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Lions and Sagittarius: compatibility of signs

Let's consider representatives of such signs as Lions and Sagittarians, their compatibility in different spheres. Both of them are representatives of the element of Fire and have a male origin, they have many common qualities and personality traits. So, one of the main features is the desire to change and search for adventure. Both are merry, and Lions are also ambitious and constantly strive to conquer new peaks. They are very sociable and charismatic, which attracts people to them. They are dynamic and adorable, they strive for a full life. Another common feature of these two signs is the love of freedom. Lions and Sagittarius compatibility is found in relationships that do not require strict control from each other. In friendship, these signs are quite loyal, which gives them the opportunity to have many friends, to maintain good relations with all. And although Lions are often too demanding, they always come to the rescue and will support at the right time.

Lions and Sagittarians, whose compatibility in love may be jeopardized, must take into account some of the shortcomings of each other in order to avoid this. So, sometimes Sagittarius is so impassive that Leo feels unloved and underappreciated: he is so adamant about flattery and verbal expressions of love! Truthful Sagittarians often do not understand this behavior and therefore are unable to meet this need. Yes, love will definitely find a pair of "Leo and Sagittarius." The compatibility of signs in this area is beyond doubt. But both of them should find out in advance what they mean by this feeling.

Since these signs are representatives of the elements of the Fire, conflicts are inevitable in their relations in the struggle for power. Both hate to follow orders, both are dominated by stubbornness. Lions are often too pompositive and self-centered, but the inherent diplomacy and tact of Streltsov a little smoothen these moments.

What do we have in the end, considering the union "Sagittarius and Leo"? Compatibility, love, friendship and partnership - for all this the stars created excellent conditions. After all, signs have such features that help them complement each other, making the union indestructible for a long time. Both like to try something new and never limit each other in this. And mutual attraction will make the occupation of love truly divine. It's even from the outside: the Sagittarius and Leo both have a warm character and do not hesitate to demonstrate their affection and care in public. They are equally equally extravagant in love and value a luxurious life. Children of this couple are likely to grow in an atmosphere of universal attention and to bathe in love and understanding. Years will go on, and the relationship between partners will become stronger, respect and admiration for each other will only grow and strengthen. It's hard to find the same happy couple as Lions and Sagittarius.

The compatibility of these marks is actually very high. Joint pastime is always interesting, they do not hesitate to explore everything new, come up with exciting activities. Business partnership often leads to new heights thanks to the energy and ambition of each. They are just made for each other!

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