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Manifesting Generator (Human Design): description

Since ancient times, a man tries to understand not only the surrounding world, but also to look deep into himself. In psychology for this, many tests and techniques have been created. Human design is one of such unique techniques by which you can learn your own strengths and weaknesses in order to transform the unconscious into awareness.

This theory distinguishes four types of personalities. However, practice points to another category - the Manifest Alternator. Who is he and what are his features?

About the method

In 1983, the successful Canadian television producer Alan Krackover unexpectedly changes his life, his name, leaves home and family and goes on an aimless path. What drove him to such an act is not known. But wanderings led him to the island of Ibiza, where he experienced a mystical experience. He heard a voice that dedicated him to the secrets of the universe. Alan, and now Ra Uru Hu, for a long time resisted the new knowledge. However, they later described in detail the system "Design of Man." This is a genetic matrix, which today found scientific confirmation. It harmoniously united oriental practices, astrology, psychology, genetics and quantum physics. The arsenal of basic concepts includes chakras, planets, aura, mechanics, strategy, etc.

Fifth extra

From the point of view of genetics, the technique divides people into four types: Reflectors, Projectors, Manifesto and Generators. Each of them from birth is endowed with a specific mission, or a property that determines his life path (solving problems, interacting with the outside world, etc.).

Of particular interest are the Manifesto and Generators, the so-called energy types. The former have a closed and repulsive aura, the latter, on the contrary, open and enveloping. These are two opposites, which, as it turned out, can be present in one person at the same time. This type was called "Manifesto Generator".

Type Description

The definition of "generator" plays the main role here. As a dominant, or producer, he is responsible for receiving information from outside, responding to it and being ready for action. How does the Manifesto Generator work in reality? Description of it can be laconically packed into a few words - it is an irrepressible, rabid temperament. He has the most powerful creative energy and charisma. From the point of view of eastern practices, his throat chakra (or gates) is connected to the emotional, sacral or root center (motor). It is this connection that contributes to a powerful response to the surrounding effect, which, with an incorrect distribution of energy, is often accompanied by anger, irritability. Manifesting Generator is like a ball lightning, it is impossible to predict the impact of which.


For a long time there were disputes over which category to include the Manifesto Generator: to the Manifesto, the Generator, or to a separate type. The founder of the "Design of Man" Ra Uru Hu insisted always on four varieties of auras. And by its properties, the MG type is more correctly attributed to the Generator. For several parameters, their types coincide, for example, an open aura that is incapable of resistance.

Manifestor and Manifesto Generator are distinguished by life strategies. The first type is capable of initiative, the second (like the Generator) only responds to life situations, realizing the desires and ideas of others. But, like his predecessor, he loves, according to his false idea, to plan and plan everything and then do it. But nothing in the end does not work out because of obvious impatience and haste.

The problem of the false "I"

Of course, one can not clearly bring a certain group of people into a type with absolutely identical properties. The degree of manifestation of an aura largely depends on a certain design of a person. So, the classic Manifest Generator is an impulsive person who quickly makes decisions, often not assessing the situation as a whole. He believes that everything is thought out, he quickly starts to do business, but he is genuinely surprised when something goes wrong, gets angry, throws. It is in such an exorbitant rush of feelings and actions, manifestation of anger, even aggression, that the problem of a false "I" (a contrived truth about oneself and its capabilities) of this type lies.

The Emotional Manifesting Generator, in order to find harmony with itself and the surrounding world, must clearly recognize and recognize its weakness for impatience and try to give maximum clarity to each situation.


In the "Human Design" system, the concept of "strategy" implies a model of behavior in any life situations. The Manifest Generator takes the position of waiting for a response from the surrounding and the events themselves. However, he does not show initiative, but is full of energy. For him, the resolution signal is important, for which he is ready to proceed quickly. The waiting time is taken by this type from the generator. With the manifesto it brings the moment of truth. If the Generator receives a signal and proceeds to execute it, then the Manifesto Generator will first try the "taste" proposal. Imagine the situation that an offer came from a friend to go for a walk. The first type (D) will make a decision and will follow it ("yes" or "no"). While the second type (MG), after making a decision, can then change it or simply ignore the situation.

The speed and uniqueness of decision-making in representatives of the MG type can be different. Someone acts swiftly, someone needs time to sample activities, someone has the same situation today, a positive response, and tomorrow, on the contrary, a negative one. In this instability, the characteristic property of a "response-manifestation" of a contradictory type is manifested.

Active childhood

Type "Manifesto Generator" is the most complete and many-sided manifests itself in childhood. The MG child lives in two modes simultaneously. The Generator mode causes it to ignore the parents. They have their own "yes" or "no", insisting and pointing are simply useless, you can only damage the relationship. From the Manifesto he takes over the haste of action, the desire to embrace the immensity. Therefore, the children of MG need to constantly monitor and walk on their heels so that they do not miss something important. The most important question in the education of such a restless and uncompromising child: "Enough?". Constantly asking his child (not an indication, but a question), one can teach the little Manifesto Generator to listen to himself and his sacred center.

If parents know that their child is of the MG type, then they should immediately be ready for various surprises. Patience and understanding will help them in this. So, the active Manifesting Generator can quickly agree to go to a circus or a zoo, start going on the road and even go halfway, but at the most crucial moment, give up your decision and ask for a return home. And even bought tickets and sweets will not be able to convince him.

Of course, with age, all these whims can be smoothed out, and can be transformed into something more global, which will become a serious handicap in life. Therefore, the parents of such a unique child should pay special attention to his upbringing.


  • On the planet, about 32% of people with MG type live.
  • Aura of this type, in contrast to the Manifesto, is open, absorbing, so the definition of Generating Manifesto is not suitable for them.
  • To feel protected in its openness, the type of MG must learn to listen to its strategy ("respond") and authority (the "sacral" center). Selectivity protects the MG from harassing and using it by others.
  • People with MG type do not need to search for the "right" society and "right" situations. You can just relax and concentrate on your sacral, the enveloping aura will do everything for it and the necessary opportunities will come to hand.
  • If your Response correctly sets up the Manifesto Generator, its relations with the surrounding world will go into harmony, and it will become the most powerful type with unlimited energy.
  • Regeneration is another property of the universal MG. To fully restore strength at night, he must work hard during the day. And this concerns not only physical, but also mental exhaustion.
  • If the Manifesto Generator does not comply with the strategy and misuses the energy, it threatens to either get bogged down or pointlessly slip in a certain life situation.

Known MG

Such a contradictory personality type with an irrepressible thirst for life and an energy fuse just could not find himself in a creative environment and become a celebrity. As a rule, people with the type of MG, embarking on the path of art, inevitably expects fame and success. Even if they do not quite correctly correspond to their internal authority (sacral) and strategy, they have one permanent property - efficiency and dedication. If the Manifesto Generator finds a job for himself, he drowns in it with his head.

The most famous people with type MG are Vladimir Vysotsky (emotional type), Viktor Tsoy, Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bjork, Angelina Jolie.

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