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Connection to cellular communication plays an important role in the life of modern man. In this regard, Moscow is no exception . "Tele2" customer feedback receives numerous. After all, this operator has been providing services to residents of the city for a long time. And it is actively advertised. Is it worth it to believe the videos? Or is it better to bypass the operator side? Judging by the general impressions, this firm is not the best of its kind. But it is worth considering it on the example of a particular city. In our case, this is Moscow. "Tele2" reviews from its customers receives, at once we say, ambiguous. And to determine the quality of the company's work will be quite difficult. But we will try.

A new word in communication

"Tele2" is the cellular communication operator, which only started its work in many regions of Russia. As practice shows, this phenomenon is not the best way to affect the quality of services offered to us. And still: Peter is or Moscow. "Tele2" reviews in capitals are not the best. This fact repels the new audience.

But the main point here is that the company in Moscow and the region has existed for many years. And where, if not in the capital of the country, start your successful work? True, according to consumers, this venture failed miserably. After all, the operator "Tele2" in Moscow has been present for a long time. So, its work in this area should be adjusted. Practice shows that this is not so.


Nevertheless, the firm tries to hide all the negative aspects carefully. Often this is obtained from "Tele2". Feedback from subscribers in Moscow is often mentioned by the fact that in this area the corporation often conducts various types of advertising campaigns. And in general, uses a variety of marketing techniques to attract new customers.

And it works. After all, if there is a mobile operator in the capital, moreover, and constantly conducts advertising campaigns, it is already considered good. This opinion is shared by many. But as practice shows, disappointment is growing among consumers whose place of residence is Moscow.

"Tele2" reviews are often negative. For example, many after the first days of connection immediately write that advertising - this is a real lie. What the firm offers does not correspond to real prices. Important conditions for tariffs and their payment are hidden from the eyes. Or written on banners in small print. So, to read them it was difficult. Few people, seeing the tempting offer on the stand, will additionally go to the company's website to inquire about the tariff. Often, after seeing the advertisement, the user immediately goes to the operator's office and connects to his services.

Work of the salons

Perhaps, one of the few moments in which "Tele2" reviews subscribers in Moscow and the region receives positive results is the work of the company's salons. Their number can also be included here.

The fact is that throughout the city (and the region) there are many telecommunication offices "Tele2". There are both usual offices and typical tents where you can easily and easily use all the services provided. So, the search for a connection point will not cause you trouble.

Plus to all the work mode of "Tele2" reviews of subscribers in Moscow and other cities gets more than good. After all, there are 24-hour offices, and those that work up to 23 hours. But as a rule, they are open from 8:00 to 22:00. This schedule makes the treatment in the operator's cabin comfortable and convenient for all consumers.

About work in the organization

Before you delve into the issues of communication quality of the operator, it is worthwhile to find out what about the "Tele2" reviews of employees (Moscow and the region) are left. After all, not only what consumers think about this organization. The reputation of the company's employees also influences reputation.

Unfortunately, in this case the situation is no better than that of competitors. Employees of head offices often complain about a huge flow of dissatisfied consumers who ask incomprehensible questions. And in the rest of the offices, according to most employees, crowds of people are constantly gathering, which have no idea what tariff plan to choose. Strictly speaking, the conditions for working in Tele2 are not very good in Moscow.

Needless to say, that wages are delayed, and you can hardly achieve holidays and holidays? Perhaps, these points should not be forgotten either. For consumers, this is undoubtedly good. After all, they can at any time turn to the office for help. But for employees - not very much. So, in terms of employment in "Tele2" (Moscow and Moscow region), reviews are mostly negative.

Customer service

Lame also customer service. Both potential and current. This is often said by the consumers of services themselves. Especially when it comes to Moscow and the region. In this area, the flow of users of "Tele2" is huge. And in case of failures or problems, everyone needs to serve.

In the offices of communication, as was repeatedly noted, there is a boorish and careless attitude towards consumers. This factor greatly undermines the reputation of the operator, especially in such a large city as Moscow. "Tele2" reviews therefore gets in the service plan is not the best. Do not rip off your anger on the customers.

Even worse things are with those who still managed to use the transition to the tariffs of this operator. The support service, according to numerous complaints, works as if it were not at all. When you try to communicate with an operator, you are "flipped" to a robot voice. And no good answers, of course, you will not get. If you managed to get through to a live operator, then you risk hearing in your address, again, rudeness. This is not the worst thing. It's terrible that the operator "Tele2" in Moscow receives reviews as a company that can not even answer basic customer questions. Probably, it is already clear what kind of impression the firm has in this area.

Communication work

The "Tele2" connection in Moscow receives even worse feedback than the work of the company's offices. After all, we are dealing with a large and developed city of Russia. Where, how not here, should communication work perfectly?

For some reason, the operator "Tele2" does not think so. Despite the fact that it exists for a long time in the city, the quality of the network has not improved since the organization appeared in the Moscow region. However sad it may sound, consumers remain unhappy.

Most often there is a loss of the network. You can say: "This is Moscow!" "Tele2" reviews earn not the best in customer service not only in this area. So do not think that in large cities, mobile communications work worse. On the contrary, it should function better.

In addition, in bad weather, according to customers, in Moscow and the Moscow region the signal "Tele2" in general completely disappears. And it is restored only after the weather improves. According to most customers, this phenomenon can close your eyes in small towns, where the operator has just begun its existence. But this is not our case. So, the connection with "Tele2" is simply terrible in Moscow. In any case, that's what consumers say.

Internet Features

As for the Internet, this topic requires a separate discussion. It can be said, it is sick for most of the subscribers of "Tele2". It's no secret that almost all operators are trying to connect both the capital and small towns to 3G and 4G-Internet. In principle, "Tele2" is also trying to do it. But only this action was not quite successful.

In Moscow and Moscow region, you, according to subscribers, can enjoy high-quality 2G-communication. With 3G-Internet, as well as with the network as a whole, there are numerous interruptions. And innovation, 4G, in the capital and is completely absent. But this opportunity is present in Tula. Consumers are in shock - what was the operator's guide when he did not worry about the comfortable Internet provision in Moscow? This remains a mystery to this day, which does not please many.


In "Tele2" tariffs (Moscow and Moscow region) reviews are also not the best. Especially when it comes to choosing a permanent plan that can be used for a long time. After all, Moscow is a city of possibilities. And here you have to constantly communicate on the mobile.

Many consumers emphasize that the "Tele2" tariffs (Moscow and Moscow region) reviews in terms of local services earn better than those of competitors. Not in all cases, but in the majority. But if you need to find a plan for communication across Russia, then there will be problems.

In general, according to subscribers, "Tele2" is the second most expensive company. In the first place in Moscow, as in most cities, is "Beeline." Nevertheless, there are consumers who willingly agree to the communication services of our company today. Even though there are so many bad opinions about her.


Well, as you can see, the operator "Tele2" reviews subscribers in Moscow and the region does not get the best. The picture in this area is approximately the same as in most cities in Russia, where our operator is located.

This does not mean that it is worth to give up his services. In order to decide exactly for yourself whether you need to connect to "Tele2" in Moscow or the region, buy yourself a sim card for testing. For example, the tariff "Black". For 99 rubles a month you can try out all the possibilities of the operator, and then make the final decision.

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