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"Living" doll: how to make porridge for Baby Bona. How to take care of a toy

A doll is the best toy for a girl, because she forms in a child such quality, as the care that she needs in the future in the role of wife and mother. And, of course, a girl often choose a doll or Barbie as a gift. But today, toy stores offer to buy such a doll, which greatly exceeds the usual in terms of capabilities. It's called Bebi Bon.

Living toy

Bebi Bon is a mechanical doll that drinks from a bottle, cries, eats porridge and pisses in a diaper or in a pot. Outwardly it looks like a newborn baby. Producers tried, so that by the opportunities she was on a par with the living child - she needed to swaddle in time, to bathe and go out with her for a walk for sunbathing. And most importantly - to feed. And so many mothers of owners of such toys are concerned with the question of how to make porridge for the Baby Bean doll. The kit includes a bottle with nozzles, a nipple, a diaper, a pot, a plate with a spoon, a tag on the arm and neck and a toy birth certificate. The doll closes and opens the eyes, laughs, aguka, sucks the nipple, moves the handles, legs and head, pisses and pumps into a diaper or a pot. In addition, it can be safely washed and bathed, because it is not afraid of water. And do it better after eating.

How to feed the doll?

The power of the doll belongs to additional accessories and is purchased separately. Porridge consists of wheat flour, glucose and starch, so for the baby it is safe. How to make porridge for Baby Bona? In a bowl, pour 1 tbsp. L. Water, slowly pour out the contents, so that there are no lumps, and mix well. Ready to feed the doll with a doll. It is not necessary to buy it, you can do it yourself. How to make porridge for Baby Bona at home? To do this, in 1 tablespoon of water dilute 1 teaspoon of starch. Starch can be replaced with wheat flour or a well-crushed baby biscuit. Some mothers of puppet-owners feed Baby Baby with porridge for children. The main condition is that it is liquid and well diluted in water.

How to care for Baby Bon?

Attentive acquaintance with the instruction to the doll will help to make the service of the toy lasting. The main thing to remember is how to make porridge for Baby Bona, how to feed, water, help the doll to go to the toilet and wash the tubes from inside after feeding. When feeding the doll should lie, but drink standing and only clean water. To do this, insert the bottle deeply, to open the drinking valve. In order for her to go to the toilet, it should be put on a pot. In addition, you should rinse the doll from the inside, but that there is not a child next to it.

If you know how to make porridge for Baby Bona, then you can be sure that she will not remain hungry. The main thing, after a meal, is to rinse the doll from the inside out, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell and lumps that will lead to the breakdown of the toy.

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