered with finely chopped parsley. The dish is mixed and immediately removed from the hob. In the saucepan, a piece of butter is heated. It is fried crushed pumpkin pulp - its amount depends on your liking for this vegetable. After salt, pepper and pour a half-liter of broth from the chicken.

The basis is stewed for about ten minutes, and then half a glass of sour cream, a grated piece of cheese and mushrooms are introduced. When stirring all together stewed for another ten minutes. In a separate saucepan, noodles are brewed to the state of aldente, mixed with the second component and fed to a table, additionally sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

A few tips

To get a delicious noodles with mushrooms, the recipe recommends listening to a few culinary wisdom. First, you can not keep mushrooms in the water for long - they absorb it, making it less tasty. Secondly, if you want to get soup noodles on a transparent basis, pasta in a separate container. Immediately after boiling, the liquid is decanted. Noodles after the removal of surface flour is already cooked in broth.

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