Modern tattoos: what does scorpion mean

The culture of drawing of tattoos promptly develops. This is evidenced by numerous salons, people with tattoos on different parts of the body. Great influence is rendered also by world celebrities - fans of a native painting. For someone, tattoos are a tribute to fashion, and for someone - a way of self-expression (the same as clothing or hairstyle). There are also those who use them as amulets, charms and talismans, because they are always with them. Scorpio is the most mysterious and mysterious kind of tattoo. What does scorpion mean for different peoples, tribes and individuals?

Symbolism of Scorpion

This relative of the spider has always been in a dual position. Some nations and rulers revered it, others feared like fire. In European countries, he traditionally personifies the lowest and most unpleasant human qualities: vindictiveness, secrecy, maliciousness. Scorpio as a symbol is particularly widely used in Africa and Asia. For example, the inhabitants of Egypt and Tibet carry amulets, amulets with his image. They have them considered a wise patron, and monks associate the scorpion with self-sacrifice and reconciliation.

Tattoos: what does scorpion mean for warriors

For the warriors of Asia, the scorpion was a kind of patron: he was portrayed on shields and blades in order to defend himself from the enemy in battle. African tribes honored the scorpion as a wise, judicious creature, capable of giving life to a good man. But at the same time he was feared, as attributed to him such qualities as vindictiveness and lethality. And in Japan, for example, the scorpion embodies wisdom, composure and discretion. In combination with flowers, it symbolizes love and reliable marriage ties. In the American Indians, the scorpion was considered a conductor to a different world, he also ruled the court and determined the fate of the soul.

What does the tattoo "Scorpio" mean

Any tattoo always means what its carrier puts into it. Similar images related to the zodiacal series, as a rule, serve to inform others about their patron saint, including these tattoos. What does a scorpion mean for people born under his supervision? Nakola with his image should strengthen such inherent qualities as endurance, fearlessness, perseverance, self-will, sexual magnetism. By the way, the story of the appearance of Scorpio as a sign of the zodiac, according to legend, is as follows: his sting, which was used by the goddess Artemis, was defeated by Orion. Zeus, after that, immortalized the scorpion in the heavenly tablets.

Tattoo "Scorpion" on the shoulder

In principle, it can be depicted on any part of the body, which is what happens. Due to the small size of the scorpion it is possible to fill both the ankles, and the wrist, and the abdomen, and behind the ear. But there are special tattoos. What does the scorpion mean on the left forearm, for example? Usually this is a kind of mark of a person who has been to hot spots in the Caucasus. Moreover, the image with a raised stinger indicates that the person took part in hostilities, and with the omitted - no.

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