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Love Compatibility: Cancer-on-Cancer

Among all the twelve signs of the Zodiac, Cancer is perhaps one of the most connected with spiritual sources, and therefore possesses such high sensitivity and intuition.

They are guided by the Moon, making it so emotionally labile and mystical. Cancers are subject to the stimuli of their subconscious. Therefore, they always remain a mystery to their friends, even the most approximate. However, if a woman is looking for an ideal husband, devoted to her and her family, who loves children and is ready to sacrifice herself for the good of her family, this is a man-cancer. Compatibility is strong, of course, not all. The reason for this is often his property and jealousy, sometimes reaching a tyranny. This can happen if he can not find in the lady what he is looking for, or is disappointed in his search. And he seeks to find the image of his mother, to which he will be tied by invisible, but inseparable bonds all his life.

Cancer - Cancer

It can save the compatibility of Cancer-Cancer, because once a person with the same views of the world can understand him, appreciate his true virtues and try to close his eyes to minor shortcomings. However, both of them have a natural indecision, constantly backing down when problems or personal difficulties arise, and therefore they themselves will create obstacles on the way to joint happiness. Therefore, the compatibility of Cancer-Cancer-it will never happen, or it will bring unlimited family happiness to both. In it, they will be able to forget about all their past failures, problems at work or betrayal of friends, because at home they will be, as nowhere, cozy and calm. However, the compatibility of Cancer-Cancer-she carries a secret danger in this seemingly unbreakable order. Since both spouses will be sharply delimited from friends, hobbies and devote themselves only to home and family, they risk turning their marriage into a simple habit in which they both once choke. Therefore, in order to ensure compatibility of Cancer-Cancer, it is worth remembering about personal interests, diversify their sex life, and intrigue each other. Then their marriage will last long happy years.

Other unions

And can I find cancer with other women? Compatibility in love is not limited to the similar sign of his companion's zodiac. So, a strong and faithful marriage he can develop with a woman-Virgo or Taurus, thanks to their similar desire to do everything for the benefit of the family, natural tranquility and tolerance. But with the Lions, Sagittarius and Aries, their union is not destined to remain long. It will be a struggle of two opposites, walking along the sharp and extremely thin blade of the knife, from one quarrel to the other, until this all is finally completed. With the Capricorn, Pisces and Libra Cancer to some extent will meet the notes of one-sidedness, however such relations can become strong only with the hard work of saving each other's friend. Otherwise, they risk losing each other at the first meeting with more interesting companions.

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